Windy City hemp fest

Discussion in 'Illinois (IL)' started by lowendblunt, May 17, 2005.

  1. lowendblunt

    lowendblunt Registered

    Hey peeps,

    I was wondering , how many of u are coming to the windy city hemp fest this year? this is the one time all year that we can meet and smoke in public! share info( yall know what I mean) and stuff without fear. Let's do this shit.

    Get at me.
  2. Anthro Emesis

    Anthro Emesis Registered

    Right hurrr. Smoke some weed, pin a bead!
  3. amsterdam

    amsterdam Registered+

    be there
  4. i.m.high

    i.m.high Registered+

    This was supposed to be May 23rd, but was cancelled, is that right?

    Did they reschedule?

    I want to go to this super bad! I'm new to the area and have no connections!
  5. GraveReaper0

    GraveReaper0 Registered

    Wait. There's a hemp fest in Chicago? Where? When? Im in south suburbs! :D
  6. Dr.GreenThumb18

    Dr.GreenThumb18 Registered

    Get at me.[/QUOTE] At wassup. my name iz Omar sum ppl call me O. ay the windy city hemp fest where will that shyt be at? i hope i didn´t miss it, cuz i got sum new green from Mexico i have Red Mota(Red Marijuana) it will kknockk anyone out in one or two hits. i also have thiz one green to be said the 8th most kkrazy leaf in mexico. i´m coming backk to the Chi in 2 dayz:stoned: damn im high right now too
  7. Bubbleman

    Bubbleman Registered+

    When is the festival?, I might be moving to chicago soon.
  8. Kryzco

    Kryzco Registered+

    It was cancelled last year too

    when is it!!! I'm dying to go
  9. i.m.high

    i.m.high Registered+

    i heard they were gonna try again this year, but didn't hear how it went, anyone know??
  10. BuenoMota

    BuenoMota Registered+

    This thread is depressing. I have a strong fealing the festival didn't happen. lame.
  11. Kryzco

    Kryzco Registered+

    Your not the only one

    I seen an old poster a while ago, on fairfield and armitage (this little bulletin board thingy) that said the hempfest happened in April but not on the 20th, don't quote me on that exact month tho

    I doubt it happened, everyone I know would have went, and no one knew about it
  12. PrpLHyZ420

    PrpLHyZ420 Registered

    When is the fest??? My friends and I want to go but we have NO idea where its at. Anybody know where in the Chi its at??
  13. howhigh22

    howhigh22 Registered

  14. ufotrash

    ufotrash Registered

  15. howhigh22

    howhigh22 Registered

    hah ill cya guys there
  16. reefergrl1

    reefergrl1 Registered

    Chicago Hempfest

    I heard that the Chicago IL Hempfest is June 28 2008, but I'm not sure. If someone could please tell me when it is that would be chill. thanks:stoned:
  17. user123

    user123 Registered

    ya.. i wanna goooo:thumbsup:
  18. illnillinois

    illnillinois Banned

    Holy Shit THATS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    June 27-29
    @Lincoln Park
    1700 n Stockton Dr

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