Worried - Are stock DBV/7th Floor tubes safe?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by sdrons, Feb 10, 2011.

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    I've posted this on another forum, and they seemed to be very confident in the safety of 7th Floor tubing, and I've seen many other forums recommend them as "the place" to get tubing. So I thought I would come here for a second opinion.

    So, I'm worried. I've read that the 7th Floor tubing is food grade PVC tubing, which has low operating temperatures. Apparently food grade PVC only has an operating temperature of 150 F degrees.

    The other forum I posted on had the general consensus of "by the time it reaches the tube it's cooled down enough that you dont need tubes with 400+ degree operating temps". But 150F is far below 400+, and I definitely would not be surprised if it reaches those temperatures considering how hot the whip gets.

    Not to mention if you try using the whip without a tube (I tried it to experiment), if you put your lips slightly on the inside of the opening (similar to the area that the tubing rests in normally) it gets pretty hot.

    So I'm worried if that's actually true. I've used this tubing for probably about a year. I got my vape because it's a SAFER method than smoking, and now I find out that I may be endangering my health even more than smoking by using this???

    I dont know how 7th Floor could have such a great reputation if this is true???

    Even more disturbing is I have read that EVERY whip vaporizer ships with food grade tubing (which is confirmed by the few sources I've checked). If this is true then I think it's crazy how many people might have their health in danger due to this! Especially considering that the ones who got a vape are the ones concerned with their health!

    At this point I'm wondering if I should just use the damn thing w/o the tubing until I can get a shipment of some higher grade tubing... but is that really neccessary? I'm also a bit paranoid that I may have already caused serious harm by using this tubing and wondering if there are any medical tests I should get to ensure that my health has not been compromised...

    Hoping I'm worrying over nothing.
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    yep your life is ruined now that you have used the tubing. Wow settle down a little and relax. Can't be that much worse for you compared to what you were combusting before you got the vape. If your really that paranoid take a trip to Menards and buy some plumbing tubing. Its cheap as hell and is the same deal as the tubing that comes with it. It is just a little stiffer.
  3. sdrons

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    I suggest you look in to the dangers of PVC vapors, and the reasons PVC tubing is not used very broadly in the food industry for any heated components, before you come to that conclusion.

    No offense meant by this, but I'm hoping there is someone out there who is knowledgeable in this area that could give a solid response on the safety of their tubing.
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    I've used tubing from 7th Floor for years. It's pretty much the same as every other OEM vaporizer tubing. If you think that tubing is exposed to heat close to 400 degrees, I suggest you get a meat thermometer and measure the temp about 6" above a stover burner set on medium. If you're determined to make a heat issue out of tubing, just get some silicone tubing. It's rated up to 400 degrees.
  5. sdrons

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    I think you misread.

    I don't think it's exposed to 400 degrees. But food grade PVC only has safe working temperatures up to approx 150 degrees.

    I don't think the tubings exposed to 400 degrees, but 150 degrees? It may very well be. Nowdays I normally pull the whip out of the DBV between pulls so it dont get too hot, but most of the vape users I know don't even do that. When I first got the DBV and didn't pull it out between hits, the tubing got pretty hot.

    Also, try using the whip on your DBV without tubing (like a trumpet - as that's how the tubing comes in to contact with the DBV whip - since it's actually on the inside of the whip the stream of heat hits directly in to the tubing) and it can get pretty damn hot....
  6. oldmac

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    Hey there sdrons,

    I think that you are miss understanding the temperture spec.

    That spec represents it max operating temp in regards to it's physical strenght as related to it's spec of pressure capabbility.

    150 degree F (or130 or 180) food grade PVC does not become non-food grade suddenly at 20, 40, 60, etc degrees over that spec. It either needs to physically melt or burn for it to give off toxins.

    I currently have a dozen DBVs and abt another 10 of older hot boxes on loan to cancer and hospice patients. The cancer orginazation many years ago looked into the vaporizers and the associated whips. They felt as long as the plastic tubing was food grade they were safe.:thumbsup:

    Hope this puts your mind to rest.

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  7. vapefiend

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    Without the tubing, it's a wand (glass bowl). And although glass heats up fairly slowly, it holds the heat for a while, so yeah, sucking on the end of the wand wouldn't be comfortable. But I think you'd be surprised to find out how quickly the temp drops just a short distance from the screen. Again, if it makes you feel safer, just get some Silcon brand silicone tubing from usplastic.com. It's cheap and the temp range is up to 500 F.
  8. Hi, just found this forum. I am worrying sick becasue I just realized I was using wrong whip for my vaporizers. I used PVC tube Food Grade AS2070 for 50 days while vaping. I am panicking becasue I read how harmful PVC is at temp. above 140. I vape at 215 so the hose might have been hotter then 140. Did you make the same mistake ? What will happen? Is it sure I will get all the scary illnesses they talk about?
  9. Barbara Martin

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    You should not use tubing with 'safe limits' up to 400 degrees and more than that. By the time the vapor stream reaches tubing, the temp has dropped a lot as a lot of the heat has been absorbed by the glass wand. At last any food grade tubing is safe from high temps, especially with the thick glass wands supplied by 7th Flood.

    You don’t worry about that I’m sure many people having this for a long time. :doublethumbs:

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