Why God does not exist, in one sentence.

Discussion in 'Spirituality' started by Pass That Shit, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. Tor1Hershman

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    How it does not matter if God does ORRRRR does not exist - in one youtube music video
  2. throatstick

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    wow thats 3 minutes of my life that i will never get back.:cool:
  3. Ub3rB0ng

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    a god of some type doesnt exist,because its just a story made up by people. Get over it already folks.:jointsmile:
  4. blackdragon

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    God isn't a figment of our imagination, we're a figment (image) of his. Reality is a hologram created by God with high definition and resolution on the Planck scale. Everything is illusion and life nor death is real. The only real thing that "exists" is God. He exists outside of spacetime in a dimension called timespace (hyperdimension or one of the 10 dimensions of Heaven). In spacetime (3 dimension of movement, one dimension of time) we can move up/down, left/right/, forward/backwasrds through SPACE, and time flows forwards only (our frame of reference is our body and center of gravity). In timespace (3 dimensions of time, past/present/future, one dimension of space), our spirit is the reference and we can move freely through time but can only be in one dimension of space, making your form a pure WAVEFORM (one dimension or a line). God exists because all waveforms which make up all matter and all spirit emanates from God's mind and congeals into reality.
  5. Stoner Shadow Wolf

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    Purely beautiful.

    And what of the notion of uniting space-time and time-space as a continuous/"seamless" reality?
  6. SFGurrilla

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    After tripping 20 hits of LSD and a lot of mushrooms, plenty of salvia, 2-C-BI, three psychology classes, two ethics and philosophy classes and a lot of time to think I have come to the conclusion that we are all: god.

    God as an idea is a third person perspective of who we would like to be but who we want to be: who we attain to be and if you can think it, it's possible. Its just the question of how which can be attained by asking who and what.
  7. Charbud

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    he doesnt exist because he was made up to explain the earth being created. Humans have a curiosity when it comes to how things work and come from, we find a need for an explanation for everything, god was an explanation for the creation of the world although i believe this to be wrong. No disrespect to religious people :)
  8. Stoner Shadow Wolf

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    God barely did anything.

    God sat in front of his computer for 6 days straight, hashing out the most complicated string of code in the universe.

    On the 7'th day, god rebooted and tested his code out.

    WE and our universe are the code. ;D

    The code did all the work, god merely calculated it.
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  9. BlueBlazer

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    Time to go back to the drawing board . . . again . . . :D
  10. StickyfingahZ

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    Whether you have God or Not, people will find something else to Worship and Follow.
    Something to fight and kill for.
    Look at the War in Iraq, they said its gonna be a 100 year war...Not in Gods name.
    Its Business.
  11. boaz

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    Life.On.Earth ver. 7 or 8 or something. :stoned: :jointsmile:
  12. highasarobin

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    I do not believe in Jesus Christ, but I am open to the thought of a God. But i will not believe anything until it is proven to me. If there is a God, I do not believe it would be human. Why should it? The universe is endless space. There are worlds out there that the human mind could find it nealry impossible to comprehend. Out of all this life, why should it be human? Why should it be male? Why should it be white? Something to think about.
  13. THContent

    THContent Banned

    I can prove god exists with scientific proof, and disprove the bible and religion.

    Religion is fake, God is real.
  14. THContent

    THContent Banned

    Let's see you guys prove this video wrong, I believe I just bunked this thread:


    btw, if you are too lazy to watch the whole video, then you have no room to post opinions based on nothing except your views on the bible, evil, good, the way things "should" be, etc. Watch the video, get informed, then formulate what you wish to say.
  15. BlueBlazer

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    That video doesn't contain anything new. It is the same old arguments presented as science.

    If there were really irrefutable scientific proof of god, every news outlet on the planet would be trumpeting this discovery in 2 inch high headlines.

    By the way, anyone has the right to express their opinion whether they want to invest an hour of their time to your video or not.

    I invested an hour of my time and didn't see anything that changed my mind. Invest some of your time in this and tell me what you think:

    God is Imaginary - 50 simple proofs
  16. THContent

    THContent Banned

    You say that the video contains arguments, when it contains science backing it up... It may not contain anything new, but it does present the facts, again, with science backing it up.

