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Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by emilya, Mar 3, 2017.

  1. higher_than_you

    higher_than_you Registered+

    any ideas on when this is sorted? Can you still upload photos if your in 'edit'

    Literally spent an hour looking at how to update my thread.. I thought I was just seriously high..
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  2. emilya

    emilya Future Dispensary Owner

    it looks like it is possible to add pictures that are in your gallery by going back and editing a post, with the rich text editor turned on, but inserting them directly into a post seems to not be possible.

    On the positive side... all the spam has stopped :)
  3. DirtyBlueGene

    DirtyBlueGene Registered+

    Hmmm....... lemme try something.


    Yep, still works ok for me.
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  4. EvilCartman

    EvilCartman Registered+

    That's certainly lookin' at the glass as half full. :D

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  5. tangentweed

    tangentweed Registered+

    Lemme see if it works for me

    Nope - I can't upload a pic
  6. Bigliv25

    Bigliv25 Registered+

    Thanks now I can update my thread
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