Wicca and weed??

Discussion in 'Spirituality' started by Mississippi Steve, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. Mississippi Steve

    Mississippi Steve Registered+

    Does anybody know how weed is viewed in Wicca covens?? It seems to me that with weed being of mother earth, that it would be acceptable.... but I could be wrong.

    I dunno, are there any witches, or goddesses on here that could shed some light??....and no, I'm not talking about "goth" wannabes.

  2. Storm Crow

    Storm Crow Registered+

    Hon, Wicca is about as varied religion as you can get. We got Odin worshipers, lesbian and/or transsexual Dianics, Gaia focused, Celtic influenced, African based, elf and fairy lovers, Gardnerians, animists, shamans and more.... some folks "mix and match" traditions...there are all sorts of covens and solitaries- heck you name it, we probably got it!

    Wicca is sort of a catch-all grouping, covers a LOT of area. About the only common threads are the Goddess and a love of the Earth. Most of the Wiccans I know are OK with using cannabis, but I also know some are against using ANY drugs (cannabis, caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, etc) feeling that the purity of their meditations would be affected. I'm not that picky! I'm pretty solitary, but have a few friends who are in covens- they all use. So I guess a qualified "Yes, it's OK" would be the best answer. - Granny:hippy:

    Ps. You might enjoy this site. Witches' Voice - 09 September, 2007 - 2:02:33 AM
  3. Nailhead

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    My sister is Wiccan, or a witch I guess you can say, I've never really asked her but she's not against drinking so I don't see why she'd be against cannabis. I'll ask her to see what she says, but as Storm mentions it probably can vary on who you ask. Kinda got me curious now though.
  4. Mississippi Steve

    Mississippi Steve Registered+

    Thanx for the kind reply, and the link... My GF and are no spring chickens, and over our lifetimes, we have both had many different experiences and witnessed many different "unexplained" things. She had a fairly extensive library about Wicca (Celtic, white witchcraft, etc) and I have done a fair amount of research in the subject. We are trying to find a local *legitimate* Coven where we can talk to folks and maybe they can help guide us.
  5. Hilder420

    Hilder420 Banned

    Hello guys, merry meet! I have practiced Wicca for seven years and smoked marijuana for six years, and I got to say my meditative and spiritual connections are very much heightened when I've smoked either before or during my rituals. I too practice alone, and when using weed while practicing, its not about how fucked up or how high you can get, for me its more of achieving a different aspect of my spirituality... I too have never read anything in any of the books and discussions I've had with several people of the Wiccan religion, good or bad.. Like Storm Crow said, some people believe it helps their Majik, others believe it corrupts their practices, hey to each their own right? my pov is that if I worship Mother Gaia and all of her wonderful and complicated creations, is the ganja plant not a product of her creation? Like I said I practice alone, but thats just my personal choice. The best way, I think to go about finding a legitimate coven is to take a trip to ur local occult shop. I dont know it your local shop will have it, but mine (there are several) has a newsletter where people can find out whats going on around our area, and if people want to contact each other, theu can give an email address or phone number to make connections... and possibly form or join covens. Also, just as there are marijuana forums, there are Wiccan/ Pagan forums out there just hit the search button.... then all u have to decide is whos a real Wiccan and whos a phony wannabe.... good luck...- Hilder
  6. afghooey

    afghooey Registered+

    Isn't the ol' Wicca saying, "An' ye harm none, do what ye will." ?
  7. Hilder420

    Hilder420 Banned

    I unnoticed bout yall but that saying makes me tingle every time i hear, say, or read it... it feels good.... something i forgot to mention... check to see if have a a Pagan Pride Day Festival near you.. I've run into some cool people at the ones in houston.
  8. Storm Crow

    Storm Crow Registered+

    Yep! That's the Rede!

