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  1. dankzilla86

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    Is willits a good place to move to cause I was thinkin about moving in wit a buddy that lives there I am from nebraska is work easy to find in that area n I also hear the pot is marvelous thanks for ur feedback please peace
  2. the image reaper

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    Willits and surrounding area is beautiful country ... jobs ?, very doubtful ... McDonald's maybe ... the treehuggers killed most of the jobs up here ... but, you'll get by ... if ya have the chance to come out here, do it ... I've been 'everywhere' in Nebraska, you'll love northern California ... :smokin:
  3. local4ever

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    I wouldnt

    I have lived in Willits my entire life it is dead center in the middle of marijuana controversial subject. There is nothing here most people end up doing the white stuff. As for jobs there is nothing and if you intend to come here to grow medical our sheriff has numerous times made claims that he specifically targets people from out of the area that come here to do that which seems to be true due to the local paper. The sheriffs officers in the area are extremely corrupt i would not recommend it. :wtf: IMO
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    Legal work? Not easy to find. Illegal? We got enough dirty ass hippies/bums flooding the streets during harvest looking for trim. They arent as bad as the people who come from outta state trying to grow a decent supply though. Worse to worst.

    Sheriffs being corrupt? That's nothing new. In any area.
  5. Blaze21

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    Jobs are virtually non-existent in Willits, or in Mendo County in general. Even minimum wage jobs are scarce. Don't expect to be able to support yourself growing either. Competition is fierce in the area, and cannabis goes for very, very little compared to anywhere else in the country and can be difficult to sell because so much is being produced in the area. It is quite literally one of the worst places for a newbie grower to move to if you actually want to make any money at it (unless of course you are taking it back to Nebraska, that might be a different story.) Mendocino also has the strictest Medical Marijuana regulations in the state since Measure B passed last year.

    The area is pretty, but land and rent is going to be very expensive, especially if you are coming from Nebraska. It doesn't help that there are a lot of meth heads and tweekers in Willits as well. I really would not recommend moving there strictly on the basis of wanting to be near good cannabis or wanting to grow - you may be very, very disappointed.
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    Move up here to Sactown(Sacramento),plenty of good bud,and if your lucky you will get a job.and you could make a living up here selling if you needed too.

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