Will Michigan become the Marijuana captial of Americal?

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    Here's an op-ed musing that Michigan could become the marijuana capital of America.

    I would be hard pressed to think any state other than California could become the marijuana capital of America.

    That being said, if marijuana was fully legalized on a federal level and was legal in KY, I would give KY a solid 2nd place for weed at some time in the future. I guess KY is the east-of-the-Mississippi equivalent of CA as far as having a prime climate for growing weed. Plus me thinks, KY could cash in on it's legendary status of having awesome weed. It rarely gets much attention, since CA is by far the gravitational center of the United States for weed production, but it's been known for years to grow some of the best weed in the USA.

    I'm talking about outdoor weed anyway. Of course, every state in the Union produces amazing weed, including both outdoor and indoor grown marijuana.

    That being said, the article was actually about the 2.5 ounce limit. I don't know the logic of someone saying a state will be the weed capital of the world just because of a larger "on person" limit. It seems a lot of tunnel vision to say a state is going to be a weed capital of the world based on the how many tons of weed is walking around in peoples pockets, divided into individual 2.5 oz. baggies, one per person.


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