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    Are there really any more MMJ folks in New Mexico???

    The latest stats are 203 mmj card holders....in the entire state.

    There should be at least +/-2000 in the Albuquerque Metro area alone.

    From what I have been able to conclude there are reasons for this disparity.

    First, there is so much confusion, doubts and questions left and do say many of these same are intended hurdles and blocks in place.

    Secondly there is little gained in applying for a mmj card.

    There's no growers and dispensaries.

    Please consider....

    Take an every day average kinda person.

    They are not ''into'' the cannabis culture and all that comes with it.
    Most would not want to be associated with stoners, pot heads, who take themselves in as a cult of sorts.

    Many are of a say, more mature presence and/or age than the typical stoner and do not have much if anything in common with the current/newer generation of cannabis users.

    Many more are concerned with the negative stigmas associated with cannabis and those who use it.

    Still more are concerned about their lives, careers, families and social circles that might be affected in any way should they get an MMJ card and the government records, use, of having done so.

    Without a dispensary to go to and no growers/care givers to purchase from the many who would have an mmj card would still have to buy from a street dealer as it were.
    This alone is keeping 100s to 1000s from even considering an mmj card.

    And as a direct result, this keeps anyone of sound mind from investing in a grow/dispensary operation/business.

    Why should a successful in career, social and family life professional person subject themselves to government records and public admonishment which could bite their ass in the any time to come and risk their careers and all else?

    The manner in which the state's HHS has set up the application process, the person who is wishing to be a mmj card holder must go thru a process that is not entirely sure, clear or inviting.

    There's not any doctors in Albuquerque who are willing to subject their practice to the animosity that would come their way should they be willing to recommend medical cannabis.

    As difficult as it might be to realize there are cannabis users who do not talk the trash as seen far too much on this site and some others.
    Most are not using cannabis to brag about their growing and latest super Moor bong and hoard of glass pipes.
    And damn certain most are not wanting any part of the slang words and terms used by the many who think they are so tight and sick in the popularity of it all.
    Rest assured, the majority do not flaunt their use and take crappy photo shots of their latest bong party or smoke out or grow closets.

    There are countless more who would be willing at least to try and use medical cannabis if they even knew why they might benefit is doing so.

    Accept it or not matters not.

    Most people do not know about medical cannabis and have not even the idea in their heads to even look into it.

    Should they, then their research will take them into a world of crass, babbling idiots who flaunt their weed and partying as if it was the coolest thing since cell phones and Nintendo's.

    None of this may be of concern to some, or most, and this is the real shame.

    So much is clamored about compassion and helpfulness.

    As much is said about those greedy bastards who dare make a profit off cannabis.

    And yet, it seems most are content with their own killer grows and wish to do nothing but mouth foul words as they grow their own and get stoned.

    Are there any representatives from the MMJ/HHS Board on here to provide help, advise, current information and take good suggestions from those who do have something good to add?

    Any doctors on here who are offering their services to those who would like to have a mmj card?


    I am considering investing all the money I'll ever have soon, into a grow/dispensary operation business.
    Being a Veteran on a fixed income and having disabilities, this money due from my vacant land soon is all I have to make a difference for the better in my life.
    I see my doing so as a way to not only have a better day to day life for myself...but to be in a position to help others as I do.

    If all I wanted was a fast turn over in profits I could just start dealing as one more ''drug dealer''.

    We all want to see a positive movement in New Mexico towards opening up not only grow operations and dispensaries, but the general acceptance that is needed to do so.

    To realize our goals we all have to realize there are many people who are watching us and are making their opinions and judgments by what they see and read on these forums.

    None of us are perfect so no need to rant some self righteousness diatribe about who does what and who cares.

    At the very least, the Admin and Mods need to do their jobs and make the forum rules mean something.

    A good start would be to ban those foul mouthed trouble making trolls who are here to only cause strife, hate and disgust who are generally from other countries.

    Should there be any real interests in getting a grow op and dispensary open then please let me know.

    It's going to take alot of planning, legal work, public relations work and start-up costs.

    I will have the funds soon as my land sells and I'm pretty sure there are others who would like to invest some of their own money, time and/or experience in growing and business savvy to get the cannabis grown and doors opened.

    Surely there are enough who care enough to make this all happen.

