Will I fail this drug test due to these circumstances?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by edwardefe, May 23, 2013.

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    So basically my question is how fast does it take for marijuana to get out of your system? I mean I know typically it takes 1 to 2 weeks with some water and some excercize from the last time you smoked (if you're lucky), and varies a little bit depending on the volume. But in my situation I smoked exactly 9 days ago and had to take it today, mind you I took a few hits with 2 other friends on a regular cigarello blunt, however I am kind of a faker when it comes to smoking I take very little hits or sometimes flat out don't inhale and pretend to smoke because I have had a very crazy past experience with actually inhaling marijuana hard. But mostly it was mostly to impress a girl and to kind of look cool in front of my friends, for the next 9 days after I "smoked" I have been drinking frequent amount of meals and water, and have probably worked out really hard for maybe 3 or 4 days for the past 9 days and worked up a real sweat. Today when I took the test, I specifically recall eating some cereal with quite a lot of milk in it, and probably drank 3 glasses of water and ate 6 traditional wings at BW3's with a medium cup of Hi-C fruit punch right before the test, and probably pee'd 3 to 4 times before actually taking it. Now when I took the test my pee was pretty yellow, like I wasn't that hydrated and it kind of scared me into thinking I could have failed. I also want to mention I have done the same "Fake" smoking miscallenously twice or thrice before the "9" day mark but there was so many people smoking the same blunt, so I barely think it will affect my results. Also want to bring up on every occasion where I did this, I didn't really get high at all maybe just a bit light headed but I also could have been exagerating that a little to pretend I was high to friends and peers. Also overall as a pot smoker I would consider myself a very casual one, I would have to say in my entire life I have only smoked 30 or 40 times, and a lot of those times like mentioned before I didn't even inhale hard or get that high. Tell me your thoughts and what you think could be the case.

    Also want to add that me and my friends this saturday from college were cruisin around and whilist I was driving they were in the car smokin, however I didn't hit it because of my drug test but I might inhaled some second hand, would that affect me as well for a urine test? We opened the windows a little bit and turn on the defroster so it wouldn't be a huge box of smoke or anything, but just thought I would also mention it to completely clear my conscious.

    In terms of my physical build, I am 6"2'and a half and 180 and I'm 19. Not really fat at all, I would guess at this point in my life I have like 9 or 10% body fat. So my metabolism should be pretty good at metabolizing the THC.

    Lastly the reason I need to pass is for this job I just obtained in a nursing agency. Thanks for any incoming answers.
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    Theres no telling. Each persons body is different and there are too many variables to take into consideration to arrive at an estimate. Only periodic testing with a THC test kit (using the first urination of the day for each test) can give you that answer.

    Drinking water in the days before the U/A is of no help. THC is NOT water-soluble unlike other types of drugs. For more info, do a Forum Search with the terms "drinking water useless"

    Exercise can be a good/bad thing. For more info, do a Forum Search with the terms "exercise dormant metabolites" and "storage mode"

    Sweating is hardly of any help because very little THC is excreted via sweat. You could sweat enough to fill many buckets, yet the amount of THC being excreted would still be miniscule. The rest of them are being excreted via the urine and bowels.
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    Yeah that's fine or whatever. But from the story I told you is there anyway you could determine whether I would fail or not.
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    The answer is still the same regardless of how youve phrased the question:


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