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  1. Stickyickygirl

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    Hey, I'm new to the site, and have been making pipes for about a year now. I'm looking for potential buyers, (I've sold to everyone I know already). I've included some pictures of sample pipes that are nice and inexpensive. Each pipe is 10 dollars...(7 for the pipe, plus 3 for s+h) So anyone intersted email me and I'll get back with you, make sure you include the pic of the pipe you want. I can also make fancier, custom made pipes to your specifications.
  2. Stickyickygirl

    Stickyickygirl Registered

    forgot the pics, sorry, I'm new

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  3. ezjim

    ezjim Registered+

    very nice work dude i made a lot of wooden bowls over the yrs but these are way nicer than any thing i turned out
  4. rollinKansas

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    you didnt reallyl mlake those dont lie
  5. dude most of those would be so easy to make, anyone could do it (not an insult to your workmanship sticky) it's not like it's hard....the round ones would be even easier...since most of the work would be done by a lathe, unless of course she's doing them completely by hand (which would be insane to put that much work into something then sell it for 10 bucks) nice pipes btw, but i'm poor
  6. MeatRulz

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    if u were local i would buy the pipe at the bottom and the 2 on the bottom nice work if u really did it. where are u a anyway? it almost inspires me to want to do my own.
  7. Pizza

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    this defintely inspires me to make my own, can you tell me what i have to put on it in order for it to not go up in flames when i light up my weed
  8. dipsetchrome44

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    fuck that yo go getta dutch or some shit
  9. partyguy420

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    i would buy one, but im broke, and in outpasient. i rember my pipe i made, when i frist stared smokin, i took a rotten piess of ceader and craved a huge fucking pipe, but it would always catch on fire so i put tin foil in the bowl and no one would smoke out of it so i just ran it over with a lawn mower.
  10. Hempamasta

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    That is.. hilarious. Not sure why, but I just cracked the hell up at that.
  11. partyguy420

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    dude i know... i reread it and laffed my ass of, but yea i guess i would want to smoke out of it cuz it was rotten wood and tin foil...

    but anyways whats the point of keeping sumthing that would get u in a shit load of trouble???? and i dint want to burn it, so i was mowing my back yard i grabed it and tossed it in front of the riding mower... hey that reminds me of sumthin i use to watch my friend do, there were like hundereds of cat in there yard, and he would catch like 10 and bary theere bodys so that the head would stick out of the top of the ground and start up the riding mower, and well they always had a bunch of fertulizer... then this other kid i hang otu with thats neabhors with the other kid takes his truck, and i take my car or trucks nad we rase around in the gys fiel killing as many cats as we can. what fun, getting high and killing things
  12. KronicKing

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    i hope your jokeing! :mad: if your not your a worthless asshole,how fucking sick and fucked up do you have to be to do that kind of thing!what peice of shit just kills things for fun!?i thought you were ok,but now i don't think i like
    you in the least :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: ASSHOLE! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  13. Pizza

    Pizza Registered

    yeah man, thats some fucked up shit... animal cruelty is a felony here in mass
  14. sir smokes alot

    sir smokes alot Registered+

    WTF!!??? thats disgusting do you have no remorse for living things(i hope thats the right word) you are one fucked up dude and the way you talk about it casually makes it even sicker i agree with Kronic King YOU ARE ONE HELL OF AN ASSHOLE!!
  15. Dutchmaster

    Dutchmaster Registered+

    wow i really really hope your kiddin
  16. CanadianToker

    CanadianToker Registered

    dude... your an asshat.
  17. SmokeyMcBongWater1

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    holy shit man thats fucked up if your serious, i hope your kidding
  18. HighBuddy

    HighBuddy Registered+

    wow... thats pretty sick... yea i really hope your joking
  19. Hektik

    Hektik Registered+

    Those are nice pipes. Good work on those.
  20. and back we go to the side subject~~~>> that's fucked up

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