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why dose my dried weed smell like grass?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by potofgold, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. potofgold

    potofgold Registered+

    why is my dried weed smell like wet grass, how can i get the best smell out of my plant when drying?
  2. smalltown

    smalltown Registered+

    From my experience, quick drying usually results in the wet grass smell. What method of drying did you use? Slow drying has always been best for me. Better taste, smell, etc.
  3. potofgold

    potofgold Registered+

    well my temp was about 80F* it took 4 days for the stem to snap then i put them in a mason jar and opend it for 10min 2 times a day for 4 weeks. still smells like wet grass. i think the temps were too hight and the odor evaperted.
  4. smalltown

    smalltown Registered+

    Just found this on the site and it explains things better than I ever could. You should give it a quick read. Link
  5. potofgold

    potofgold Registered+

  6. tinytoon

    tinytoon Registered+

    amazing what you find with a search engine :jointsmile:
  7. potofgold

    potofgold Registered+

    .i think i found my answer, dose this sound right?

    ·In a cool room buds dry slowly because the air can hold a small amount of moisture. This gives the cells time to convert starches back to sugars, & creates a smoother smoke. The coolness preserves odor molecules, which evaporate at higher temperatures. When drying in a room with high humidity & temperatures the odor molecules evaporate in the high temperature but the moisture has no place to go because the air is already saturated. with lower humidity, the plants would dry quickly and little odor would be lost.
    · Allow 5-14 days of dry time.
    · Temperature = 65-75*F. Best @ 70*F
    · Humidity = 45-55%
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