    If there were really irrefutable scientific proof of god, every news outlet on the planet would be trumpeting this discovery in 2 inch high headlines.

    As you said to me before, that is a matter of your personal opinion and not based on science or any fact. We both know media leaves out what they want, especially if it does not benefit corporate America.

    And about the 50 simple truths, all are based around one thing or another from the Bible, written by men, as I said before I do not trust the bible because men cannot be trusted. Also, religion is false... just mens twisted minds making up stories to keep people in line. If there were a TRUE relgion that was right, there would not be so many that fit in to each individuals lifestyle of their choosing. So that doesn't change my mind. Also does not change the fact that science has more evidence pointing toward an intelligent creator. I honestly cannot understand your logic when you are not really presenting anything scientific to backup your belief that there is no intelligent being that created the universe.

    And God is the being/word most commonly known/used, that is why I call it that.

    Leaving out all the shit men have said about what is or isn't right or wrong and people's personal beliefs, use science to question everything, as you said before, science is used to analyze everything to try and prove/disprove and come to an absolute truth. The video contains just that.
  17. BlueBlazer

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    THContent, my belief is that there is a "god" which consists of everything and is so complex that the human mind cannot conceptualize it. This god does not interact or specifically care about the residents of planet earth. I believe that there is a force creating order out of chaos. I do not, however, believe in any religion. I act in a moral fashion because that's how I want folks to act towards me, not because of a list of rules.

    I suspect that you and I are not so far apart . . . regardless of my opinion of your video.

  18. THContent

    THContent Banned

    I feel like we are on the same page, I am in agreement with you on religion.

    If there was a true or right one, there would only be ONE! Usually when everyone thinks they are right, they are usually all wrong.

    I feel like darwinism sprouted the tree for catholics lol. There's just so damn many different branches of one religion, again, to fit the individuals lifestyle. To me that seems like a vanity thing for show, rather than doing the right thing naturally. Which is what animals in the wild do, reproduce, live, eat, sleep, shit, die, repeat as needed. How much more complicated do people have to make it, lol.
  19. MonkeyShow

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    that shit is funny as hell son I luv it!!@!

    We actually did not evolve from monkeys we evolved from the same ancestors that the great apes evolved from but our (Hominid) ancestors separated from the same gene pool around 5 to 7 million years ago.
  20. Kingpiner

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    what does all this argument matter. why tell someone they are wrong if they believe in something or not? just because someone believes in something doesnt mean they will be good people, or vice versa. the fight over religion is not just between faiths, people who dont believe love to argue against God as much as those who argue for.

    just dont do bad shit. thats all. think hard about what you do in your daily life, does it hurt people? then what your doing is shitty. is anyone going to deny that something that is considered "evil" just means its wrong? and yes there is right and wrong, you cant argue against that. and if there is right and wrong then people are going to search deeper and try to find the source of right and wrong, and some people come to the idea of God. if anyone uses God as a way to hurt people, THEY are wrong, regardless if they say god said so or not.

    The whole thing is stupid, who can actually say there is no God? hahaha, we know so damn little about our existance! saying God exists with 100% certainty clarifies your stupidity. As well, if you want to say there is 100% proof of there being NO God then you are as well talking shit about things you dont know.

    Evolution did happen, the harder anyone tries to fight it discredits any jibberish that comes out of their mouths. Ignore the rantings of people who believe the earth was created in 7 thousand years. we dont live in a fairytale, people cant split the seas, and certainly no half brained individual before the american evangelist ever thought these stories were true. you think anyone these days would make up such a unbelievable story? no because too much proof is against it, they believed it thousands of years ago because who was to say different? but to believe it today, God isnt looking for an army of tards.

    God doesnt need to prove to anyone anything if he did exist, he certainly wouldnt need the church to uphold his rules. he also wouldnt let the faith rest in the hands of the church as it claims.

    religion was thought up when people looked inside themselves and wondered why they felt how they did and why they acted certain ways, it will always exist in that place inside of us and we dont need the church to tell us what to do with our faith.


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