    Unlike the slobs who open head shops like that trashy excuse of one on Central and Carlisle, or the many on this site who only add stench to an other wise informative and helpful cannabis site.
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    I am willing to help, I have money to open up a dispensary as well, just not the entire load. If I had a partener it would definitly be better, but I can not get all my health records for this upcoming meeting. Every thing has to be in by the 12th, thats only 4 days away. I have knowlege of growing, and medical applications, I know from THC to CBD and phenotypes, and I am willing to stick my kneck out thier with the rest of the brave. But even now I try to get health records, and I have found I got to go around my old DR. completely. He will not give up the records I need, they keep stone walling me, and when I do get info from them it is all the wrong info, or completely bad unreadable copy. I am looking for records from hospitals now, but tracking the information, is like hunting for UFO proof. I had one doctor all my life upuntil about 12 years ago, that doctor should have all the info I need but they dont even acknowlege, the surgery that I am looking for, and they dont have any records of perscriptions, also my kidney stone problem has disapeared as far as the records go. So I am willing to help, I am not afraid to be on the front line, I am not affraid of being part of a non-proffit org. but I have to get a Medical Card first. And I dont know if this is how it is all over this country, but I recomend getting records every time you go to a doctor or hospital, and keeping your own records, because, I have been lost in this bull for to long, I still dont have any records that I need, I dont think I am going to be able to make the next meeting because, I have fallen off of the earth on paper. I want to help, how did you get your card? Did you have all your records, or is their a secret number or records place, because I have been looking for 2 months now. it is at the point where I feel like storming the DR offics and shutting it down so I can look at my records, I know they have what I need they just wont give them to me. So I will get my card I dont care if I have to make a DR. and have him make records, but I dont think I will be at the next meeting to have my application reviewed. I will be thier for other peoples support, but I am close just not close enough.
    My objective too was to open up a dispensary, but I am having so much trouble in just getting a card. the fact that we have to go before a board in a public hearing is an attrocity to the entire health care concept. A doctor is supposed to do this because he has axcess to your records, not even to mention, California is having some problems with gangs and criminals running dispensaries. If they heard all the medical card holders into one room, every criminal can watch TV and see our faces or see our cars or just see who they need for their organization. THier is a serious breach of security their, but they think nothing of it. An d still that does not deter me, but like I said I am caught up in looking for my medical history.
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    medical grow nm

    Wasn't there an open bid for contracts to grow medical marijuana in NM? I thought I had read something in the paper about that but now can not find any info on web. I would be interested in learning more about the contract process and if this state will issue growers contracts. Does anyone have info on this or the right resource.
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    After the recent addition of seven new eligible medical conditions for enrollment in the Medical Cannabis Program. There HAS to be an increased number of patients that need medicine. There's likely more than a couple reasons as to why there hasn't been a major increase in the number of MMJ cardholders.

    1.) People aren't aware they qualify
    2.) They don't know which/ if any doctor's can recommend MMJ for them.
    3.) Growing MMJ takes significant time, money, resources, knowledge, and expertise, many of which these eligible qualified patients don't have.
    4.) Fear of being put on a "list"

    The state health department has set up parameters and application requirements and all this can be found on this link here.

    Medical Marijuana Information

    My father has one of the 14 qualifying conditions for MMJ but is very reluctant to get his card because as was mentioned before because of the associated stigma. I implored him to allow me to be his caregiver; as I believe he could benefit greatly from MMJ to help alleviate some of his symptoms. He replied, "Well I could just find something on the street or around somewhere and just use that." I was flabbergasted. This is exactly what the erin and lynn compassionate use act was meant to avoid. Buying drugs off the street. I had to sit down with him and explain for quite some time that something you would get off the street is of unknown, often low quality and can potentially have very dangerous things added to it, such as illicit drugs, pesticides, etc. I let him know any MMJ he would get from a dispensary or caregiver would be of a very high potency and 100% organic from the earth, providing a better relief of his symptoms. It wouldn't need to be bought and would be available whenever he needed.

    On that site the NM board of health has a link to dispensary application. There are a lot of rules and regulations they have in order to pretty much allow only an established NPO with moderately deep pockets in order to set up and maintain. Security, Board of advisors, location, training, etc. I'd be willing to lend my time and resources to anyone interested in starting and maintaining an NPO. First step would be to find three cardholders and a doctor or nurse practitioner willing to sit on on board once a month. (minimum board requirements)
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    Time for ruffled feathers....

    Hi Mad Sativa,

    What a nightmare you are going thru!

    Unreal and yet it is happening huh.

    I don't have my mj card as of yet because doing so is little to nothing accomplished than not.
    Yes...being legal having some cannabis on my person would be a good thing and yet this is all there is in having the card now.
    Add the fees from the pot doc and state and a year from now do it all again.

