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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by jakebyrd, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. jakebyrd

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    Howdy everybody, names Jake, and I'm out of Humboldt County, California — as many of you know, the source of best weed in the whole damn world. Here to ask questions and share info. I work for a sweet little shop called Heart of Humboldt that distributes some of this sweet flower, top quality and bulk pricing.

    My current favorite strains are Jamaican Dream and OG Kush, although I have a soft spot for Bubblegum ever since I picked up an O of that back in my college days. Damn that was a good time. Wishing you all a nice green day!
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  2. Dutch Pimp

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    a friend with weed is a friend, indeed 42mBhhn.jpg
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  3. jakebyrd

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    Obi Wan agrees
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  4. jon_santos

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    Have a great green day to all too. Mexican Obi Juan agrees too.
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  5. aaronmagana

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    All our products are of highest quality, purest,cleanest .dried,cured and trimmed to perfection. A Lots of hard work went into making this meds top-shelf. looking to find people who need a consistent flow of med supply We got moon rock blue dream, sour diesel Grand Daddy Purple Afghan Kush Northern Lights Lemon drop Purple Kush OG Kush Blueberry Text me at (517) 628-4630
  6. Dj haywire

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    Hi alll am new here weee is the ladrine
  7. Dutch Pimp

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    The latrine is on the left, third floor, in the basement.
  8. Dj haywire

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    damn bro sorry i was high as

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