Why God does not exist, in one sentence.

Discussion in 'Spirituality' started by Pass That Shit, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. teebs70

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    gods becomings Gods

    God is created in the image of man.

    We are the ones we cry for, we are doing this all to ourselves.

    This has happened before and shall happen again, again, again, ....

    Points for Satan: More humans have been slaughtered in the name of 'God' than for any other reason. Humans reason is insanity based, we read of the deforestation of what remains of our dying forests on dead newspaper, etc...

    Planet Earth is a rape farm.
  2. gypski

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    Why god doesn't exist in one sentence??? Ok, because I said so!!! :S2:
  3. pentigram

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    Usually I would not get caught in a thread like this, but today I'm feeling "Fresh as a mountain flower" (LULZ) so today I'm making an exception. The belief in no "higher power" or "God"... You know... Whatever you want to call "the power" is pure ignorance. I think (in my opinion) being an atheist is for very closed minded individuals. I'm not playing the game that "my God is better than yours" b/c that is a debate that will amount to nothing. I just don't see how people can say there is "No beginning." How supposedly we have "always" been around. Well like all things we have a beginning and an end. There has to be some [higher] power out there that controls everything. Be it Jesus, God, Buddah, etc. As for me I know there is a God. Once again everyone this is just my opinion and mine alone.
  4. BlueBlazer

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    We'll have to agree to disagree pentigram.

    I like your signature though! :thumbsup::stoned:
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    great post kingpiner + rep:thumbsup:
  6. fatasss2

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    that pretty much says it all[how can a simple mind understand ,something so great]...............
  7. Islandborn

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    God doesnt exist cause there isnt peace on earth? What kind of 8th grade statement is this? Perhaps your asking the wrong question. Maybe its not "How can I believe in God if there no peace?" Instead I ask......how can you believe in Mankind as good when there is no peace on earth (and NEVER will be).
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  8. keepitrealbud13

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    quantum theory

    God is light,how can u see the light if u live in darkness?:cool:
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  9. raymont

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    God is an idea and a rule in life to live by, whether we believe or not.
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  10. jimmyy420

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    I agree.....thats keepin' it real.....:thumbsup:
  11. Over the hill

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    That darkness is the evil on this earth because of the devil not god. Plus he has a place waiting for us but we have to prove our selfs to him in this darkness on earth. That's where your faith comes into play. Don't let the darkness distract you from your true father, become the light that he wants you to be and you got it made in the end.

    The darkness will have there day with The Lord it's called judgement/HELL!
  12. DTRave420

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    J E T S JETS JETS JETS... :(
  13. handropes

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    I like this, I definitely think God is an idea that was created to help teach people how to be good genuine human beings. This is why I love Unitarian churches, the morals and teachings without speaking about any one "God"
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  14. Halfblood45

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    Ok then who Created GOD? Makes you wonder?
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  15. Shovelhandle

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    some folks can get bewildered very easily.
    Science is too much for most of us and the proof is there, but we have to have faith in the scientists if we care to believe it.
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  16. CharlesUFarley

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    Not sure if this was posted earlier in the thread, NO EVIDENCE!
  17. gardenermendo

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    "God cannot exist because if she did, she would by definition be an absolute."

    I love it. "She".

    I wonder how mankind would handle it if everyone had to think of this mythical god was a "She". Like, truly, it's a woman!

    I want everyone to succeed with growing. Only when more in this world learns first hand about cannabis, will opinions change.

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