    If there was so much as one venue to purchase high grade upfront and legal then for sure the card would be worth it all.
    But there's not so here I am holding off until something makes it worth while.

    I'm a Vet so I should think getting my records from the VA Hospital will be no biggie.
    I do have basal cell carcinoma, glaucoma and so it is my thought that I would be pretty much a shoe-in for getting the mj card.

    Then again from what I've read and all it might be a fruitless task.

    I saw a news blurb on TV some time ago that had the camera and reporter at the open mmj board meeting for all the public to see.
    I thought it was for applicants to try and ADD their illness to the already approved list.
    I never realized the applying patients for medical cannabis were the ones in the board meeting to be made public in their personal medical records and all.

    Since when does a patient's medical history become forced public knowledge and debate by a government entity?????

    A person wishing to be a mmj patient has to sit before a board and explain their cause and medical records and differ with the panel over nuances like do they really benefit from cannabis or just want to be legal stoners or making up tales???

    No wonder there is only 203 mmj card holders in the entire state!

    Should be well over 2000 long by now.

    An easy to see ploy those on the board are using to keep the card holders at a low ebb and keep this mmj program from gaining much steam.

    Governor Bill insisted on mmj and even forced the state to get going on it.

    The tactics played were met by Mr Bill and he made sure the state would comply and meet the needs of mmj patients.

    Unreal and a shame of a scam.

    I will be more than willing to ruffle and pluck the feathers of the board to make this crap more public and garnish the attention of the news media...both local and hopefully national if this all can grow legs.

    My only hesitation is getting on the radar again and my vacant residental land is going into an agreement of sale by a state entity next week.
    This and my soon to be application for the mmj card and even as a grower/dispensary/store.

    May sound as if I am wafflng but honestly I am not.
    More of a choose the time wisely to piss people off.

    As for you and your hassle in getting your own medical records....

    What hospital is your medical history and records at?

    Pres..St Joes...Lovelace...UNM....?

    The VA is easy to get med records from and they even encourage doing so.

    Too much need to know that I don't know to be much help for you Mad but if you contact me maybe we can get together and go over it and see if there's a stone left unturned.
    The state AG will be more than happy to help and has clear cut ways to get information disclosed when wanted.
    The Sunshine law does have teeth ya know.

    Been me I'd already been taking them to task to the point where they would threaten me with a call to APD to remove me from their office.
    For real.
    Guess I am an asshole at times but when some lame ass business or government office will not be ethical and upfront with me I tend to go firm on my stand and dare them in return to do shit. (sorry my french but this really pisses me off)
    I raise my already carries far voice to where the whole place can hear every word and try to make sure any ears within a 500 feet can hear as well.
    I have alot of tenacity and do not let up until I am not only heard and understood...but I am dealt with fairly as I should expect to be.

    I assure you those in the power position that make a public specticle out of a person wishing to get a mmj card do not want public admonishment and disfavor.

    The meeting is tomorrow??

    I am inclined to go and sit and listen and watch....and to then pick a perfect moment to address my resentment for having patients forced into a situation of having to be out in the open for all that ails them medically and every Tom, Jane and Dickhead gets to sit in on the meeting and know all about another when it is none of anybody's business but the doctor and the board.

    And the board should not have the position to disregard the patient's medical records showing their need for mmj and be turned down all because some jackass took a subjective opinon as to the approval or not.

    Please get in touch with me and let's talk it out some and see if there is a means for you to get the medical records you need and have a right to see.

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    Doobee; The next hearing to consider additional eligible medical conditions for enrollment in the Medical Cannabis Program will be on April 13, 2009

    All information must be received by the Coordinator of the Medical Cannabis Program no later than March 13, 2009 (30-days prior to the hearing).

    I think you may be misinformed. At no time in order to receive you MMJ card do you need to petition your case in front of a board and the public.

    Rather, a few times a year, the Medical Cannabis Program will hear petitions to add debilitating conditions to the list. Requiring a copy of your case to be sent to the coordinator 30 days prior to said hearing, which is friday, two days from now.

    MadSativa, I sincerely hope you get all your medical information in order and apply for your card, just know that at no time will you have to sit in the publics eye to explain your condition if you fall under the existing 14 qualifying conditions.

