Will this increase THC potency in weed?

Discussion in 'Edibles' started by Erik, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. Erik

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    If I put weed in an oven at 320 degrees for 5 minutes then use that same weed to make brownies, will this process make them stronger?
  2. Shovelhandle

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    no, that is too hot and will diminish potency
  3. Erik

    Erik Registered+

    what about 220 degrees F
  4. Shovelhandle

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    well, thc vaporizes at around 220ºF (103-120ºC) so if the thc all vapes out what are you going to eat?
  5. Hotshot123

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    If you want to produce more THC in your buds, try to trick your plants the last week before harvest, by making it really cold on them. I did with a White Widow X Big Bud rated at 18%, and it is the strongest weed I have smoked to date. I know it had to be at least 10% more than the seed company raided it. happying growing
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  6. pennylane17

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    I cooked my weed at 225 in crockpot according to flameon and weedhound's recipe for canna caps. the batch was not good, so maybe a lot was cooked out ? I used shitty weed the first time I made them, on purpose to get the process down. the weed was bad enough that if I smoked 8, 9 hits it would only give me a little high for a small bit !! So the weed did suck prior to putting in crock pot. But if it is going to vape out at 220, I really need to rethink this before doing my next batch 2moro.
  7. pennylane17

    pennylane17 Registered+

    I could use some sound advice about cooking coconut oil with my bud. I am unsure if I should be posting this in edibles or recipes, so forgive if wrong. From all the research ive done. I thought that if you had your temp at above 167F, all the good stuff I need would be extracted into the coco oil. And if I stayed below 284F (not that I would go that close to this number) nothing would vape out. I cooked my first batch at 225F for 2 hours. I used mid with my first batch and they were of no use to me, either recreationally or medically. Getting ready to cook 2nd batch tonight with really good bud. Gotta get it right this time as I am medically wilting away. Would appreciate any advice anyone can give me !! Thanks all.......
  8. Weezard

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    I usually do 250F. for about 30 minutes for medibles.

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  9. pennylane17

    pennylane17 Registered+

    wow...only 30 minutes. great. And thanks for the graph !! The batch I did had been in crock pot 1 hr. 20 minutes and family told me it stunk and I remembered "if the odor is strong, you've done it wrong" so I am still unsure if the caps being worthless was on account of the mid or if I cooked it out. I almost took it out when the smell got strong, but wanted to follow flameon's recipe to the tee the first time. Okay , I think I will put the coco oil in the pyrex in the crock pot and heat it up till its at 250 then add my bud and cover for 30 minutes. and see how that goes. I will cut the recipie down in half first round and see how they are !!
    thanks much, I really appreciate the help !!
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  10. handropes

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    Thanks for sharing, I never knew this.
  11. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+

    No worries. I sort of had to. :)
    There was some misinformation here about the THC boiling point.

    Here's the fact.

    THC BP = 482°F (250°C)

    THC boils at a fairly high temperature.
    It is just below the flash point of rolling papers.
    That is why, "on the fly", decarb is so efficient in a skinny joint.

    It pays to look things up before we proceed with something this important.
    Most of my arcane cannaknowledge was "free gravy" while looking up something else. :D

  12. Over the hill

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    I turn my lights off 2 days before harvest, it gives the tri's time to recover, it helps.

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