Wilting Leaves, help!!

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by la marea, Oct 14, 2006.

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    ok, so this has been very strange. About a week ago, I flushed my plants and then a couple of days later most of the leaves wilted completly. So I let them sit and they recovered perfectly, but after that they just did it again! I'm not sure what to do, two of them seem to be doing fine however.
    see pictures, thanks for any information!!!

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    I`m no expert but they look over watered to me.
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    Looks like heat stress, and a few other factors... make sure you have adequate ventilation and that the temperature doesnt exceed 78F. I say heat stress because several of your plants are showing tall defined ridges on the leaves.

    Also it looks like you are using fluorescent lights for your grow, i dont think your plants are getting enough light, but maybe its just the pictures. And i have to ask... are these bagseed plants? If they are, dont expect too much from them, there is a reason they call it schwag!

    One more thing, what kind of soil are you growing these plants in? It doesnt look great for growing weed to me, lots of bits and pieces in the soil, can drastically change the drainage characteristics of the soil. Consider getting some soil from Casa de Pot (Home Depot) like Scott's. And last but not least... what nutrients are you using??? At least add some bone and blood meal if you cant afford the real stuff, and if you can i recommend Advanced Nutrients.

    Good luck with the grow, Peace.
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    yo, ok so I'm using a 400 watt MH for veging these things. You're probably right about the soil as well, its a mixture of organic outdoor potting soil, perlite, peatmoss and miracle grow potting soil. We're using advanced nutrients micro, grow, bloom, and growth excell. Some of the seeds are bag seed, the one who's doing ok is actually a seed from another grower, NL #4. This is my first grow so I'm very intersted in any corrections info etc. Do you think I should transplant them into bigger pots? Other than that, we actually have one of those glass tubes over the bulb and one fan that pushes air out. It used to be much better before the other fan broke, but now that you mention heat stress I'll replce that right away. Unfortunately these babies were not planned out the best and have undergone copius amounts of stress. We're currently looking for clones to essentially start over. Hopefully a few will be salvagable from this bunch however. Many thanks.
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    hi there newbie 2 all this but i could do with same help as mine look like that but my leaves are massive.i cant post new thread,maybe coz i just joined but help would be good as i dont want them 2 die.thanks in advance :Rasta:

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