why is my male plant budding?

Discussion in 'Closet / Cabinet Growing' started by stewie420, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. stewie420

    stewie420 Registered+

    hello everyone.

    a few weeks ago my best plant turned out to be male. well i couldnt
    just kill it so i just put it in my office near the window. now the darn
    thing is starting to get bud sites?!?!?!

    do male plants bud the same way female plants do? would i be able
    to smoke this in the future?


    HARDDON Registered+


    1. you misdiagnosed sex.
    2. your plant is a hermie.
    3. they aren;t 'really' budding.

    Pics help a bunch :)
  3. Zandor

    Zandor Registered+

    It could be pollen pods
  4. 69NovAss

    69NovAss Registered+

    If your seeing the white hairs a.k.a. pistils,
    then your plants is diffenentally flowering,
    and you have a hermie. I remember on my
    hermie I saw budsites before male polen
    sac sites, I would use that male to make some
    hash. peace.
  5. stewie420

    stewie420 Registered+

    its not pistols, its at the heads of the secondary growths, and at
    the top of the main stem, it looks
    like, i dont know, instead of where you would see the new growth
    reaching out there are lots of green strands kind of making a
    poofy ball at the tops of all the growths...

    as far as mis diagnosis... there are like 50 balls all over the top
    of this plant... definatly male...

    ill get some pics later.
  6. Rezinator

    Rezinator Registered+

    If you have a digital camera you should post a picure.
  7. stewie420

    stewie420 Registered+

    finally got my pics out of the camera... sorry im such a
    shitty photographer, i have a hard time keeping the camera
    straight i guess.

    the plant is just about dead at this point.

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  8. the happy chappie

    the happy chappie Registered+

    hi mate, just took a look at your pics and i think you have a catapillar prob, those younger tip leaves are getting munched like there is no tommorrow, those long green stems you can see are the remains of the leaves, 1 single catapillar can wreck a plants bud or flower in no time at all, dont matter if its a male or female, best find the little bugger and give him the good news before he does any more damage. look for larger leaves that seem to be wraping themselfs up, the cat will almost certainly be green and will very well camoflauged, i get that prob each year with my out door stuff, if you have other plants nere it check them throughly, there are pestercides that will deal with it, but hey who wants to smoke pestercides......
    .............. peace ............... happy ..................
  9. stewie420

    stewie420 Registered+

    the leaves got munched by my girlfriends cat actually...
    once i realized the plant was a boy i stopped taking care
    of it, but didnt kill it... i just left it by the window in my
    home office... the cat sneaks in there all the time...
    pisses me off like no tomorrow...
  10. Kingkronic

    Kingkronic Registered+

    could be cluster balls release pollon to your females giving your femal plants seeds

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