Worlds Oldest Marijuana PLant

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Jacop, May 19, 2006.

  1. Jacop

    Jacop Banned

    okay.... this is bugging me.. REcently in chat we were having an arguement that marijuana plants cant live over a year -- then i went onto google and found this 7 year old plant @
  2. graph

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    How can plants not live past one year? For outdoor grows, as long as you don't totally massacre your plant when harvesting, the plant will regrow. As for indoors, I have heard that Zandor has kept a mother alive for five years in veg, and I'm sure there are plants much older.

    If you need me to, I'll try and dig up a link.
  3. are you kind

    are you kind Registered+

    but can a plant flower for more than one year? i'd like to get a healthy plant and keep it alive for years and years, only carefully removing the buds when i want to smoke them.

    one question: if you were to take a bud right off of the plant and cut a piece off and smoke it, would you get high? i know that it would be wet, and you are supposed to cure your bud before you smoke it, but i've never heard anything about whether you get high from a fresh bud or not
  4. VA KID

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    Yeah which is called re greening. I hear u harvest the buds on the upper most part of the plant,leaving jus a few nodes and buds on the lower part. return plant 2 vegative cycle n new shoots should appear n a couple of weeks,not guaranteed tho. Soon as u get enuff shoots n 5 leaflets per leaf harvest the lower buds. Make sure ur plant aint pot bound. Do with the rest of the plant as u normally do. I'd jus use it for clones,but I guess u cood reflower.
  5. VA KID

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    Ud get high but not as high if u dried it. Drying converts thc from its non psycoactive acidic form to its psycoactive neutral form. If u need quick dry put wet bud in oven at 200' for 10-15mins or cycle n microvae for 30 secs till dry. Since it dried so fast prepare to cough due 2 it will be harsh. Suma dat bubonic street chronic!
  6. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Wow are you serious? Just because marijuana is mostly illegal and really a interesting plant dont get it's still a plant and can live for how ever long you take good care of it..
  7. Don Don

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    Yeah i just read about it in the new HighTimes i just got the other day
  8. 420mory

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    :cool: Nice one Jacop,I 'm curious,did it auto flower ?:) :)

    The biggest and widest plant of the guerrilla grow is the giant Yumbol plant,clearly my is 9 yrs old.

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  9. Jacop

    Jacop Banned

    9 years old? you win so far you got the oldest -- uhh can anyone beat that?
  10. harmonicminor

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    if you were to pick a nice resiney bud and pack it and smoke it you can get a few hits of the thc before the plant matter starts to burn. the lighter WILL heat it and dry it and turn it to vapor right there and then. putting your stuff in a microwave destroys thc, maybe not all of it but enough to make it shitty
  11. LIP

    LIP Banned

    I got a plant in my back garden now that over 1 year old.
  12. TheLion

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    My uncle has been cloning the same mother plant for 30 years.
  13. Bong30

    Bong30 Registered+

    yup my friend had a mother over 20 years old....
  14. krustythfreakinclown

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  15. NightProwler

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    WOW i JUST clicked there!! damnn ahh whatever
  16. Cheebah

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    how can the goverment do anything aobut a person logging onto a site. If the site is up then it is legal, it is not illegal to visit any site. Unless theres some kind of state/province law in your area....
  17. krustythfreakinclown

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    Better safe than sorry. In any event, YES, the feds ARE loggin your info every time you hit

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  18. thewizardofwa

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