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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by alwaystrippin, Jun 27, 2006.

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    Yo guys, any airport frequents here?....does anyone know if your checkin baggage is xrayed once u pass it on thru that little hole b4 u get on ur plane...im talking domestically tho? im thinking of carrying a few things maybe on me but im thnking it will smell, so i wana rap it up and kinda stash it in a deadorant can lid and in this other little bag with soap, shampoo n toothpast etc in it??..rekon it will be fine
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    hmm i hear putting it in toothpaste tubes work, since the toothpaste covers the smell and toothpaste things are made out of a material thats not xray scanable
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    Step 1: Vacuum seal your shit - that gets rid of the smell. (Be sure to wear latex gloves when handling your stash, and once the bag is sealed, CLEAN IT with anti-bacterial detergent. A lot of ppl forget to clean the bag and thats how they get busted.

    Step 2: Wherever you put your stash, be sure that it will be unrecognisable under x-ray. A nice way to do it is to open up and electronic device, take out the workings, and put the bag inside. Under x-ray its not too noticeable. Another way to do it is to put it in an empty shampoo bottle, or something else that is supposed to contain a liquid.

    In any case, transporting through an airport is dodgy, no matter how many precautions you're taking. Rather mail it, or courier it, to your destination. They are less strict than airport security and if it does get intercepted then they can't trace you (If you leave a return address or your real name then you deserve to get caught).

    Either way you should thoroughly research airport security on the net, and figure out the best steps to take.

    Again if it were me I wouldn't be caught near that gear if its going through an airport. I normally post it as overnight to my destination under a fake name and pick it up (I have 'special' ID just for this)
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    i was told baggage was a no no. they say that they check ur luggage very well and leave a polite note in ur suitcase telling u that they did so. they also r saying flying internationally is such a bigger risk than domestic. but i've heard to definately not use shampoo, then i hear people who say use it.
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    The theory behind the shampoo bottle is that x-ray does not show liquids as liquids, but rather as a solid. The viscosity of the liquid will darken the image of the x-ray, so the end user will only see a dark/black bottle, which he's trained to see as a liquid. (I've never tested or researched the theory, I'm just saying it as I heard it.)

    As I said earlier, I would not take a chance with airport security. The fact that internationally airport security has more than doubled since 9/11 doesn't make it any easier. POST it. Even if your shit gets found, if you're smart they won't be able to trace it to you.

    A few pointers when using the postal service.

    1. NEVER use your real name. If you're sending to yourself, make sure you have a fake ID (Or a real one for that matter) that will pass at the counters.
    2. Send to someone you trust, or even to an empty house. If the sender is careful with the details (see step 3) then the receiver will not be held liable if the gear is found.
    3. NEVER give a return address, (and remember step 1). If they catch you this way you deserve to go to jail. At least they have educational facilities there - maybe you'll learn something.
    4. ALWAYS vacuum-seal your gear, whether its weed or not. A lot of innocent senders are given shit by customs & exise because the dogs picked up 'a scent'. I know a guy from uk who almost got arrested for sending curry powder to his daughter living in the states.
    5. Learn how the postal systems work. If you're using a courier, learn their SOP (Standard Operating Procedure.). They are different for each courier. If you know exactly what they are going to do with your package at every stage, you can better prepare for those 'special' packages to friends and yourself.
    6. Remember to think in 2 minds: 1stly as a criminal, and 2ndly as law enforcement. Always double-check and triple-check your steps. Keep asking yourself, "If I were a law enforcement agent, with unlimited resources, how could I trace this parcel?"
    7. As above, ALWAYS assume that the authorities have unlimited resources at their disposal. Why? Because they DO. Every heard of Interpol? FBI? CIA? DEA? Scotland Yard? It may sound like a paranoid fantasy, but these agencies DO exist and they DO devote much time and effort in tracking YOU down. Why? Because YOU are the poor schmuck they are going to use to get higher up the food chain. They want your dealer, to get his dealer, to get the grower, etc.
    8. BE PARANOID! No detail is too small. A personal incident which happened to me about 3 years ago - I was living in South Africa, sending gear to Wales. I had done what I thought was every precaution necessary. As I arrived at the post office to drop off the parcel, I suddenly got paranoid thinking that the post office might get someone to tail me home, and raid my house (I had A LOT of gear then, almost a dealer you could say). Regardless, I dropped off the parcel, went back to my car and sat there for about 10 mins. On my way home I noticed a car tailing me (paranoid?) so I took a detour. I made several unecessary turns (paranoid?) to the point where I went around the same block several times. The car was still following. Eventually at a busy intersection I stopped at the traffic light, got out my car and walked over to the stalker. I questioned him (threatened him with an aluminium baseball bat actually) and he told me that the post office sent him to find out where I lived so they could call the cops!!!!!! Paranoid? YES, and it saved my ass.
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    Finally some one talkin some sense!

    Thanks for the tips I usually stuff down me bags but intresting pointers on the posti.

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