Why is top leaves bending down??

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by gbattag, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. gbattag

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    all the plants i have look decent/were looking decent....there is now burning up of plants and spots...leaves totally crispy..i'm sure it's a nutrient burn and it doesn't seem to hot where the plants are...
    my main concern right now is my prize plant....the newest leaves are getting bigger now and they are pointing straight down 90 degrees....what gives...the rest of the plant is perfect...totally straight stalk, leaves big and nice green color, nothing like the rest of the plants who are smaller/and burnt....why is this plants leaves bending like this??

    thank you for your time

    SNEEPER Registered


    pics would be easier to tell!
  3. Bonesdowns25

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    Im really not sure my friend. Im no expert in this area, but im quite sure someone will have an answer for you. I was actually wondering the same thing myself, as i looked at my plant this morning when i woke up and noticed that the leaves where a bit droopy. They were not burnt or anything, just not as perky as before. When i take the plant out of it's dark cycle tonight i will see if there is any improvement, as i have noticed that when taking them out of it's dark cycle the leaves perked up. This i have noted once before. I hope i see the same results tonight. :thumbsup:
  4. the image reaper

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    sounds like too-damp, humid conditions, but who knows, without pics ? :jointsmile:
  5. oldtoker62

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    Flush ASAP

    Probably too late but it does sound like nute burn. What is your grow media? Hydro/soiless/soil? There are several products out there to flush nutrients. Some plants are more prone to over-fert than others. Previous posts are right, really need to see pics. :jointsmile:
  6. raybuzz

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    Not so radical, this flushing business.

    Wow. I just did the flushing cause of this thread.

    Had the droopy and also pruny looking leaves.

    While CanCom was down past 48 hours I knew my two females were in trouble.

    Went to MJPassion and somebody there said same thing oldtoker62 is sensing.

    My first (1 of 3x soild volume) flushes had a pH of over 7.0.

    Our uncorrected well water is like 8.0 or something.

    I had to go like 4x soil volume of water balanced to 6.2 just to correct pH to the desired (correct me wrong somebody) 6.8 pH.

    The first two water flush runoffs for me - when I pH tested it was like 7.2 to 7.0.

    This was very discouraging cause now - thanks to your thread - I know I was doing damage before I got the pH Down and pH Up products.

    Not funny but now me and the wife now learned why half of her house plants are going pale in this new well water situation.

    Excuse me but now I am worried she and I got ripped off by cert water tester who said water on this property was good to go.

    No kiddin around, oldtoker. You should please try to wise us up on pH a little more if you get a chance. The pH of my runoff water really looked like it musta been cumulative on the pH too (besides nutes and salts), eh?

    tks guys - sorry for the thread-jacking here if deemed so.
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    just your general all purpose cheap shot bump while I can still whine about 48 hours of unannounced site down time, ahem, ahem.
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    One more cheap bump while the profit mongers rethink costly site makeovr.

    Why not.

    Way I'm tradin up er off the negligence of CanCom dumbdumb new owners is they dropped the ball during dumb self serving attempt to put profit fore service.

    Just love the way these censureship magnates pull smokin hares out their butts just to keep it all free radical and botonical seemin'. Woops.

    I need a danged good spankin by someone authorized for that sort of experience.
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    This site really does suck i am starting to realize. It seems so dried up, like nobody wants to answer your questions. If your lucky you might get a reply 3 days later. lol
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    ___ this oughta be amusing

    ___ count or notice the time it takes for "proper" stones to say what's up bout 2 hour lag times on this site.

    WTF is up wid dat, ya high ranking CanCom goobrues? Ya pluckin Dalmadrime TM derivative dependent hybridized specimins - The A group guaranteed - you fluffin bet boys and girls, Exqueeze me I am having a too obscene amount of fun right now and gotta cut outta here.


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    Here's to all us onlookers too geeky not to qualify for thinktanks.

    I reckon.
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    Tks Bones,

    It as if Mista Merduck had a piece of this almost. I swear.

    In all fairness CanCom has always had a go to person. And that person has always been stellar. Way blew me away for knowledge. But yeah. I think what bites is we already know they got all us peons kinda beggin instead of thinking stuff out on our own.

    I dunno. Just spacin' on better days I guess. Sorry.
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    How about some message to the abhorant masses of --- sorry -- potential snake oil seed strain ----- exkooze me - "customers" cancom gooboo stylez --- an just make it (growin) all the more a softer kind of rubics cubes for the kid's asking the really tough and legitimate questions.

    vs. say pissin contests on indoor vs outdoor grows.

    Anybody mod like home?


    You young flippers woulda puked on your keyboards had you had to deal with the mavs who battled on here back in the old days.

    I for one salute those helpful ones.

    They knew how to not be fakers about gettin dirt and stuff under their fingernails. ANnnnd more importantly. Gettin back to people on basic questions before worrying about how they flippin won't look like they aren't already half way to being Nazi conformists.


    How over the top do you have to go to find some gumption round here.

    It's called botony, kids.

    Not quantum physics.
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    Spelling Bumps. New Obama Program.

    I jest.

    I bump.

    Because I must.

    Call it a random passing phase of opportunities lost.

    Er sumpmin likes that sortum ting.
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    I thin I also mighta misspelled botony.
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    But I'm likes pwitty wikkid uncertain cuz i hurds nuttin bout cher site shut down n stuff.

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    Please. Take my wife and first born. For all pot growers are truly a plague.
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    Raybuzz, do u even know what site ur on?? Ur threads are babbeling nonsense, please try to use the site accordingly.
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    Grow a sense of humor, dog.

    I see where someone on another thread has already suggested you might be LE.

    Maybe you could do the trollin patrol thing better if you eased off on the hutspah a little?

    I love what cops do, how they can't resist the bait, when ya give em an excuse to pounce on anything resembling insubordination.

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    Mickey Mouse badge civil servants that is to say.

    I don't wanna get into a debate about your legitimacy, pepdog07.

    This ain't YouTube, son.

    Everyone deserves the right to see whether this site is still a good resource or a damned sewing circle of fashion junkies, mostly just being stealthfully influenced by a half dozen untrustworthy paid bootlickers working for well known post 9-11 disinfo service corporations.

    So BTFO a tad, ya flippin NWO pinhead.

    You very well could have said nothing if you had nothing to offer. In the meantime your conscience oughta be tellin ya somethings wrong if you are compelled to deny everyone a little parody, for cryin out loud. WTFU, kid. Your bosses will only keep telling you you are actually good at it. Even when you aren't.

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