Wide fat leaves vs long skiny leaves?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by WidowMaker85, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. WidowMaker85

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    the first set of leaves that look like pot leaves, what can you tell about the plant strain/potency by their shape? ill post pics soon. :weedpoke:

  2. DieselRyderGrow

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    Wide fat leaves tend to be from an Indica strain. Very thin leaves tend to be from a Sativa strain.

    You will usually have leaves that are somewhere in the middle, but tend to be a little wider or a little thinner; judge accordingly.

    The problem is that judging a strain by the leaves is like judging a person by the colour of their skin.
  3. frostymcfailure

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    Indica leaves are more rigid, its said the far northern/southern early maturing varieties of land races/pure breeds have more rigid leaves. Sativa's on the other hand originating from the equatorial area/tropics have the skinnier longer fingers with close blade formation, hope this helps. The fingers have something to do with collecting water from air im not 100% sure at the moment, just being a parrot as 2 what i read online a while back.
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  4. WidowMaker85

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    abit early to tell but take a look.

    long skinny sharp

    short fat roundish

    short fat sharp

    thanks for the info.
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  5. dejayou30

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    You won't be able to tell until they are a couple nodes old. I grow Purple Kush from bagseed and Master Kush from Dutch Passion and they look completely different as far as leaves and overall structure. The Purple Kush has broad leaves with deeply serrated edges and grows short and compact while the Master has medium to thin leaves and tends to grow more upward.
  6. WidowMaker85

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    8 days since last update.

    any opinions on the plant strains?
    i have a sick one too. ill post pics separate.


  7. mendokid

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    Looks like one is a nice heavy indica.

    The other just needs water LOL.

    Hey, if you are having trouble with seedlings try foliar feeding them with a fine spray mist and a very mild fertilizer. Use distilled or filtered water.
  8. WidowMaker85

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    some sad babies. any ideas. water is on the hard side at about 6.0. no nutes added.

    this one is pointing down.

    this one the tips of the bottom leaves got dry. in 1 or 2 days.
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