Will a air purifier help with marijuana smoke odor?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by GreenCandyJane, Aug 19, 2013.

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    I just moved into my small studio apartment 3 months ago, and usually its just me smoking. I use a sploof, towel the door, turn on the exuast fan above the stove and blow the smoke right into it. I use ozium spray and make as little smoke as possible. I just moved in after all.

    I recently had a few friends over and one thing led to another and smoke was everywhere in the apartment. I have had no complaints but I know someone fer sure smelled that. I mean how could you not.

    Usually it is just me taking a few hits every now and then and no one can smell it, but if i decide to have a guest over occasionally I want to have the odor taken care of. I don't wanna annoy other tenants with a marijuana smell again. I was thinking If i got a air purifier that it might do the trick. I researched it a tiny bit and the ones with HEPA filters and Ionizers are said to help with smoke.

    I was wondering in anyone has tried it and how it has worked for them?
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    Remember that your going to pay for your quality on this one. Yes, it will work, but depending on the size of the room, and the amount of smoke, you might want to invest a few hundred into a nice one (see sharper image/electrolux) vs spending 40 on one that only circulates the room air every 3-4 hours (won't do you a lick of good, aside for make your lungs healthier)

    But yeah, I lived in a studio for several years, and nobody had a clue I smoked, my studio was about 800sqft and I used an electrolux unit, it was a bit pricy at just under $300, but the new ones are just over 300, you can see the electrolux oxygen ultra with plasmawave, this sucker is actually good enough for a grow room, but it will ensure your neighbors won't notice a thing, even without a towel under the door - The other is the Sharper Image EVSI-XS01 - It comes in right around $125 less, but you will suffer on the quality side. The 4 carbon filters of the electrolux really do the trick.

    Hope this helps, and happy toking!
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    Hey Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it. I found a purifier to try out. My friend who smokes tobacco has is in their home and it works well. Im hoping it works for me. It doesn't have a carbon filter but im hoping it still works. Its nice to know that someone else has thought of doing this also.
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    Just make sure you change the filter. I havnt & its loud as hell & dosnt work as well.
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    I know this post is way old / dead and I enjoy this kind of stuff when I smoke :)

    I'm a chemist so I love questions like these. The guy who recommended a nice one for a normal room is spot on; these things are designed to typically cycle air over 3-4 hrs, so you need one designed for a room larger than yours. For your filter system to clean the air, it first has to come into contact with it.

    The carbon filters are a must. Many particles are too small to be caught by a HEPA, and the ionizer doesn't do enough for many of weeds odors; weed has a lot of molecules that are non-polar (remember how thc doesn't dissolve in water (it's why you make weed butter and oil)), and since ionizers act on polar centers(technically referred to as 'moments') they don't get affected all that much.

    Much easier to have them interact with a non-polar solid that it dissolves into: activated carbon. Also remember to replace them, because they do get 'saturated' and lose efficacy as you approach that point. They saturate faster the more regularly they experience exposure :)

    I'll leave this gem here for anyone who searches about what air purifiers or filters are needed for weed smoke.
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