"Wild" Marijuana plants

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by Optimus Pot, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. Optimus Pot

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    You know how ditchweed came from farmers growing hemp for World War Two. Do you think Good smoking weed will ever escape and go wild like that? There are a lot of weed grows in California and Mexico. Maybe one day some of it will escape and go wild. Birds spread seeds all the time and when people clean their bags, they usually just toss the seeds on the floor. Imagine if some of those seeds sprouted and started a new population of wild Marijuana? Dandelions were originally grown as herbs. Now people see it as an unstoppable lawn weed. Maybe some day you'll find a Weed plant on the highway that's not shitty hemp, but good smoking Marijuana that has tons of THC!
  2. nakedgunner

    nakedgunner Registered+

    lol hmm it could happen but it would grow smokable buds but not high grade
  3. OzzyOz

    OzzyOz Registered+

    it'd be stress
    unless it evolved to almost raise it's self
    weed plants need water, and proper vitamins etc.
  4. FunkyMonkey

    FunkyMonkey Banned

    It has grown wild here in north america forever. Its not a new plant.
    When patches are found they are destroyed the same as a deliberate field.
    Itll never be like grass or dandelions if thats what youre wondering.
  5. HighTillIDie

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    omg... like grass... i think i would have a heart attack... or maybe an orgasm
  6. st0n3r

    st0n3r Registered+

    wud b fuckin kwl if it did though lol
  7. Oli

    Oli Registered+

    You can help by just scattering your seeds everywhere (outside government buildings is a favourite).
  8. nonamechronicsmoker

    nonamechronicsmoker Registered

    I like your ideal of having a orgasm. You sound like my kind woman :)
  9. Takingsunday21

    Takingsunday21 Registered+

    Can you imgaine how cool that would be. Just walk into your backyard and there be huge bushes of Marijuana. You'd never have to grow or buy again.
  10. p0t

    p0t Registered+

    it would've happened already

    but that would be nice
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  11. FunkyMonkey

    FunkyMonkey Banned

    yes it would be a dream....
  12. wakeandbake

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    after smoking good bud i threw the seeds in my back yard and a while later when i was cutting the grass i saw a very bushy weed plant i took it out of the ground and put in a pot with good soul.but i still dont understand how it grew without any help from me and in some nasty ass dirt.grown in Texas.and its gone now cause i couldent stop my self from smoking it
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  13. wakeandbake

    wakeandbake Registered

    i had some seeds and i put them in a pot and they barely sprouted with 2 leaves should i use lights and if i doo need lights what kind are the best for growing indoors

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