WW X BB 2 weeks to harvest.

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    01012012555.jpg 01012012556.jpg 01012012557.jpg 01012012558.jpg 01012012559.jpg

    To trim cola fans or not gentleman that is the question. More light for 2 weeks (straight H20 now no nutes) with no peripheral shading all over the Scrog. Advice would be welcome.

    Peace. Widow
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  2. CanGroIt

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    Trim em.... Let that light penetrate further for a bit....

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  3. disrupt86

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    i would deff trim,it will allow your plants to use all there energy on finishing the final product instead of feedin all the leaves etc.
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  4. how2growsensi

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    looks nice
  5. GrowGoddess

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    Me personally, I would never trim upper leaves. Really, the right answer to whether to trim them or not, a light meter would help. For example: in my closet with 2 1000 watters running, I can go below the canopy with my light meter, in many cases, the meter is fully pegged. So if I trimmed leaves off, I would get less of a yield. It all depends on the amount of light, type of light, and strain.
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  6. disrupt86

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    well the reason for trimming like i stated before is to allow the plant to get its growth energy to the colas were its needed and not fan leaves.
  7. d1g1taldan

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    I cant see it having any detrimental effects this late on in the process. IMHO - Trim.
  8. rudolfskis

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    Daym bro those are beautiful....I just started and only hope on a final product such as this...Nice job
  9. drew225

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    What he said.

    Nice grow by the way. If mine turn out anywhere close to that ill be thrilled

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