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Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by BigMackBuds, Aug 16, 2007.

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    im planing a mini sog for indoors and i got to thinkin... if i made a small green house (2ft tall maybe) for the coming fall and winter months, and just put clones in it after maybe two days of veg...

    i would have to figure out a way to keep the green house warm.. im sure it wouldnt be very easy... theres always the green house effect but im sure that wont cut it when it gets below freezing outside.

    has any one ever tryed growing in a green house in the winter? ( in climates where the winter is actually fucking cold). if so what was your experience, how did you keep it warm ect.

    any comments advice experience on the matter would be much appreciated :smokin:

    thank you so much your beautiful.
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    where r u at?
    how cold?
    for how long?
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    i live in ontario and in a small town, and we do get cold winters. ive never heard of anyone trying this during winter, but i still dont think it would work. simply becuase you can still get cloud coverage during winter which would fuck ur plan over by using natural radiation. and then of course its just bloody cold. honestly you would have to heat it but im not sure what with. and night time is when it gets coldest, so your heat source would have to make them survive the night.:Rasta:

    im no pro so if you can do it all the more power to you!:Rasta:
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    hey man heres something simple to use to keep it warm...manure...keep the plants in pots and pack the ground over with produces some good heat...i think this would be your best bet as far as keeping them alive goes...i'm not sure how far north this works but in tn it keeps plants alive....if you wanted to not keeps them in pots you would need to mix the soil with manure maybe a foot and a half deep...this would keep it warm...although i'm sure you dont have to worry much about it now b/c its almost time to go outdoors everywhere...but next winter season remember this...its what we use in hothouses
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    I experimented with a winter grow in a greenhouse this past winter. I am not in as cold of an area as you are in the nights were in the 30s and 40sF days 50s-60s. I used a passive system to keep them warm, water filled containers areound the pots 7 and 15 gallon buckets. I used Swiss Miss seeds since they are suppose to be able to handle colder and shorter seasons. I also took 3liter pop bottles cut off their tops and covered the seedlings with them. I planted them towards the end of Nov. Anyway they grew so slow it was crazy after 4 months they were not even a foot tall. I do not know if it was the cold or the fact that the days were so short that caused the slow growth but suspect it was a combination of the two. I think you would need to add both aditional heat and light source for it to work and if you are going to go through that much trouble then you might as well grow inside. Hope this helps.

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