Worms inside buds

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by hershey12, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. hershey12

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    Hi guys, new to the forums here, though I come by once in awhile for information. I've been growing for about 4 years outdoors and have not run into this problem before.
    I have outdoor plants grown from bag seed about 3 weeks away from harvesting, and I noticed the buds were turning brown and dying, along with the small leaves around the buds. I've seen grasshoppers on the plants, and thought that might be the problem.
    I did a more intense inspection today and opened one of the buds up and found a tiny brown worm inside. I picked a few more and found the same problem.
    I'm posting a pic- sorry for the quality- the blue thing to the left of the pic is a cig lighter, so you can get an idea of the size.
    Any ideas?
  2. phatsesh101

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    first time with this prob huh:wtf: lucky

    could be bud worms or caterpillar although i dont usually see any til bout september spray something b4 the buds form. i used to just pick them out but i was young and just liked to dig through the bushes it suckks when they burrow deep into a monster cola then it just rots away :( and you wont see them unless you rip the buds open or they die (the buds)
  3. hershey12

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    Too late, I already have nice buds forming. Looks like one plant is heavily infested (about 30% of the buds are dying), and the other is lightly infested.
    I may be smoking some dried worms this winter.
    I'm going through cutting out the dead buds, hoping to save the rest of the plant. Next year I'll try the caterpillar spray. I'm wondering if planting them next to the tomato plants this year is what did it- I've never had them near my vegetables before.
    Thanks for your help!
  4. Gatekeeper777

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    will safers soap work?
  5. phatsesh101

    phatsesh101 Registered+

    i use safer products and they work great. but depending on how far into flower u r it might leave a taste.

    if you have more than a month i would use somethin thats spray and harvest capable and just rinse my nugs at harvest, but i live in the desert and mold is the least of my probs.
  6. hershey12

    hershey12 Registered

    I'm pretty sure I only have a couple of weeks left before the buds are ready for harvest. Since I'm growing from bag seed, every year is an adventure in figuring out when to harvest, and getting nervous about the plant size!
    Since the worms are inside the plant, would spraying on the outside do any good?
    And does anyone know where these are coming from (I'm assuming some sort of larval form of something), so I can do some preventative treatments next time?
    Thanks for the feedback!
  7. dimondmyne

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    Buy either Safers Caterpillar killer or Spinosad, spray the plants very well. The spray will only kill young caterpillars, not eggs or adults. Apply the spray many times a week until they're gone, and they will only die if they eat the plant after it's sprayed. They come from moths and butterflies.
  8. mohjong

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    I also seems to have worm problem, I put a flash light to look at the plant at night, saw 2 catepillers (about 1" length). The next morning they're gone. I then dig the soil around the plant and found them both. So you should dig around the area to see if you turn up some worms.
  9. cuubb65

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    wutz up feelas i ma very new to this site just joined today.yesterday i found the same brownish moist spots on and inside one of my nice buds i freaked out thought it was mold or rot so i fed it some hydrogen poroxide 3% diluted with water i also dont want it to sread so want can i do. help!!! anyone this ismy first grow and everthing was going great:( untill now also how long does the flowering take its been well over a month and a half

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