    If you're under the 400% federal poverty guidelines you can avoid the $15 charge to apply for your MMJ card. You still need a doctor's visit for the recommendation. Here is the link for MMJ cardholder application, pretty simple and straightforward guidelines.
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    Thanks for the encouragment guys, and dont worry I wont give up, I have been to many emrgancy rooms on the west side and central and other places in the state. That is where I am going to have to go, but it does look promising, it looks like all Presbitirians, and blu crosses, etc. all have one records place for each, but I will not make this deadline to have our stuff in. I will be their to support everyone eles during the board meet/hearing. I too have something that is not on the medical list, so I do have to go before the board, and the Lady in charge told me everyone has to go before the board even if your on the list already. But if your not on the list like I am you will have to plead your case. It is what she told me, I have heard differant, so I am thinking it is differant for evey individual.
    But we all know Cannabis helps for much more on that list, such as depression, chronic pain, anything that requires opiates as apain killer can usualy be managed better with cannabis, and a lesser pain kill such as Ibeprofan, or tylenol.

    So we all need to go up their, if you get migranes, or have pain where they have perscribed oxycotten or percacett or any kind of harmfull, addictive drug. If you have depression and are being perscribed addictive drugs, Cannabis has help greatly with people to not only to help wein people of of these harfull drugs, but in getting rid of some of these drugs entirely.

    If you have every broken a bone and they perscribed addictve pain killers, and you still have pain on rainy days or on hot days, or when you work out, then send your history in and go in fornt of the board, and get medicaly legal.

    It is up to us to get more things on that list than what is just on their. And one thing is for sure if you are denied, it does not mean you can not come back, and try again, also does not mean if one persone was denied that another person can not get accepted. In the future we want everything form sunburn, to sea sickness on that list, so anyone can get medicin the way it should be ...naturaly and safe.

    Also the more things get on that list the eaiser it will be to get a card, so even if you dont want cannabis, but have a good case in where you might get a card, then help us out.

    If you have any ailment try, Cannabis has helped with everything from diabeties to stress, with stress in their; thier is no one that can not get a card. It is all a matter of getting a card.
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    licensed producer

    hey doobee--maybe you should keep your land to set up a grow for the state--anyway, i would love to become a licensed producer but it seems as though you have to allready be wealthy to be able to afford everything it would take to get going---wouldn't it be nice to be able to do something you love for a living?!!! anyway, i would be interested in furthering your idea of opening a grow/dispensary--i bet we could pay ourselves pretty decent and still sell the best stuff for a couple hundreds bucks and ounce, even after the bills were paid. has the state said what the limits are on salary when it comes to (their) non-profit? the state should be happy to even recieve ONE application for producing with all of the crime in this city, much less being so close to stepping on the toes of the mexican cartel!!! also, about that doc in southern nm....will the state turn you down for a card if this doc files the paperwork for you and this was your first visit to see him/her? i'm afraid to ask my pain doc for fear of them cutting off my pain meds among other reprisals---and would the state get ahold of my pain doc if i did go see the other doc in southern nm? anyway--doobee, i would appreciate an info you could pass along to me----thanx
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    ^^ I dont think you can grow unless it is away from public veiw. So no out door, but they are not to specific about green houses as far as I heard. as long as it is away from public view and complys to the rest of the rules.

    here is info you need ....... you will need your medical history, and then fill out the application, and then do your reserach.

    Medical Marijuana Information
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    Just off the top...........?

    After the 25 years of owning 3 each 1/2 acre residential lots in Rio Rancho and fighting year after year after year against the liberal crooked thieving asswipes insisting on eminent domain, SAD, jackass property taxes up 1500% AND the backdoor politics and deals and outright broken laws and codes by the city council add others?
    I wouldn't build a pile of cow dung in RR or live there.

    In a week I'll get news the property is sold and never to be built on and I am out and gone thankfully.
    Won't know until next week at the soonest.

    I am seriously looking into a grow op and am hoping it could be simular to what California has.
    That is...a store front/dispensary and then with the grow in the back.

    There's leased commercial buildings up in the s.e. heights and over in the Candelaria/Carlisle/University Blvd area as well.
    Being the s.e. area would be less expensive overall it has possibilities.

    Just off the top of my thoughts?

    To set up shop as it were would cost a good $25,000+++ in grow equipment basics alone at the minimum to just get a start on.
    Add money for the lease and insurance (insurance will be a bitch considering the high risk cannabis and laws suits and vandals and such).
    The utilities added will be electrical contractor and others who'd have to do the code work c/o plumbing and all.
    Then there is security hardware and all like cameras and alarm, lights.
    Would need to be tied into APD along with on-site security.
    I could/may need..live on site and be the live body for night time security.

    My ball park would be about $60,000.00 just to be as ready as can be for city code inspections, board approval.
    Still would need even used but acceptable retail fixtures/displays/counters/register/computer and safety and handicap code requirement needs and lit parking and such details not to be ignored.

