Why God does not exist, in one sentence.

Discussion in 'Spirituality' started by Pass That Shit, Oct 16, 2006.

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    ahahahahhahahahahha ... you made my day :)
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    A God does exist, B/c miracles happen.:thumbsup: It's made me a believer.
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    But this is a good point also. :)
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    Well then Mr high and mighty why don't you fill us in on the scientific explanation of how life came to be on Earth? I have done my research and the scientific explanation seemed like a bunch of simplified hogwash in my opinion. I never argued against the fact that the Earth is billions of years old. I know this. And fossils are extremely important relics which allow us to comprehend the vastness of the tree of life. I never argued against evolution. It just doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever that life could emerge spontaneously on Earth. It makes more sense to me that whatever started evolution was constructed by something infinitely more intelligent that us, and put on Earth billions of years ago. I did not write that "out of my ass", it is my opinion, fool...
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    When I was a kid, my beloved puppy caught distemper and died a slow horrible death.
    If there was an entity that would deliberately create an incurable condition like distemper and give it to a little boys puppy, than he's a real fucking cruel prick.
  6. sammer

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    Yes a god may seem cruel but I think these tragedies are a cost we must pay in order to experience to the gift of life. Perhaps all life came to earth in a DNA probe sent through space. In that case god would be an alien culture. If life molecules were sent through interstellar space to Earth by aliens (causing evolution to start on Earth), I wouldn't consider them cruel just because some of the things which occur here are sad and terrible. In my opinion god is not a being but an entire race of beings infinitely more technologically advanced than us who took it upon themselves to spread life through the galaxy and possibly other galaxies.
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    theres no proof for the non-existance for god....
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    I like the following dialogue (paraphrased from a book "the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman i think):

    Q: Where are you right now?
    A: Here at the gas station.
    Q: But where is that?
    A: Los Angels.
    Q: And where is that?
    A: The U.S.
    (this goes on until they get to the Universe.)
    Then the guy asks, So where is the Universe? And comes to the conclusion that ultimately you have no idea where the universe (and yourself) is, how it got here (all science tells us is that for some reason a dense ball of matter exploded and continues to expand), why it exists, and yet your going to come up with all these ideas of what you should be doing ,whats right and wrong and so on, that something beyond us does not exist.
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    Oh and about sammers DNA thing. I dont think he is arguing with evolution . And at least I am not. The idea that some being in outer space or heaven thought about creating people and just did it is absurd. However if we say that God is an energy that is infinite, and is the source of all creation and is constantly creating everything, is not crazy. You look at any solid surface and even yourself at its base, you will find its all just energy.
    Then what conclusions can you reach?
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    Adam I completely agree with you, god is present in the life force and energy that surrounds us and in the dna.
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    That's pretty much the concept embodied by the Tao.

    Taoist beliefs (non-mystical that is) have no personal god, but rather a unifying and ordering force throughout creation that everything is a part of.

    Had a Chinese friend who stated it this way, "if you think you understand the Tao . . . you don't"
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    The "god" of the good book could not exist, why would something so powerfull bring its self down to the level of man. Are we really that important? Doubt it.
  13. lxgoffxi

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    God does exist and every knee shall bow before him upon death. You'll see.
  14. Vancefish

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    In the United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Our founding fathers based our "Rights" as God given. Structured this way, a man (or future Government) could not take your Rights away. Unless he was believed to be better then "God" him/herself.

    Personally (although not really religious) I believe in some form of "higher" entity looking down on us. As well as (on occasion) stepping in to "steer" us, or create what we see as a miracle.

    I'm not sure I CAN believe there is nothing. Plus I DO NOT believe a "man" or "government" can, or should, take my "God given" rights.

    I just wish more people would look at it this way.:hippy:
  15. BlueBlazer

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    Unless you were poor, or black, or indian, or a woman . . .

    just saying.
  16. Vancefish

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    Hmmm?? Have you ever read either document?

    Neither one EVER mentions skin color, or Sex, or your financial status. This is a flat out load. It was fed to you BY the government to sway you away from your rights. It's only been the last 99 years (see Federal reserve act of 1912) that poor people were SO held back with UN-constitutional laws. If the courts still recognized the constitution, then poor people would have more opportunities to succeed without over taxation, over regulation of business,.. etc.

