why does vapor make me cough?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by MedusaGrower, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. MedusaGrower

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    I have a box vaporizer, the VaporTower. I'm not sure if what I'm inhaling is actually vapor, or a mix of vapor and smoke, or just smoke. I know I get a lot of air along with the smoke/vapor. The hits seem to reach pretty deep in the lungs because I cough a lot, even more than I do from smoking. The spent weed isn't charred, it's just brownish green, so I guess I'm not burning it... and my throat is never sore after vaping, as it is after smoking. But it does seem to really choke me up. It makes sense that it wouldn't irritate the throat as much because when using a vaporizer it seems like the vapor/smoke is dilluted by all the air you suck in through the tube. I guess I'm just not convinced that this box and tube vaporizer is actually vaporizing the weed and not just burning it really slowly. Ever since I started vaping I've had dark circles and been noticing new fine lines under my eyes. I just have this feeling that this vaporizer is actually doing me more harm that smoking blunts, maybe I'm just being paranoid. Is it realistic to be getting pure vapor out of a $200 box vaporizer?
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    You're coughing because THC is an irritant to mucus membranes. That's not smoke you're inhaling, so don't worry; if it were, you'd be having the same problems as you did when you smoked joints or blunts.

    Those vapors may make you cough a bit, but they are far from smoke, which is essentially poison with THC mixed in.

  3. vapefiend

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    Yeah if you were getting smoke your remains would be black and you'd be able to tell from the change in your hits. In fact, if there's green in your remains, you may not be fully vaporizing your bowl.

    As for wrinkling, smoking can make that worse, but it depends on your age. It's not to produce wrinkles in someone in their 20's, for example.
  4. kz1000r

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    I have a Volcano and i will cough my lungs out somtimes after doing say more then 2 or 3 bags in a day, I find if I turn the heat down from 7 to maybe 5.5 it makes it better.
  5. StickyfingahZ

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    I been coughing lately as well....but its while I am taking a hit that it feels like burning in my lungs.I cough and stuff too.Just while I am vapeing.I also noticed that mist that you breathe out....It cant be smoke,cause my bowls aren't brown and I even tried blowing the mist/smoke through a white henkerchief...and no stains.
  6. axeshredder

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    ive had a Vapir 1 for 3 weeks now and have had that occasional coughing problem too. When i searched it, i ended up here. From day 1 to just a few minutes ago. All i can recommend is smaller hits. Depending on the quality, the potent stuff really requires easy toking. The cough isn't harsh, but takes some time to resolve, so it cant be too healthy. Just take it easy!
  7. the image reaper

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    your vaporizer is set too hot - try 325 F, check with a digital infrared thermometer, (you'll likely not see 2 vapes the same temp) ... :smokin:
  8. t00fatt

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    I cough from time to time with my herbalaire, my sister ALWAYS coughs on my herbalaire.

    EDIT: Not only is the vapor itself somewhat of an irritant, the dry air irritates some people more than others.
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  9. axeshredder

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    thanks..a lower temperature definitely made a difference..i used 350 instead of 375 f :thumbsup:
  10. VapedG13

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    lower temp vapors = smoother vape hits.......higher temp vapes will harsh you

    I have found that drinking some ice water....before and after the vape hit... helps alot...its the hot air/vapor hitting the back of your throat that makes you cough with vapor
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  11. reappraiser

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    I have a box with a whip and at 350 F I was coughing like a spasmatic it was awful. then I turned it up to 380 F and the cough has become ever so slight.
    I guess you have to just play around until you find whats right for you.
  12. reappraiser

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    I was coughing quite a bit I mean really bad hacking cough. I had my box vaporizer set at 370 after reading in here I turned down the temp to 330 and no more coughing. So for me it was the temp being too high.
  13. reappraiser

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    I use an ez vape with a whip and have found that on high heat 370 F I cough like crazy I lowered it to 260 F and no cough went as high as 300 F and no cough:thumbsup:
  14. planetx

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    Yes, I agree that the temp is the key...

    Got this from another site, and works great for me...
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  15. vapelife

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    I have found that the temp needs to change depending on the herb i am using. If its a little dryer the temp can be lower, more moist higher temp.
  16. VapedG13

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    Its the hot vapor hitting your throat......high temps = harsher vapor hits.......lower temps = smother vapor hits.

    340-365*F gives off smooth vapor hits above that its gets harsher .....in my volcano anyway

    drawing your vapor through a bong cools the vapor also...nice smooth hits
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  17. smokeeveryday

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    Does this mean if I made a bag at higher temp then let it cool down I would have a less harsher hit or not so much?


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  18. vapefiend

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    How are you gonna check the temp while you're hitting the vape? That's the vaping temp. Checking it while no air is being pulled through will give you a high reading. A true 325 F is kind of low. And the cheap digital boxes are pretty much worthless for providing an accurate temp. It is a fact that high temp vapor is quite a bit harsher than low to mid range. And some people do have a lot more trouble with coughing than others. Even after years of using the same vape model, my wife often coughs, while I never do.

    The time it takes to fill a bag should be plenty long enough to cool the vapor.
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  19. Trad

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    Kava kava

    Kava kava tea or a couple drops of extract before you toke. It will numb your throat. It helps, but don't do it every day bad for your liver if you do
  20. one percenter

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    Care to elborate on the bong set up? I have an EZ Vape and am looking for a way to cool the hits down to lessen coughing. How do you hook this up? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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