Will dispensaries buy from ANYBODY?

Discussion in 'Southern California' started by RLSteve, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. RLSteve

    RLSteve Registered

    That is... anybody with a patient card as well as a non-profit organization for growing marijuana? Or do dispensaries only buy from certain growers?
  2. Iceberg420

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    CA dispensaries buys from patients i think maybe... as for everywhere else its diff its either coming from

    1.) the people
    2.) a factory specialized in growing cannabis :stoned:
  3. RLSteve

    RLSteve Registered

    Well, I thought you had to be a patient in order to grow marijuana legally?

    So, I'm a patient, but don't I also have to start a non-profit organization to grow and sell marijuana to dispensaries?
  4. Iceberg420

    Iceberg420 Registered+

    Hmmm, you live in cali??? their laws are constantly changing when mmj was first legalized thats what they did but they might have changed it... sorry if i cant help but i live on the east coast...ish... I'm sure someone will pop in w/ an answer very soon tho man and they'll know for sure, whereas i can only guess... your best bet would be google and this for finding out i'd suppose:hippy:
  5. killerweed420

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    There is no such thing as legally selling to dispensaries. They will buy from anyone that has a good product and that they trust. It usually pays to have someone vouch for you.
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  6. nugssgalore

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    In So Cal in order to sell, you must be a legal MMJ patient not only with doctors papers but you have to be registered with the state and then file for a nonprofit business license. When I got my doctors papers I did not want to be registered with the state in a public record so I opted out of that.
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  7. nugssgalore

    nugssgalore Registered+

    That's to sell "legally" to dispensaries, of course.;)
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  8. RLSteve

    RLSteve Registered

    So, I know that when I form my non-profit organization, I want to name it something that is inconspicuous.

    But... when I put down the primary purpose of my non-profit, do I say that I'm growing medical marijuana? Or should I list an inconspicuous purpose?
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  9. trueprogress

    trueprogress Registered

    California Prop 215 patients are able to turn their excess meds over to collectives and co-ops who will then help facilitate transactions between its members so that you may be compensated for the costs you incurred in producing the meds. In other words, as long as you are a state medical card holder and a member of the collective you are dealing with, they are able to accept your overages and reimburse you for them. That said, forums are no substitute for good legal advice from someone who is an expert in this particular field of law within the area that you will be operating in. Expect to pay $250-$300/hour for that type of legal assistance.

    Best of luck.
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  10. mrsffdbob

    mrsffdbob Registered

    Do not, I repeat...Do not give your medicine as a consignment!!!!
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  11. Max Blast

    Max Blast Registered+

    It is unlawful to either "buy or sell" marijuana in the state of California.

    Read the law yourself and you will see that anyone who says it is legal to "buy" or "sell" in California is not actually reading the law.

    "Compensated" or "reimbursed" does not mean "buy" or "sell" or otherwise "profit" from sales of marijuana.

    Anyone who tells you otherwise has not read the law or is simply not equipped to understand what they read.

    Sorry if I am being too blunt here but it really irks me to see so much mis-information on this subject. Most responders to this subject are just parroting the misinformation they have heard elsewhere.
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  12. NaturalScience

    NaturalScience Registered+

    Donations... like medical art. lol Anyone ever get free sh*t at a dispensary? NO. Are dispensaries required to give their sh*t away!? If so, at what percentage, and where is my FREE SHIT! :wtf:
  13. Max Blast

    Max Blast Registered+

    Nugss, I must have missed something in the dozens of times I have read the law word for word. If it is not too much trouble can you please direct me to the specific language in the law that says "sales" of any type are allowed? Can you also point me to the specific language that says one must register with the state and file for a non-profit business license. I am referring to the actual laws (215 and 420) not the Attourney General's guidline which are not law. California law.

    Trueprog, can you point out the specific language in the law that states that you must be registered with the state. Not just that they would like you to but that you are legally required to do so.

    Max Blast
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  14. Auto bang

    Auto bang Registered

    Yeah I've never heard of having to have a license to buy or sell ones medication. As long as the dispensary meets all requirements. Max blast was right.
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  15. Haxie

    Haxie Registered+

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  16. painretreat

    painretreat Registered+

    Neat article Haxie...
    Reads like an Elliot Ness style round-up. The Nixons..owned and operated all these collectives?
    Seems to me, the feds are targeting plenty of the collectives/disp/co-op's that have more than one storefront. :( for those really wanting to make a difference for patients.:stoned: pr
  17. Danbridge

    Danbridge Registered+

    I had to join a collective and supply only them with my meds. I am now a caregiver for another patient.
  18. DeliveryChiefs420

    DeliveryChiefs420 Registered

    We're looking for sum good indoor for our dispensary. Top top shelf only though, were located in Central California so there isn't much around here, mostly up north or down south.
  19. str8jacket

    str8jacket Registered+

    I've been a patient in 2 states. WA (before it was legalized), and CA.

    The legality is in the terms. It's not 'buy' or 'sell' it's donate and compensate. Profit is not legal.

    Brick and mortar dispensaries have to go the non-profit route to stay in existence (notice I said 'existence' instead of stay in 'business'). As far as the delivery only 'dispensaries', it's legal for any legal medical user to provide meds to another legal user, and it's legal for the medical user to donate to the provider to help cover costs. If you check web sites of dispensaries, they always use the term donation amount and never 'price'.
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  20. Cozism

    Cozism Registered

    u guys are funny who said u can buy and sell marijuana legally..marijuana will never be legal in a million years..All the marijuana out there, come from the streets and will always stay in the streets..dispensaries will buys from any "private vendor." As long as they get a good deal..

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