    This would not help people who refuse to help themselves!! Welfare is NOT constitutional! Taking MY pay (I'm poor but DO work) to hand it to some schmuck with 12 kids on welfare, who has NO job, is NOT fair to ME.

    If I choose to be charitable, that is MY choice. NOT to be badly forced on the hard working. Then badly distributed to the unworthy.

    It says all men are created equal, and given inalienable rights by God.

    All we'd need to change to make it "politically" correct would be to say,.. all humans are created equal.:thumbsup:
  17. BlueBlazer

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    That's what it says. The framers were slaveholders themselves, so blacks obviously were not included. They also had indentured servants, so poor folks were obviously not included. Women couldn't vote and "home correction" was still considered acceptable behavior by society, so women obviously were not included. Do I really need to go into how completely screwed over the indians were? Our founding fathers' words say all men are created equal. Their actions said different.

    As George Carlin put it, "they were embarrassingly full of shit."
  18. Vancefish

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    There is NO DOUBT that these people did not (at the time) believe those WERE men or people. It was common (still is in some areas of the world) to believe some people were not people at all!

    HOPEFULLY, more people have dropped this obviously incorrect philosophy in our country. Personally I think a Woman or a colored person is just as much a human as I am.

    With the wording "all men" turned to "ALL HUMANS". WE, as in ALL of us regardless of race, color, sex or religion, would be free, and equal.

    That WOULD however require that WE (the people AND the government) would actually start to follow the "Ultimate law of the land"!

    Issue is,

    Because most people have never actually read the Constitution, OR the Bill of rights, later then 6th grade.

    Plus MANY who admittedly don't believe in ANY "god".

    We are left with MEN who believe us inferior to them. Since they believe THEY can take our rights (because we believe god doesn't even exist, thus MEN gave us our rights).


    This however is NOT a racial issue or thread. Turning it into one does not add to this thread about if "GOD" exists or not. It is common today for our media to try and turn every vital issue into a racial issue. Thus teaching the masses to do the same. I however believe completely that a Black woman has the same human rights under both documents that I do(a white man)! I've protested at the tea party(next to colored folks) and NEVER witnessed ANY racism! Just people wanting to know what the banks did with our economy! That's IT! NO RACISM as Fox news tried to say.

    I DO NOT push people toward any religion either. Even a Scientologist believes in a "higher power" or "god"(loosely defined).

    Point is and always was,.. If "god" (any definition) doesn't exist. Then a MAN gave you your human rights. Thus a MAN (or government) can take them away. They can even do it "constitutionally", because if you have no god, you have no rights under law.
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  19. BlueBlazer

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    I don't think belief in any god is a prerequisite to treating other humans as equal. The folks who didn't consider blacks, native Americans, women, and poor folks as "human" as you put it, were devoutly religious in most cases.

    So who is turning into a racial issue?!?

    I don't agree. I have the right to as decent of a life as I can make for myself just by existing. Doesn't mean I won't find my rights violated whether I'm a believer or not.
  20. throatstick

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    or could it be that the lil boy was very close minded/dumb to the fact and could'nt see that this life is but a speck of sand compared to whats out there?

    pain is what we make of it,it's not gods fault that you can't see past your nose.pain is temporary it is you that makes it life long....the power of the mind is a great thing it's up to you how it is used.

    the very fact that we are all but organic matter what gives pain power is the mind.you allow your mind to control things instead of you controlling it.

    it's what you allow your mind to do that is the thing here 1 thing god did was gave us free will for example say you were afraid of ants and in your mind up until this point you had it set in your mind that no i will die first b4 i would go into a room full of ants.then 1 day you find between you and your baby,kid,gold whatever that was most important to you was this room full of ants. only then do most people take control of their minds and go beyond what they would not do b4.same with pain so when somethings you think are unthinkable really is not.

    btw i find it odd that you hold god to such a high standard being that he is something you don't believe is real.as if god was real and let this bad thing happen to you then he was a prick.but since he is not real to you and everything is random and you believe this to be true then why would such a thing as a dog dying hurt you so? knowing that it was random and will happen?

    fact is people live in alil box and can't comprehend much of anything outside of it.
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