    THEN the chemicals and seeds and/or clones to even get to growing veggies to flower to trimming buds.
    All the nuances like little bags and counter sales items and such.

    THEN you have to have a paid doctor to take in patients for mmj cards and to sit on the board.
    The training per HHS requirements and the experienced only hired help to......help.

    This does not include the very basic business rules of success to have atleast 6 months of operating capitol to even start up and open the doors with.
    Does not cover the atty fees and retainer and dare say an atty to take on such a politically/socially charged endeavor like a cannabis grow op/store.

    There's more to consider in start-up costs as well.

    Not me to be sooooo depressing and yet to think it might need nearly $100,000.00 to even get off the paper and into an open for bizzness building is very much a likely reality.

    IF I had the $490K from my land then I'd go for it and chance losing $100K plus.
    I will only net nearly $100K plus and so here I am and we are at the time.

    Rest assured there will be law suits of a variety of causes as the political community and social establishments take on the 1st grow ops or even the first couple a few.
    Figure $1000s Xs set aside for just the law suits and public relations fights.

    I can only imagine what the first shot creep will cost when shot tryng to steal the pot.
    Although easy to say this all is negative nonsense and none of this is reality...it is and any business undertaking requires everything to be considered and accounted for in all regards.

    And yes...there will be the crime eliment to contend with.
    This includes broken car glass, etc etc of employees and customers alike....which the insurance company will need to cover.
    Drive by damages to the building and such and so on.
    Armed robbery is a must to take into it all as well.
    I'm prepared to shoot if need be.
    But still....the insurance will be horendous if even viable to cover what will have to be.

    Dunno just what the board feels like when we have to go to a bud doc all because out regular docs will not or cannot write up the paper for medical use.
    By how they word it, the HHS board is likely inclined to see a brand new doctor as doctor shopping and thus weakens the application.

    I am a Vet and the VA cannot reccomend cannabis so long as the Fed laws say no.
    The VA is doing alot of behind the public view studies on mmj for the returning veterans so the near future looks mighty damn good.
    I should think my need for a bud doc will be seen as a who cares.
    But for some I'd think doc shopping is unfavorable.
    Shouldn't be and maybe it's not...but until I can watch and listen to the board...I have only relative observations to reply on.

    That doc down in T or C is who's listed for Albuquerque mmj docs.
    She is the only one thus far in the game until other lower income docs join in.
    Which I would think will be soon as in likely any time.

    The docs have peers and patient communities to contend with and although we might think this is not right...it is and it's the way it goes regardless.

    The doctor's livelihood does matter to that doctor.

    All in all it is my opinion that the HHS does not especially want any of this mmj stuff.
    They hindered the start and Gov Bill had to step in again and order them by law to do what they are to do.
    Even then, the HHS board has made too many hoops and hurdles just so they can discourage as much as they can and get by with doing so.

    Case in point......UNMH.

    UNMH does medical for the city/county and state as well as Fed Medicad and such.
    UNMH is where APD sends a shot up bad guy and all others who are off the streets, drunks and what have yous.
    UNMH gets major big funding from the Feds and state and yet they will NOT allow ANY doctor, intern or resident doc, to reccomend medical cannabis.
    Because they cop out with the Federal laws against any cannabis.
    UNMH does NOT want anything to do with cannabis nor does the state and city and those who can make things a tad but nicer will not.

    Thus...why only 203-ish mmj cards when there would easily be 2000 by now.

    They who dictate their own political stance are the same ones who can make or break the mmj for New Mexico.
    They want to break it up and make it as difficult as they can.

    And it appears they are getting what they want...very little mmj activity.

    Then again maybe it's just me who sees thru the dog and pony shows and smoke and mirrors antics in it all.

  11. Doobee

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    No grow is allowed to be seen from the street views.

    Not seen thru windows or fences or doors or etc etc....

    A green house is ok so long as not available to access by outsiders and is not free standing abating the neighboring properties and has to be behind locked fencing and secured.

    All has to be secured and alarmed.

    Pretty much common sense I should say.

