Will schwag seeds produce decent plants?

Discussion in 'Closet / Cabinet Growing' started by HempRopePlusThree, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. HempRopePlusThree

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    If you try to grow with seeds picked out of a decent schwag plant, assuming you take good care of the plants and do all other factors correctly, will the seed matter very much? Like is schwag from good seeds originally, but just not grown well or something?
  2. budsmoker only

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    im pretty sure you can grow swag seeds and they will turn into very nice plants... and thats pretty much exactly what swag is, weed that isnt grown good or cared for much...
  3. Markass

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    Most likely your schwagg weed came in brick form and points the finger at mexico for producing it. That also is going to mean that it came from a big field of marijuana...Hermaphrodite. Those traits are passed on, so the plants that you grow from commercial schwagg seeds will probably end up having male flowers as well as female flowers. That's what I figured out..
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  4. Yes I Cannabis

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    You can definetly grow good bud from bag seed. I have grown quite a bit outside in the last 3-4 years, and a little inside. I have always used bag seeds and always came out with good results.
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    I think you have to worry more about hermies when you get a nice bag that has like five usable seeds in it. That would be a red flag to me that this batch was harvested because it started seeding in late flower. And to mention...isn't it hermies that produce feminized seeds? This is taking into account you'd only want to use a female that was 'difficult' to hermie....which would be unknown I guess unless you grew it.....just a thought! B
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    All my grows have been from bagseed, and all have been decent to superior produce. My current grow is my "senior project" before going on to the wazoo strain seeds.

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  7. Dancing_Bear

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    This is only common with good bud. Schwag is grown in huge fields, and males aren't taken out. So, it's still a regular 50/50 with little chance of hermaphrodites.

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