    Sounds like a blast, doesn't it? Until you really begin thinking about living so you hurt no one. No cheating, no lying, no stealing, always speaking the truth in the kindest terms. It is DANG hard!... Make that impossible! We all get those "bad days" when everything goes wrong and we lash out. Sometimes with cause, sometimes without. We are all human. None of us ever manages to truly live the Rede, :(, but we can keep on trying :thumbsup:. - Granny:hippy:
  9. Mississippi Steve

    Mississippi Steve Registered+

    here's another question....What books would be good for beginners to learn about wicca... practices, ceremonies, edequite(sp?), etc. There is a festival in Biloxi a week from Saturday that we will be going to... may get some questions answered there too.
  10. Help_Needed

    Help_Needed Registered+

    Wow. I'm sorry I missed this thread earlier, although I should have guessed that there are a number of pagans hanging around on the thread :).

    Steve, it depends on how much of a "beginner" you are. If you're looking for some very basic information about wicca then "The Truth About Witchcraft Today" by Scott Cunningham is a good place to start. This is a very introductory book that was written mainly for non-believers who've discovered that they have a friend or family member who is wiccan and want to know more about their beliefs. If you're looking for something a touch more advanced so you can begin your own practices than Cunningham's "Wicca - A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner" may be a good next step, but it's ONLY a step. There's a lot of information out there - some of it good, some of it bad - and as Storm Crow pointed out there's a ton of variation in the different pagan traditions (going far beyond what can really be considered "wicca"), so a lot of reading is a must ;)
  11. Storm Crow

    Storm Crow Registered+

    And always remember- The TRUTH is within YOU! - Granny:hippy:
  12. Mississippi Steve

    Mississippi Steve Registered+

    We have been doing some reading, and just picked up a couple more books Monday. We are going to the Pagan Pride Day in Biloxi this weekend. I do have a question about craft names... is that something you think up yourself?? or is it something that is bestowed??
  13. Help_Needed

    Help_Needed Registered+

    The simple answer is...Yes :D.

    It can chosen either way, depending on tradition. Also, not all traditions use craft names. And in some traditions one's magickal name isn't used in public as it's believed to be one's "true" name and therefore gives other people power over your.

    See? Lots of different answers...all dependent on the various interpretations on how to practice. And no answer is either right or wrong. Get used to this ambiguity, by the way. You're going to run into it a lot lol.

    IMO, if you're going out to the Pagan Pride fest just to meet and greet, then I'd probably just go ahead and use your given name. Once you settle into your own personal practices then you can make your own choice as to whether you'll adopt a craft name and how it should be chosen.
  14. Land of Drought

    Land of Drought Registered+

    Well my wifes a Pagan and she doesnt smoke it but then again thats because were in Ireland so Herb is a bit of a Unicorn at times around these parts .that said she has no arguments against it unless you use it to bloke out yourself and sit on ur ass then should be the type too say weed ant helping this person but no shes no problems with it just who uses it and why...
  15. GreenLadyOfDankDowns

    GreenLadyOfDankDowns Registered+

    I'm an eclectic pagan and a solitary witch. I use marijuana in some rituals; sometimes for meditation, and sometimes as an offering to the gods and other unseen entities. I know several witches who use marijuana, and several more who think it is ok if used judiciously. It has been my experience that many covens will publicly shun its use because of its legal status, even though some members of said coven partake of the herb. It is personal and varies just like everything else in life.
  16. Mrs. Greenjeans

    Mrs. Greenjeans Registered+

    GReat thread. So many good answers.
    I don't smoke myself, but that's because I get all sketched out and can't focus on anything except food or sex. Which is okay if I'm doing sex magic, but not so good if I'm doing something else.
  17. lordcelentian

    lordcelentian Registered

    wiccans and cannabis 101

    Wiccans in traditional witch craft coven go through the fire baptism as their first right of passage using the cannabis plant rolled commonly in its own leaf as a way to convey prayer to the god and the goddess. it is used in times of need then and their after for prayer for pain to commune with the gods by the high priest and high priestesses. for healing of the mind and body in a tea. it is also used in the festival of Ostra... HPC
  18. Stoner Shadow Wolf

    Stoner Shadow Wolf Registered+

    That is very interesting stuff...

    I'd like to see more activity in the spirituality forums and maybe get us organized and working together to make our beliefs a reality, and help support each other.
  19. Fire Fay

    Fire Fay Registered

    My name is Paul I am a fire fay how do I get my physical wings without disobeying the laws of the universe I know theirs a back door for anything

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