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  12. MadSativa

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    Its always been like that here, but I thought bulding a non profit organization, was a little easyer. When you go to the bank for a bussiness loan, they ask is it for a non-profit organization. If it is they are supposed to have more opptions as far as a bussiness loan, becasue I dont think we can spend to much of our money, becasue we will not recive most or all of it back, for a very long time, if at all. We would all have a hourly wage, and benifites, but that would be about it. The land, the bussiness, would be under the non profit organization name not us, we would be employess. As far as what people would think and try to fight us out of the state, we could donate some of the yearly funds to education, not just on Marijuana, but just on computers or what ever we would find helpfull for the state. after a year of bussiness I would imagine their would be net proffits to share even after upgrdes and bills. And for security, and wiring and construction, that can be done by us, if money comes in from a bussiness loan, we will have materials, and labor could be done by us and volunteers, because at that point we would already be on the pay roll. Lights and nutes are the major cost I would think, after that the bills from light, gas, water, etc. even if were getting $15 an hour and 10 hours of overtime per week, that is no comparison to the light bill alone. a 1000W running is about $30-90 a month, put into a count of 10-20,000W on a monthly basis bills would be close to 5,000. all labor does not have to be imediate, meening we can grow while we make the store front. I recomend a in house bakery as well, nothing fancy but a stove and microwave and fridge/freezer would be needed. Wiring, and plumming, and construction, just about everything can be done by us, so all the money can be pored into the grow room. Security is some what expensive, but insurance I am sure will be costly too. As for the need to protect by violance, that should never have to happen, or the exzisting security was already a faliure. It should be like a minimum security faclity, one exit one entrance, both separated. Parking lot is completely secured from the rest of the neiborhood with a fenceabout 14 feet high and razor wire throught. the facility should have a perimiter with its own security system, the interior of the perimitor should have a parking lot, just to get in the parking lot everyone in the car needs to have a card, if not they will have to leave their cargo some where elese. the only exception should be kids, but even then they has to be a separt part of the building just for them such as a waiting room, personaly I think in the begaing even moms and dads will have to leave the kids with the baby sitters, because kids on premissis is hard on security, insurance, just about everything. My point is security could be minimal but very effective if put in the right places. Cammeras, and servelance is no problem, the biggest cost is the security officer that would be need in the stor or building its self, he would also monitor the gate and card recognition at the gate, by video, cards are rechecked at the time of buying herb, and again at depature of the facility. Also it would be nice to have a security drive buy day and night, but possibly APD could do this, because of the risk. The interior or building would have all security most bussiness have, motion, light, etc. all monitored electronicaly, buy the security company, wich they will be patched with APD, BCSO, and so on. A live in employee is a good idea but after you have all the security measures in place, it adds conflict. The building would not have to be so big, the grow rooms would be the biggest of the building, the smoke are or areas could be some what small, such as 2 rooms with 20 capacity, and they would be very cramped, as far as counters, I think it would be better to have a veiwing wall, and a one/2 person at a time lock room or vending area, where you perchase herb. the resone is to isolate all sales from the rest of the building, fi you cut down the robbery or ambush factor it will deter anyone from even wanting to robb the dispancary. I too think that the south ABQ area would be the best, because their is alot of area isolated but still close to the freeway. Also a big yard or entraace is a must, the exit could be shorter but distance coming and leaving the facility, gives the occupants the advantage, because we have controll of the perimiter more. Again the south ABQ area has alot of places like this. but with all that said, deliveries are what every one wants, I think this involves much more, but still their are ways to do it and keep the cost down. for all our perimiter and defensive needs we could use old technology such as, retractable tire spike strips, earth/ cement barriers, you want to deter cime you make it look like a prison, so getting in might be possoble, but getting out is just as hard if not harder, the building you want to support like a bank, you money handler must be well protected, and isolated from everyone eles, same as a bank or casino. everything does not have to be as extreem, but it all can be done with about 100,000 for a years time,
    within that time, we need to get more cards out their becasue, 200 is just not enough for a full blown grow dispencary, I thnk a couple trips to the states hospitals, visiting cancer patiens alone will double that number with in a couple months, but we realy need chronic pain and depression on that list. thats is over half the states population right their.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2009
  13. Doobee

    Doobee Registered+

    Two more days!

    Two more to go when the board votes to the sales agreement amount and signs.
    By about this time Wednesday there should be a phone call with good news.:D
    Or bad news there's been a delay or contrary decision.:(

    As for a dispensary and grow operation.....

    The place has to look inviting and not like a Nazi prison camp.
    No security guard at a gate post.
    No spike strips.:wtf:

    Further more, if any others have pacifist inclinations then so be it.

    But rest assured, if an armed robber came into a place of business wanting the money?
    They will be shot so long as there's the opportunity given.

