WI Medical Marijuana bill

Discussion in 'Cannabis News' started by wisco61, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. wisco61

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    Feature: Wisconsin Medical Marijuana Bill to Be Introduced

    from Drug War Chronicle, Issue #502, 9/21/07

    Feature: Wisconsin Medical Marijuana Bill to Be Introduced | Stop the Drug War (DRCNet)

    October 23, 2007
    California physician, cannabinologist David Bearman MD to speak at Escape Coffee on Nov. 12

    Posted by Gary Storck
    Tuesday, October 23, 2007

    Madison NORML: California physician, cannabinologist David Bearman MD to speak at Escape Coffee on Nov. 12
  2. beachguy in thongs

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    Hopefully, it catches this time. They've been talking about doing that for, at least, four or five years.
  3. Storm Crow

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    Good luck!

    If you want to do something, you might consider printing up my medical post (link below) and sending it to your local politicians! Better load up the printer, though- it's about 50 pages of listings of medical studies!

    I know, I keep telling you guys to print and send this thing I put together out to doctors and politicians. I expect that you all think I'm on a big ego trip about it. Not really- if I had found this thing on the net- collected by someone else- I'd still be saying "get that information out there, kids!" When enough people know the truth, change becomes inevitable.

    It is Criminal that using this amazing healing herb is a crime! I have never understood why a medicine couldn't be pleasant to take. And I know how much of a difference it has made in my life. Here's hoping you guys get to be state # 13! Hmmm... 13 rebellious states... sound familiar? - Granny:hippy:
  4. Psycho4Bud

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    I sure hope this passes but I have my doubts. In the Madison/Milwaukee areas they are a bit more liberal than the rest of this redneck state. I live in a community of 60,000+ and the cops/community are hard core against our smoke for any purpose. That ol' reefer madness stigma.......

    Have a good one!:jointsmile:
  5. MVP

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    It seems that the most effective way to legalize MMJ is to take the measure to a public vote. Worked here in California, so I wish Michigan the best in their fight and hope that Wisconsin has the support of the citizens. If so a referendum may be the answer.
  6. wisco61

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    Unfortunately not all states have voter referendums as part of their state constitution, WI being one of those. Its especially dissapointing because in a poll, 80% of WI residents were for medical marijuana usage.

    Its the Republicans in the state senate that are preventing this from happening, the best thing we can do is try and get those dirty elephants out, which thankfully will probably be happening quite soon with the current political climate.
  7. Psycho4Bud

    Psycho4Bud The Modfather

    Dave Zein was a "dirty elephant" and considering his past.....I think your a bit off base on that one. What about the recent budget battle where the Dems want an extra $1.25/pack tax on cigs? Are these the same people you feel are going to pass this law?

    Have a good one!:jointsmile:
  8. wisco61

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    Well, looks like another year with no relief for patients in WI... bah we need to get this lady out of office.

    As far as Dems vs Republicans go, one just has to look at the cosponsors of the bill.

  9. Psycho4Bud

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    Thanks for the update and I'm glad to see Jeff Woods is thinking right. He's the closest rep to me out of the bunch....actually a bit suprised on his vote regarding the attitudes around these parts.

    Hopefully Dave Zein runs again....I'd lay odds he's pro med-marijuana. I know he used to support recreational use. :D

    Have a good one!:jointsmile:

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