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Discussion in 'Northern California' started by omakeekee, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. omakeekee

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    Ok, here's what I don't understand. And this comes from a guy who's an occasional user. Why do potent? I mean, in the 1970s you bought pot that came from Mexico. It cost you $20 for a lid, and you had some control over your high. You and a friend could share a joint, and that was enough...just right. Now, all I hear about is how potent it is. I don't want to take on or two hits then find out I'm in way over my head...leaving my heart racing (which I'm too old for now). I get the impression that only buds are sold, and not leaves...the later being what we use to smoke.

    Is it no longer possible to get pot that is like it use to be?

  2. The Colonel

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    Sure, you can still get some mexi-brick for $20 a lid (maybe 40-60 these days) but why even bother? As for potency, as horticulture techniques develope, so does the capability of the plant. Since im only 20 years old I have no personal experience with the smoke going around in the 70's, and honestly, im thankful for that. But thats just me. If you're a legal patient, from what I understand you can buy mid-grade bud at the dispensary. If you're not, and you live in NorCal, I would assume it would be fairly difficult to find what you're lookin for on the street. Your best bet would be to ask your supplier to get it for you, but only god knows how awkward that conversation would be. Good luck, and be safe.
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    all the stuff you hear in the media is bullshit, especially concerning drugs, people 'in the know' about what _ really happens in drugs _ don't get airtime or a chance to explain to people, skunk isn't _THAT_ much stronger. Maybe twice as strong, and only in some varieties.

    The thing is the 'drug' hasn't got stronger. The quality of the import and the popularity of skunk and cannabis varieties is very different nowadays.

    :) I could talk about this forever. I don't think you're as in over you're head as you thought anyway, and that can't be a bad thing :)


  4. seattlesmoke247

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    Potent is nice :thumbsup:
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    You can get herb of all potencies, I dont think leaves were ever smoked over the buds, but I am sure everyone from time to time has smoked shake leaf. If your need a less poten strain go to your deispencary and tell them that, I am sure they have a good strain.. Besides when you smoke the better more potent strains, it is not take a toke and wait 20 minutes to take effect, the momment you inhale you will start to feel the eefects, wait a momment catch your breath, and take another if needed, repeat as nesecary. I recomend the Indica stains, northernlights, cheese, prups, they are all good.
  6. LOC NAR on probation

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    Yes we show our age when columbo was the day. I'm from the day. From time to time I look for that lesser or should I say pot lite. The chronic now is like crack on a stick. You got to love it.
    Maybe there is a new market here for trimmings and leaf it's just been overlooked. I smoked all my trimmings waiting for the bud to cure.
  7. irydyum

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    IMHO, the original quality of the buds was much better before you got your hands on the MexiBrick. I'm sure that the unpleasant experience we get with it is from THC degradation, and improper drying and curing. Most of it is quick dried then vacuum packed retaining moisture in the cure which will cause mold and shitty taste.

    So.....Grow your own (be sure to include plenty of light leaks so you get a hermie for seeds), harvest early, quick dry for 2 days, then lock in airtight baggie (suck so much air out it flattens everything) for 8 months.

    When you come back to it, it should be about the quality you were used to getting "back in the day".
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    if you meet some growers, try to score some 'shake' ... when I moved to Kalifornia in '82, the bud was waaay too powerful to a Midwest boy like me :D, a grower friend used to turn me on to his leftover 'shake' ... mostly leaves with occasional pieces of bud, it kicked my ass ... I gradually began to covet the more exotic strains, of course :jointsmile:
  9. omakeekee

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    What exactly is shake leaf? Is it mostly leaf with some bud resin dust??? If the leaf will get you high, it's hard to imagine growers would just toss it out. What does "shake" actually mean?

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  10. filo6942

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    shake is the little flakes left in your weed bag after you have consumed all your buds.

    calm down dude, its just weed!
  11. the image reaper

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    I doubt many growers 'just throw it out' :wtf: ... this was gifted to me, by a close friend :jointsmile:
  12. elskeetro

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    Yeah, the only part of the plant that i don't use is the stalks and stems.

    Buds get smoked (vaped...)

    Leaves and trimmings get cooked.

    Kief gets collected and sprinkled in bowls and joints.

    It's good.


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