    I would not ask APD to do patrol security.
    APD would appreciate being kept abreast of the mmj business and no doubt they will have long since been paying close attention.
    APD would likely want to do a drive-by now and again but it's something based on need.
    And so far as I'm concerned, I'd do all that I could to have no need.
    I appreciate APD and the job they do for our city by and by.
    But I would not want any customer/patient to feel as if they are entering a war zone and the police are watching their every move and writing down plate numbers and doing wants and warrants checks, etc.

    I have no doubt the Board, when inspecting the business during the stages along the way, will have goals and dictates they want to see followed.

    So far as a non-profit org?
    Sure and the law will not allow anything short of this.
    But the worker's pay, my salary, ALL overhead and related expenses are paid for with the gross sales receipts.
    When ever ''when'' is and if and when the details are met with facts and business plan, then the time for many of the what's and how's will fall into place.

    If a grow op and dispensary were more of a retail business investment to start-up then there would be alot more freedom in how it gets up and running and who is employed.
    A store can put a hire sign in the window and hire as the needs dictate.
    No fuss, no biggie.
    But to hire an employee under the restrictions, back ground checks and such means for a dispensary/grow op to spend money prior to even hiring the person.
    Even then, if the back ground/credit check notes a problem, then no hire and the money is spent none the less.
    Seems a so-what and yet is important.
    That is, no one can be hired unless they are willing to go thru the gaunlet of back ground and credit checks, possibly polygraph exam.
    And then to keep in mind the pay in ratio to the job and what the job would require of a new employee.
    I'd not be too generous with good will should a new hire quit a month later because they were lazy, wanted to be stoned on the job or otherwise just failed to come in to work because they didn't feel like it.

    Also, given the nature and climate for such a business, the notion even a single employee can put everyone and every thing at high risk and jepordy is alot to consider.
    So much as 1/4 ounce stolen from the place could end up costing everything and alot more.
    All it would take is one asshole employee who stole a pinch of bud and handed it over to a minor.
    A patient/customer who buys more than needed for their own use who then resells and gets caught?
    Their illegal actions would fly back in the face of the business and give cause for the public to lash out and off goes the news stories and chaos.

    Alot and I do mean an awful lot of work will be required to even come up with a plausable plan to start up.
    Plenty of money will be spent to just know if the hurdles and maze of requirements can be met.
    The time alone would be in the months I would think to even have a written business plan to follow thru with.

    None of this keeps me from trying for it, but it does make a difference in how I would do so.
  14. MadSativa

    MadSativa Registered+

    I highly disagree on the way the place would look and operate. It does have to look heavely fortifed, if ever robbed its not gonna be one armed gun man it will be a small army. The materials in the building, are worth in the millions, knowing the criminal activity around here, they are not dumb if they see something they can take they will.
    And getting the law involved from the start is a definit neccisary. If a robbery were to happen, you want cops in their that are their every day they know the lay out, they know who is their every day. They law is on our side, it is important to remember that, they have to be involved at the highr levels of security.
    and a security gard is a must, in the facility, I think even for insurance resons it is requested.
    the deterant is for those who are not supposed to be their, the fortifications are to protect those that are supposed to be their.
    Tennding to a garden that is plants in close to 100 is very time consumming and hard, to have to watch the place, run the register, and watch security, is to much for even 3 people.
    I hear from the Lady in charge, she is highly recommending delevery service only. no store front at all. but in doing so, your delivery guys are at a very high risk. I have many ideas on keeping the risk down, but can not relate them because that would breach security if some one were to use these methods. I have a background in Security, saying much more than that is not advised. But I see problems in California that can be avoided, people do need their Medicin, but people also need their saftey. If those problems in Cali, happend here it could be very bad.
  15. ChrisIndica

    ChrisIndica Registered

    NPO's are no diff from retail business

    while i do agree it's going to be a constant uphill struggle and very difficult in getting the 1st MMJ Producer license. Drafting articles of incorporation and a sound business plan takes only a few hours, days at the most. The hardest part about this will be making sure to Incorporate all of the points that the NM board of health has laid out for a NPO that wants to produce. I've written multiple myself and could provide you with copies to give you an idea on the length and what to incorporate.

    The NPO board consists of 3 cardholders and one doctor or nurse practitioner at a minimum. Ultimately from which the director (YOU) can choose and have a big influence upon any and all decisions they would make, such as price controls, compensation, and training. ANY doctor or NP licensed in the state of NM can recommend MMJ for a patient suffering from one of the 14 debilitating conditions.

