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Wild marijuana

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by bwilder1050, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. bwilder1050

    bwilder1050 Banned

    where would wild marijuana be? ive seen the thread under this and was amazed that it was just their without someone planting it where would you find something like that?
  2. BlackBerry

    BlackBerry Registered+

    mostly in the mid-western states unsure about else where

    it wont get u high
  3. ganjzilla

    ganjzilla Registered+

    i heard it grows naturally in arizona and kansas, but ive heard it grows in the himalayan mountains...
  4. bwilder1050

    bwilder1050 Banned

    what about florida?
  5. psteve

    psteve Registered+

    Not so much.
    It's feral weed, left over from the old hemp industry that helped build America.
    You'll find it mostly in the central Midwest.
    Missouri, Kansas, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.
    It can be found in other areas, but that's where the main remnants are.
  6. serpent420

    serpent420 Registered+

    What would happen if you got a bunch of male/female weed plants together in a field or somethin and just left them alone? Would that become wild marijuana that came back every year? or would it all just die with the first frost?
  7. bejay

    bejay Registered+

    it will usually come back or atleast try to depending on competing vegetation in some areas it can grow well year after year.
    wild marijuana or hemp is not very common as its been continually eradicated over the years and while there is a few spots it is not very common to come across even in the above states.
  8. BlackBerry

    BlackBerry Registered+

    i grew up in chicagos suburbs n ive seen smoked helped harvest n dry n sold the wild Cannabis n later studied the wild reefer so i know its out there it has many great uses but because any Cannabis here is still federally illegal so its uses go unnoticed but its chemisty says u cant get high maybe hungery tired n hung-over though it still carries all the same state laws as marijuana
  9. Dr. Bloor

    Dr. Bloor Registered+

    It grows wild in Mongolia. The northern area near Siberia. I was in Mongolia last month and was not fortunate enough to get to the north of the country. I did hear that the wild stuff does not have a lot of potency.
    I am also certain that it is growing wild in California in Humboldt, Mendocino, Santa Cruz and other popular growing areas.
  10. Publicgunmen

    Publicgunmen Registered+

    I was strolling around and I just saw a weed plant the other day. Literally 3 feet away from the sidewalk... so I did what any other responsible citizen would do, I took it.
  11. duffydawn

    duffydawn Registered+

    To answer your question...Yes.. it does grow wild...At least where I live."Oklahoma"...You can go walk through a dense forest of the stuff if you'd like...I've strolled through many myself...I grew my plants from Wild Weed I found last year..And no it isn't feral or hemp...that is a misconception..It's just low low low grade hermaphroditic schwag. All you have to do is sex them..very simple..You won't get anything like Chronic..But you can up the potency from dirt weed to nice mid-grade..Which isn't half bad at all....I took a few plants from a wild forest transplanted them October of 06. They were mostly males..and they grew right back the next year..all females...A few males sprouted up to..But I kindly destroyed them as to not ruin the potency of the refer...They are already pre-budding..doing very nice actually
    So yeah I can say from experience that Wild weed can be good...If you take the right measures with how re-grow it..The wild males serve a very good purpose..Just rip one out of the ground and toss it where you want it to grow next year and BaM..You will have a mini-forest of ganja before you know it..All you have to do is take care of it and remove the males at the right time :D

    Here's two pic's of the ones I got goin right now... to show you a legit example of what i'm talking about here

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    Last edited: Aug 23, 2007
  12. Stonerz420

    Stonerz420 Registered+

    you dont just rip males out of the ground and through them in a spot where you want to have a ganja forest, they haven't made their seeds yet, makes just contain pollen, that pollen has to be transfered and cared for in a female pollen receptor, the flower, the buds the dank! so i dont think thats a real wild marijuana plant you have there duffy, i think the main poster was talking about ditch weed, like the ones ill post in a min
  13. Stonerz420

    Stonerz420 Registered+

  14. duffydawn

    duffydawn Registered+

    Actually Stoner420 you couldn't be more wrong... If you read a little more of what I said...I pulled the males in Oct of 06. right after the equinox...Each plant had 100's of seed's on it..Considering I planted over 5 of them..They died because of the winter cold..Which left the dead plants with hundreds of seeds to fall on the ground. It kinda makes sense...Considering I did it myself

    Plus the plants came from a wild area with males and females....So what your saying doesn't make sense..Or maybe you just didn't get what I was saying at
  15. duffydawn

    duffydawn Registered+

    and actually..Males do carry seeds. It's called cross-pollination..and that's how you get males and females....Males always carry's kind of how nature works
  16. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    No, it's not.
    Males do not carry seeds. They carry pollen.
    Please do not spread misinformation on these forums, thanks.
  17. duffydawn

    duffydawn Registered+

    I don't see how it couldn't be wild..... I didn't buy the seed's...I didn't plant them myself....
    All I did was move already existing plants from one spot to a safer one....
    so yeah...what I said pretty much means Wild..grows Wild...
  18. duffydawn

    duffydawn Registered+

    excuse me for misinterpreting the round balls on the male plant for seeds.....I'll just call them testicles from now on.....
  19. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    They aren't testicles either. They are unopened male flowers.
  20. psteve

    psteve Registered+

    And wrong again.
    Please go read a book on basic botany.

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