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Discussion in 'Michigan (MI)' started by BenCWK, Dec 18, 2009.

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    I'm 17, 18 at the beginning of February, and I hear you have to be 18 to be elidgeable for medical marijuana unless you have parental consent, Not sure If that's true or not, but yeah.

    Anyhow, Since I was about 7 or 8 years old, I've been getting severe migraines, my parents took me to the doctor for them in first grade, and he basically just told me what I already knew, that I was getting severe migraines, and told me to take a couple of ibuprofen or tylenol whenever I get them. But the migraines are so severe that I puke, and have to be in a dark room, and have a pillow over my eyes because just looking at anything hurts when I get these, and I can't keep any kind of pain killers down because the migraines get to the point of where im nauseous, regardless of whether or not I take them the second I feel the headache coming on, they just don't work.

    Last year I was at a friends house and I had started to get one of these migraines, and at the time I didn't smoke, but my friend insisted I try it when he had seen me like that, and told me that it would more than likely help, and to my surprise, it actually did. I mean the migraines don't completley go away, but it tones it down to a tolerable level I guess you could say, unless it's some shitty regs =P

    So my question to you guys is, do you think that this would be an appropriate condition for medical marijuana?
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    some answer is here

    You should check the government site about How to get a Medical Marijuana Card. You can get the links from Marijuana Laws, Medical Marijuana Card, legalize marijuana, Michigan Caregiver Medical Marijuana

    As far as I know, you need to go to see a doctor, and ask the doctor if you are qualified to get a marijuana card. The doctor clinics list can be found at: Marijuana Clinics, Medical Marijuana Doctors, Medical Marijuana Doctor, Michigan Medical Marijuana Caregivers, marijuana pharmacy, marijuana treatment

    If the doctor said yes, you should go to the government site, download and fill with the paper work, and send in with return receipt.
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    Yes, migrains, chronic pain, and nausea are all acceptable conditions in Michigan. I get migrains too, and pot is the only thing that helps. If your doctor won't give you a recomendation when he knows that you have migrains, you should find another doctor. I know of a few in the Detroit area. Just google "michigan medical marijuana clinic" and you'll find tons of Dr.s who would gladly write you a recomendation as long as you have medical records showing that you get migrains. Ask your doctor. If he says no, get a copy of your charts and leave. A doctor who doesn't support medical marijuana is a doctor who is either ignorant or is getting a kickback from synthetic pharm companies (yes this does go on despite laws against it).
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    Severe migraines are commonly prescribed medicinal marijuana. One of my friends got her card because of her migraines. Medicinal marijuana isn't necessarily prescribed FOR migraines specifically, but for "severe and chronic pain", as it appears on the physician's statement that they will give you if you are granted a certification by your doctor.

    In addition, they also list "severe nausea" as a symptom that justifies the use of medicinal marijuana.

    I'm not entirely sure on the laws and if you are able to get your card under the age of 18. :Rasta:

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