Why time seems to slow down when high

Discussion in 'Spirituality' started by Dream of the iris, Nov 24, 2007.

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    i think its due to the fact that when we arent high everything is old, boring and has been seen. but when you are high none of that matters, you dont care that you have been seeing the same painting you look at for the past 15 years, you only care that the colors are amazing, and the lines so vivid. I think it is this "fresh" outlook that makes time seem slower because we are so amazed with the present (same thing said above just wording it they way i thought it to be). Ill compare it to being little... you remember when you were 5, and full of happiness, no matter where/what you were doing? remember how they days seemed soooooooooooooooooooo long? its the same thing. When your high you take in every little single moment as you do when your little.
  2. Dream of the iris

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    That's a good point, it does remind you of when you are a kid. The days did seem so long back then. Now, a year goes by and you're like, what happened to the time?
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    I just got a cool job as a telemarketer, no drug test. Why abstain, there are jobs out there that are a fit with a stoner lifestyle. :hippy:And, there is always powdered urine, it is a stoners friend!!!!

    I smoke daily, and have never felt more at peace or upbeat in my life. I love it! I agree that it is big business pharm. that are keeping the war on drugs active and alive.
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    Time goes naturally slow. It only start to go fast when you are not stoned.
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    im just posting without reading the thread..

    time goes slow while stoned because your trying to enjoy evy last moment of it, where as if ur watching tv and doing nothing time goes fast.
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    Here's a fun one

    Time DOES slow down when you're stoned, but amazingly the world doesn't seem to notice.
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    As a telemarketer, don't you have to deal with anger, hostility, hatred, loathing, and bile from the poor people whose privacy you invade? Seems like that would kill your buzz and eat away at the peaceful and upbeat feeiling you have.
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    I love getting stoned, and being in only the present. I find that I'm more patient, and I'm not in a hurry when I smoke my herb.
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    A few months back a few of my friends and I stumbled upon this idea. It's so familiar and yet we've all undoubtedly been thinking it for a long time without ever fully realizing its significance.

    I've been smoking for 4 years now and I can remember for at least the first year, i spent a lot of my time high and getting anxious about what i'd have to do later that day/night or whatever. of course i eventually got to the point where i only cared about "the moment". i've since found that this transfers into my sober life on a constant, daily basis and while i may still be anxious or what have you at times, overall i lead a much more laid back lifestyle than ever before. such a great realization and such a positive impact on stress and the daily grunge. such a shame this plant is illegal.

    all of this of course reminds me of a certain fungi, perhaps the greatest tool out there for reaching that higher level of consciousness.
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    Time never stops or slows, only our perception slows.
  11. Dream of the iris

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    You don't need a tool to enter that state. You already have it in you.
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    I'm not a huge science sorta guy, but i found an explanation from Einstein on relativity in simple terms, something like:

    "Sit a man with a pretty girl for 2 minutes, it'll feel like an hour. Yet sit a man on a hot stove for 2 minutes, and it'll feel like an hour"
    -That's relativity

    Time is relative to the situation, all a clock does is measure a concept.
    So if you stay in that state you explained for say 10 years, you'd have hypothetically 'aged' less than if you would have doing strenuous exercise

    hope that makes sense
  13. Coelho

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    There is a small mistake in the quote from Einstein... what he said is:

    "Sit a man with a pretty girl for an hour, it'll feel like 2 minutes. Yet sit a man on a hot stove for 2 minutes, and it'll feel like an hour"
    -That's relativity

    And so i would conclude:

    "Sit a man with a pretty girl on a hot stove for 2 minutes, and it'll feel like 2 minutes." :D
  14. Lokesh Bajracharya

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    Hey! That was the best thing i could possibly hear in my whole life :doublethumbs::doublethumbs::doublethumbs::doublethumbs:
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    And it only took you 9 years to find it?

    Now that's some slowed time! :D

    Beginning to think that time actually slows locally.

    I have a brother 10 years my junior who prefers alcohol.
    I have been cannabing for >50 years.
    My little brother now looks and act 10 years older than me.

    Hmm, maybe alcohol just speeds time up?
    Or both are true.
    Or neither.

    Thank for bumping this thread.
    It's a good read.

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  16. Lokesh Bajracharya

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    Actually one of my class mate was asking what was it like to get high and my weed buddy easily replied to him that if we see the world in 1.0x normally then when we are high, we see the world in 0.5x so more things are noticed, which normal people in that same time don't...I really liked the reason so was searching in the net haha
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    I was going to say something about the 9 years, but it is a good thread.
    A year changes in relativity. When your 5 years old, a year is 1 fifth of your life, at 50 a year is just a vary small part of your life so it seem shorter.
    This is your stoner thought for the day. ✌

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