    Also, the ONLY difference between an NPO and For profit organization; is in the way they are set up to handle excess profits. a NPO will put them back into the organization while a for profit will distribute the remains among shareholders (owners)

    By establishing an NPO you are making a distinct, separate legal entity from which business will be conducted. If any workers are caught stealing or doing illegal things from which their training will have established as illegal; authorities will be promptly notified and they will be terminated on the spot. Shouldn't be any more difficult than needs to be.

    Security is a huge issue and most dispensaries have armed guards during operating hours, laser alarms, and sound/audio video cameras with full coverage of the areas. The closer to a police station, the better. Cops will be more than happy to make sure that medicine does not get into the wrong hands, just like a pharmacy.
  16. Doobee

    Doobee Registered+

    And so it goes.

    I would have a guard inside the building but not at some gate during bizzness hours.
    NO tire strips.
    Say, do what you wish and go from there.

    My point was to be safe place while not taking on the appearances of a war camp.
    I have a background that merits good input concerning security and the safety of the patient/customers as well as the employees hired.

    Iron on the front windows, all doors with drop bars, etc are no-brainer things.
    Security cameras, sensors and all are as well.

    I would be as concerned for what walks out the back doors as what walks in the front.
    Realizing the fact employees are responsible for over 60% of all losses/theft rather than the public it would be a goal to prevent such back door theft.
    Not so much for the dollar value but most importantly the ramifications of an employee stealing high grade to then sell to their friends, etc.
    I will not subject the NPO to the whims of the powers all for one employee closing the place up over a pocket full of bud.

    I fully realize the local LEO staff would want to be kept abreast and I would be glad to help them in all manners and ways to make their job and ours all the more at ease.
    However, to be low key and not taxing to the APD is what will keep the doors open.
    I will not however, if up to me, ask APD to be a baby sitter at a cost to the city tax payers.
    The place has to be neighborhood and city friendly, not a nuisance.
    We all would agree here I should think.

    But never mind now such discussions.

    Besides, the location might just as well be a store front along the Nob Hill area as it could be in a commercial area east of the S.E. War Zone.

    Personally I would prefer a store front with a large back room area(s) and set up in a way that the retail area would be as inviting and welcome as can be.
    But again, such ideas are too far ahead of their time to be fussed over now.
    Although it is a benefit now to talk it out and many a good plans are made in such a way.
    Besides, more likely than not the first place would be a start-up with much lacking in pipe dreams and ideal notions of the dreamy place any business owner would like to have.
    Start off small and prudent and let the success be the factor which then enables a much better place.
    I'm concerned for the area and how the patients would feel about driving up.
    Should any feel as if they are not safe due to the crappy street/neighborhood
    then that place might not be the right place.
    Add to the mix the lease costs, renovations, etc to secure and open up that will be among the factors deciding where.
    The city may have their inputs as well.
    So who knows until the first steps are taken after the plans are under way and feasible.

    And...for now at least.

    We may have a way and the means to get this all together!:D
  17. MadSativa

    MadSativa Registered+

    We got it!!! Just announced, their has been a producer licenced issued, their will be a supplyer in NM. No dispencary talk yet, I am sure it is all delivery.
  18. Doobee

    Doobee Registered+

    With one NPO opening soon and atleast two more in the wings to be up and running soon....
    I think I am out of opening one up now.:(

    I have not the funds to support the employees and doc and related contracted businesses AND pay for all involved in opening the doors for the amount of time into the months and months it will take to see enough returned to pay the way when there will be an already running Op in such a limited customer base market.

    I wish I had such an amount of money but alas I have not.
    And what money I will have would be barely enough to open a Op as it is.

    To consider starting any business on a shoe string is a good 90% failure rate without the much needed money to support a business for a year while it grows into a viable business.

    And I'm fine with this really.

    The main thing is there is an Op already growing now and a couple more on the way as well for all the mmj patients in New Mexico.
  19. MadSativa

    MadSativa Registered+

    ^^ I am still in it, we need more than just 3 dispensaries, besides who is to say those will not get closed down. And I will not use my own money, but in time first got to get my card, but I know I am still in it
  20. Doobee

    Doobee Registered+

    Ya really do need to get your mmj card.:cool:

    By now if I had the hassles you got?:wtf:

    I'd long since been to a doctor, new or not, and request to have my medical records transferred to the doc and have the new doc verify my medical history where it concerns my mmj card issues.
    Personally, my patience is little to none when professionals play stupid for dumb with me.
    I tend to go ultimatums or choices, up to them to choose.

    Then I follow thru with the tenacity of a badger.

    Might not be as killer bloody with fangs...but I get 'er dun!:postreadrulez:


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