Will Stems get you high?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by ncnavguy, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. SLOP000420

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    Schwagg can actually be pretty good sometimes. Ig it comes from good buds.

    But I grinded up a few stems in my hand grinder bout 25 mins ago and im feelin alright. Got one bowl of actual bud that im savin so I needed somethin just to even me out a bit. Im hungry as hell now.
  2. drugruber

    drugruber Registered

    save up those stems and after you have a decent amount make em into brownies or tea and it'll get you high
  3. RedLocks

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    That really made me laugh :thumbsup:

    edit: wow just looked at the post dates, you really busted out a shovel to dig this one up huh...
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  4. TheChameleon

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    Smoke weed every day.
  5. red911

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    I smoked stems before, i was high as fuck but i mean go for it. you got got a low tolerance like 5 bowl packs should get you buzzed ha ha
  6. ghosty

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    I wouldnt bother smoking them unless you're grinding them and using the keif.. It's not a great high and I tend to get headaches coming off it. It also doesn't last as long as smoking some actual bud.
  7. Ub3rB0ng

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    Yeah smoking stems is great if you want your head and lungs to feel like ass. Use them to make edibles,they usually have a great amount of trichs on them.
  8. Jesusgreen

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    Stems have trichomes from the bud rubbed off on them so they can get you high, however in comparison to the bud or even the leaves they are far less potent. Personally I think the best way to get the most of them is not to seperate them or the leaves from the bud, but to just cut them (and the leaves) up into very small pieces and mix them in with the bud when you're preparing it for a joint/pipe/bong/edibles. :)
  9. DazeBlazin

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    THC flows throughout the plant. There are minute amounts in & on the dried stems. The larger stems have the least percentage of THC & will give you a headache & irritate your throat & lungs the most. If you kief the large stems they work well for cooking. The smaller stems WILL get you high. It's a different kind of buzz & your lungs & throat will still be irritated. I recommend using a bong. I grind them to gritty bits (grits). Grits smoke better than powder kief. The stem bits burn much slower than bud & they expand as you smoke. I take two large pulls per hit, packing it down between pulls. After the first hit I dump the bowl out, crush & mix it & repack the bowl. Then I just repeat the two pull method again. The second hit is the hit that gets me buzzed. Many of the responses in this thread claim it takes several bowls to get high. Believe me, if it took that much effort, I wouldn't bother.
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  10. babz89

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    From personal growing and consuming experience I have to say the following : A: well grown herb has tricomb development on just about every surface above the dirt. B. Smoking stems generally won't give you a headache unless the herb was improperly flushed of nutes before harvest or had something nasty on it i.e pesticides, mildew, mold, bugs, or even improperly cured. C: I grind my good stems I collect over time (about a qt jar at a time) and solute in good grain alcohol for tincture :)
  11. Retricz

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    My take on this is... once years back i done this only because the weed had been so good the stems where a bit hairy so i thought id break um up and try um on my bong but i worked out i think the high was just from the oil in the bong bowl they smelt like bonfire and tasted harsh.......so my recomendation is to get stems from good weed get a new pipe or bong and try it thats the only way to find out....the key is to never run out of weed then u will never have to do this and if your weed is sold to u with big long trunks on this is why its running out fast....lol all buds minamal stems : )
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  12. MystikHerb

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    In short, simple terms, yes. If you have a low enough tolerance (like maybe haven't smoked in a week or so) they can give you a relieving mild high, I'd say personally that I find it less potent than resin but a little nicer. People are different though, I know a lot of people who don't care for it at all. I'll definitely say that when it comes to weed and resin that it's way better to just stick with good ol' weed unless you're out of options and really want to get high.
  13. Old Guy in Stanton

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    I got a very nice 3/4 pounds of righteous cannabutter using about 40 grams of miscellaneous stems (from a dispensary; they save their stems) and 5 1/2 sticks of butter. Used 1/4 pound for chocolate chip cookies. One cookie gave a long, slow-build high that lasted about 5 hours. Curve was nice and gentle, w/ no real peak. Sorta like a gently rolling hill.
  14. Hotshot123

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    I have smoke 3 small stims, off the bud, of some super skunk, and got as blasted as I did on the bud. It however does have a realy harsh tast to it. Try it some time. Good luck, and happy Growing.
  15. 420 Weed Mart

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    Despite the myths of giving you headaches, the stems do contain THC (about 9% wt) and will get you high!
    I would grind them finely and vape them though :p

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