Would you smoke a Marlboro Green?

Discussion in 'Conspiracy' started by zenneson, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. zenneson

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    There is a huge rumor going around that Marlboro is secretly creating a manufactured pack of marijuana cigarettes called Marlboro Greens. I guess the way they see it, Marijuana is gonna become legal for recreational use somewhere in the United States within the next 10 years or so and they want to tap into that market. Just like Shell and Exxon spending millions in hydrogen fuels cell and solar panel technology.

    The question is would you smoke one?
    Read the rest of the article here.
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  2. GetDown

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    id totally smoke a marlboro green, if weeds ever legalize here (in melbourne) id sure to be buying sweet buds from coffee shops or markets or wherever itll be sold, but i wouldnt mind walking into a supermarket and picking up a pack of prerolled joints as well, wouldnt mind having one whenever i want, without having to wait the 20 seconds it takes me to roll one
  3. TurboALLWD

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    Wow, you would rather smoke ditch weed than fine cannabis. I guess thats why the cartels are still in business, people will smoke anything. Nope not me, I like to smoke kush. :Rasta:
  4. andruejaysin

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    No, because it's just a silly rumor. The reason weed is illegal is because the tobacco companies oppose it, remember? You'll never convince anyone so long as the conspiracies you hype are in direct conflict with each other.
  5. gorillagrowa

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    not a rumor, phillip morris bought a nice chunk of cali soil around the emerald triangle. if its ever legal, trust me, they'll have their dirty little hands in it.
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  6. prettygirlsmokes420

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    And add lots of taxes to....
  7. painretreat

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    This may become interesting. Phillip Morris vs. the pharmacuetical company! Which has the most power? Will Phillip Morris join the fight to legalize? Nice thread! pr
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  8. emilya

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    When it becomes legalized and regulated, Philip Morris will be a part of it and because of their financial stake, they may even be part of the push that finally achieves legalization. All in all, it is probably a good thing for us that they are interested in this and have weighed in financially.

    As far as smoking it after that happens...
    It will sort of be like beer... lots of people make their own micro brews that are vastly superior to what can be bought commercially. If given a preference, I would always choose the home brew. mmm. yummy stuff. Does this mean that I would never drink a Budweiser? Of course not. My buddies homebrew stout is not at the ballgame and there is no way that he could make enough to supply all the local pubs. The commercial product fills that need, and my buddies cooler is considered to be our own private special stock.

    Yep, my green will be like that. Special. Better than the green pack. Guaranteed. But, unless I am really wanting to impress... a green will work. :)
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  9. Eons

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  10. stelth stoner

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    not me, ive made spliffs with marlboro and marlboro light and let me tell you the spliffs didn't taste anything like spliffs, very strong tobacco with lots and lots and lots of deadly "extra" chemicals, i'd rather rip open the pack and pick out the weed. but remember it'll only be weed for the first few years untill they change it for some fake artificial crap to add even more chemicals.
  11. killerweed420

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    If the feds were to ever leagalize cannabis this is exactly what will happen. You'll see capitalism move in ruin this plant just like they have everything else. Thats why we need less government regulation, not more. Anyone with a place to plant a plant should be allowed to grow it and smoke it. Shouldn't be any more controls put on a cannabis plant than they do a tomato plant. AND NO PATENTS. Patents just destroy innovation.
  12. backwoodsganja

    backwoodsganja Registered+

    id probly smoke one every once in awhile, i enjoy rolling my own though. Ive always liked to break up the bud for some reason. besides knowing what they do to tobacco they would probly do the same to weed. try to make it fire safe and crap like that. No thanks im smart enough to not catch my house on fire thanks for the toxins though
  13. 79lostinspace79

    79lostinspace79 Registered+

    Like on weeds.but they where called kemo or something like that.I guess so but I would smoke more from Indy growers
  14. low_rdr

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    Yes, its true Phillip Morris has purchased alot of land in Cali, premium mountain land from what I've heard. There are rumors that they have also staked commercial growers in CO and other areas through shell companies - My thought is they're working on their own strain.

    That's what I would do, and I'm sure they'll have variations for different effects. When you think about it, having a selection of Marlboro Greens that will do anything from inspire you, to veg you out for a few hours would be great. My goal is actually to be aligned in a commercial grow (Legal commercial grow). With my background in engineering and supreme interest in botany, well at least cannabis botany - You'd think I would be a great candidate :)

    As far as PM pushing for legalization, I think that would be much like walmart looking for cheaper embargo taxes. When people who already have a problem with PM find out that they're pushing for legalization of cannabis, they would immediately be against it, even if they were open to the idea before. I would think it would be in PM's best interest to privately fund groups like NORML, but to stay out of the limelight when it comes to the actual push for legalization, it needs to be the people, not companies.

    Companies are who are fighting legalization, not the government. See, I see this miracle plant differently than those who call it medicine, it's not a medicine, it's a cure. Any drug that treats all the symtoms of a certain ailment with harmless side effects, that CAN BE as cheap as cannabis can be - is a cure, plain and simple. True the symtoms may return, but it's already been proven that cannabis can truly cure some diseases (go superplant!)

    But heres the issue, the pharma companies that do want to fight legalization are doing it because they're already butchering this BEAUTIFUL flower, and destroying its integrity, simply to break down single componants add their toxins to it, and sell it for hundreds per dose

    I think we can use profanity here... Lets say it all together: "FUCK THAT"

    I'd rather have phillip morris profit from a grow and add ridiculous chemicals to it that will kill off their clientelle - Than have big pharma take their crack at it, and give it a bad name because they're using single componants instead of the entire process - Anyone remember the movie medicine man? What happened when they took the ants away?

    Leave OUR PLANTS alone. Yes, you can call it medicine, but I call it a plant. My medicine has soul, and puts me in harmony with my life - I love my plants, which is truly the reason I clone. I can grow from seed much faster, but my plants are beautiful creatures, I love them, talk to them, and nurture them, and in return, they provide me with nutrients that my wife and I need to have quality pain free lives, a perfect harmonious relationship.

    Now, imagine a guy like me working for phillip morris.... A 900 strain mother house, lol :D I'd spend all day with the moms, and apologizing each time I took a clone, the laborers would think I was totally insane. I'd probably be the type of guy that would have an assistant follow me around with a wheeled cart while I took clones because I'd "always want to be there when my babies are born"

    Yeah, I'd move in.

    Anyway - Yes, I'm enjoying my plants! And personally, I'd love to see PM come out with a kickass AK/WW/PEX/Lemon Haze strain that was blended with only the best phenotypes and flavor profiles of each plant, heck, I'd make it for them!
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  15. Dabberville

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    No way! A big cigarette manufacturer only cares about selling the cheapest, saw dust filled, death sticks laden with a patented cornacopia of undisclosed secret chemicals to add addictive properties and return maximum margins. Nature already makes a perfect product and if I were to buy pre rolled joints then I would look for all natural, organic mom and pop level brands. Fuck the cigarette industry!!
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