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    https://cannabis.comGreetings from Las Vegas, Nevada. I planted my seeds on June 4th, and had my sprouts brake thru this a.m. My question is, the plant is white, brown and green. Is it healthy or is it going to die?

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    Welcome aboard, Pappy.

    That photo is very blurry, but it appears to me that the sprout has just broken the soil and the cotyledons haven't separated yet. They should soon.
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    Thanks. The next question is, the type of water to use. Is it better to use purified (bottled) water, or is tap water OK to use? By the way, just after your reply, your words of wisdom came to pass. The plant came out a very dark green, which I take to be a healthy color. But one leaf has a somewhat brown appearance. What's up with that?​
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    Howzit, Pappy?

    Bottled water seems to have an almost random PH difference between brands and many of them are a bit high in sodium.
    Better off with tap water, but do check the PH.
    Our Hawaiian well water runs about 8.4. I mix 50:50 with our acidic rainwater rather than use PH-down.

    Almost all tap water has Chloramine instead of Chlorine so "letting it sit" is not useful. Chloramine is relatively harmless to plants and breaks down when it contacts organic matter.
    Not great for hydro, but soil contains, organic matter.
    So, toss a tablespoon of dirt in the jug an hour or so before you apply it.
    Then apply it sparingly.

    The most common error in a new grow is over-watering.
    We want to do something for the wee 'lings, and our options are limited for the first 2 weeks or so.
    All we can do is water. So, most of us overdo that and love them to death.
    We water more than the tiny plant can use in a few days. That water pools in the container and loses it's oxygen.
    Then the seedlings suffocate.

    It's why we start them in small pots and transplant as they grow.
    Just lift, or mo' betta weigh, the container to know when it's time to water.

    Wee 'zard
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    Weezard addressed the water requirements,, quite well I might add. As to the one brownish leaf, I'm gonna guess it might be a bit of that very thin membrane (can't recall the name ATM) that coats the embryonic leaves just under the seed shell, which should disappear quickly. Good luck, bro.
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    I noticed my tap water has a strong smell of what you said is cholormine but then dissipates after letting it sit for a couple days. To me the smell indicates the presences of said chloramine, no?
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