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Discussion in 'Strains and Seeds' started by cheesypeace, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. cheesypeace

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    I'm just wondering what seed bank I can buy "THE BEST" and most potent strain in the world from?

    I have heard alot of "there is no 1 most potent strain" talk, but I want some PROFESSIONAL and CONNOISEUR opinions on what seedbank carries the "Absolute Best" strain of weed in the world??

  2. hatenme

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    there is so many different strains out there, get some white widow, og kush, ice, grand daddy purp.. those are easy to get and pretty strong
    i think the strongest pot ive ever smoked was Blue Moonshine
  3. keeko

    keeko Registered+

    its all about what kind of smoke you enjoy. ask an indica love. then ask a sativa lover, your going to get different answeres.
  4. lakey117

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    personally i think cheese from buddha seeds is the best ive smoked lately
  5. Chong Version 2.0

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    I've heard that some of the most potent, readily available strains are White Widow, G-13, AK-47, Ice, White Rhino, and New York Diesel. I heard that Blockhead is incredible strong but you can only get it in clone form.
  6. HateHeaven

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    I remember White Russian being one of the strongest strains having 22% THC, but don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are plenty of strains equally strong.
  7. Rusty Trichome

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    Also...Do you have the knowlege, space and the equipment to pull-off a sucessful grow with what could end-up being a 'finicky' crop?
    If not, you may want to ask about strains that are suited for beginners. Some strains are newbie-friendly, some are definatelly not.
    If you can't really afford to screw-up, bagseed is usually a great way for beginners to learn.
  8. JackHerer

    JackHerer Registered+

    The strongest I have looked at is Hawaiian Snow from Greenhouse. Although as Rusty points out 100 people could start that from seed & you could end up with a 100 varieties of strength, taste & quality depending on grow system & growers capabilities.

    IMHO you would be better to consider a good strain that your system & knowledge could finish of to its best potential.
  9. smokealot123

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    personally grapefruit if u want a bigger yeild go for blueberry best stone my experiances is grapefruit although really digging the AK 47 right now !
  10. SmokeStack2

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  11. SFGurrilla

    SFGurrilla Registered+

    Cheese is delicious :Rasta:
  12. GhettyzBack

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    Im smokin on some New York Diesel and that shit kicks your ass
  13. keeko

    keeko Registered+

    you should deffinatly get DRO. and i hear indo's pretty good too:D
  14. BudGrower

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    I think how you grow affects potency. When your plants look ready to harvest, just wait an extra 2 weeks and that extra flowering time will make it more potent.

    My last outdoor harvest was only 13 dry oz, but I got some high potency shit. I ended up with 4 females, a Mr.NiceXWhiteRhino that takes 3 tokes, a NorthernLights#5 that takes 2 tokes, and a SuperSkunk that is "One-Hit-Quit-SHIT!!!" I swear this SuperSkunk was a strange looking plant. It was far bushier than the others and all the leaves had only THREE BLADES. I never saw anything like that. It really only takes one good toke to kick my ass. If I take 2 tokes I get uncomfortably couch-locked, and I don't like that. Just one hit and quit!!!
  15. djbase2008

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    re: potent strains

    hi, hats up? dj base here, white widow is usually classified as a world favourite and very high THC content (around 20%). some of my friends say they prefer 'jack herer' but white widow is good for me! (Indica & sativa mix)

    happy smokin!!!!!!1:pimp::pimp:
  16. djbase2008

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    the longer you leave it before you decide to harvest, (the more whiteish hairs that turn browiney redish) , the stronger the SMELL. if you plan to sell your produce, then you'd be better off with a right stinky bit of green, but if you'd prefer a more cerebal high, your better off harvesting a little bit earlyer, but thats just my oppinion. happy smokin!
  17. psychocat

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  18. gainesvillegreen

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    I'm pretty sure he was kidding :) (hoping so at least)
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  20. gainesvillegreen

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    Yah keeko, I don't know you, but I was certainly hoping that with over 1100 posts, you would know that :)

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