Will Stems get you high?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by ncnavguy, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. ncnavguy

    ncnavguy Registered+

    If you smoke stems can you get high, or is that just so mad stupid shit!
  2. TallulahGreen

    TallulahGreen Registered+

    Try it and tell us!!!:)
  3. poiuyt

    poiuyt Registered+

    You'll get a headache from what I've heard.
  4. ncnavguy

    ncnavguy Registered+

    nah... I'm just really high but after consideration I think its a bad idea and I'm not gonna try it.
  5. Storm Crow

    Storm Crow Registered+

    The answert is yes, but....

    Stems taste rasty. You can get a mild high from them. They never gave me headaches. They are below smoking resin in the quality of a high. They are my "Oh my Goodness, I NEED to get stoned" emergency stash.- Granny:hippy:
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  6. jawndoe

    jawndoe Registered+

    If you smoke a whole bunch you might get a bit buzzed. But seriously just go outand get some more bud or hash..
  7. make it legal

    make it legal Registered+

    haha stormcow
  8. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Actually I never throw my seeds (hell no) or my stems out and there has been times when I didn't have any bud and I smoked the stems and they did give me a bit of a heavy buzz but that's about it. It still comes no where close to smokin some quality bud.
  9. Nochowderforyou

    Nochowderforyou Registered+

    Shake the kif from them. Do a search on this forum as it's been posted a trillion times.
  10. Frivolous248

    Frivolous248 Registered+

    As said before...its not as good as weed.

    I found it to be a short lasted high that wasn't as good as a weed high to begin with. Maybe like 10min of a strong buzz then its gone. And you gotta smoke a bit to get that. I once smoked like 7 bowls of stems and within a half hour it was gone.
  11. Ghost**

    Ghost** Registered+

    LOL @ "Madd stupid shit"
  12. O' Cannabis

    O' Cannabis Registered+

    I throw them in my coffee grinder and bust 'em up... I don't actually smoke the stems but i smoke the keif they leave on the lid and they get me ripped!
  13. PotHeed420

    PotHeed420 Registered+

    ^ i'd suggest that, you need a good amount of stems from good bud though, not shwag stems or anything
  14. ncnavguy

    ncnavguy Registered+

    I used a morter and pedstle to grind that shit up and I packed the kief up a smoked it....now things are complicated....I'm so fucking stoned.
  15. Purple Banana

    Purple Banana Registered+

    I used to give my friend all of my stems, and he got plant stalks from some growers- grinds 'em up to make nice tea... Tastes great, gives a nice buzz.
  16. affasd

    affasd Registered+

    i save all my stems(headie bud tho, i wouldnt bother saving them from middies or anyhting) and then when i run out of bud i just smoke em all at once, and its better then nothing
  17. dejayou30

    dejayou30 Registered+

    My girlfriend ground 3.5 g of stems into powder in a coffee grinder and then cooked that in butter and then put the butter into some fudge, and then finally made the fudge into some gooey fudge brownies. How many would I have to eat to feel anything? I ate two bars of straight fudge and was pretty stoned for like 3 hours, but I also took bong rips.

    Also, the stems were from VERY dank weed, probably some of the dankest available in Iowa.
  18. actually lol, smoking stems doesn't even come near even decent schwagg... o.0 i have smoked 'em... but i hate doing it, it burns the shit out of my throat, the buzz last all of 15 mins, and upon sobering up i tend to get headaches... not to mention the taste is far from ok....

    in times of great desperation, i guess they can be a last resort... but i save my stems, grind 'em up and shake 'em for keif... the rest goes in the trash... and even that 'keif' ends up being mixed in with the last of my bud... even the keif is far from great... still tastes like wood.. and burns my throat... but you're pretty much taking any worthwhile smokable material out of the stems...

    save up a shitload of stems shake 'em for keif and you'll be suprised at just un-high you get..
  19. affasd

    affasd Registered+

    probly the whole batch, and then some
  20. ValkyrieAg

    ValkyrieAg Registered+

    haha Iowa.
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