Winter grow flowering w/ T5 6500k

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    The How "Not" To Grow Cannabis Guy

    Sunroom garden with t5 supplement lighting. Ive decided to do a grow that goes against most of the regurgitated advice I've been reading in the forums these past years. I started growing during the 80s in Hawaii and have always have had a garden where ever my travels take me. I now live in Colorado and have been growing here for the last 5 years and with everything coming out in the open, the grow game has changed beyond belief. Everything you need to produce quality bud is presented on shelves, not unlike a trip to your local grocery store. That being said, I've come to the conclusion that everybody is an expert and nobody can grow better than the next guy. In the upcoming updates, hopefully with increasingly improving technology on my end, I will grow marijuana doing exactly the opposite of the recited advice I find in our trusted and beloved forums. What could possibly go wrong...

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