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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Password420, Jan 4, 2013.

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    6"1 160Lbs 34 days smoke free.. I was a daily smoker joints or blunt wraps I quit smoking the beginning of December for a up coming pre employment drug test like everyone does I researched ways to speed up detox so I ran, sweated in my car, drank cranberry juice, stopped working out ate more to replace the fat cells, took vitamins.. After 17 days I took a first check home thc test failed it.. Kept running etc day 32 came took another home thc this one was cheap from a local headshop it was a cassette style 10$ thc/coc failed again put passed on the coc strip of course.. Got the phone call drug test is in 2 days so now I was very nervous did research about powdered urine but no headshop carried it only QuickFix or clean stream not good reviews online.. Came across xxtra clean herbal detox got good reviews on unbiased sources & every headshop worker swore by it so I purchased it hours before my test followed the directions to the T also bought a cheap 5$ thc dip test to check.. Exactly 1 hour 10 minutes before test took it pissed twice then the thc test failed that again btw went to quest diagnostic hoping it would take effect by then gave my sample from mid stream it looked diluted waiting to hear back I am not feeling confident so far.. Will update
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    Damn, im about to get a new job and im worried as hell after reading that. Maybe it just sticks to you or something lol
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    If you take the claims and the sales pitches of these "detox" potions at face value, then Ive got a planet in another solar system thats for sale at a flea market price :rolleyes:

    ALL detox products are a big scam to separate the credulous from their cash. When they work at all, they work by diluting. They do not rid the body of THC, nor do they convert THC into something that cannot be detected, as the sales pitches would like the consumer to believe. You can spend up to $200 on a magic elixir, and accomplish nothing different than what can be accomplished using just water and vitamin B2.

    There is no product that can rid the body of THC. Only time and fat-burning exercise can do that.
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    Burnt Toast is correct. The at home testing drug & pregnancy kits are not very different from the ones used in the actual lab testing facilities. These test kits do not identify positive or negative based on a color reaction as they are Antigen Specific. To clarify- an Antigen in this case would be any foreign substance [THC] not normally found in the body or (not normally found in high concentration [HCG] for pregnancy tests).

    Masking is impossible but diluting is possible however the urine temp is (SUPPOSED TO BE) checked and logged at the time of collection. The urine should most likely be close to body temp. Any liquid used for diluting should be kept under your arm pit to reproduce a similar temp.
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    The person is not adding liquid to a sample in an effort to dilute. The person is consuming the liquid. Therefore, when it comes the time to urinate the fluids consumed, the urine sample would be at or near the body temperature.
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    I used XXTra Clean.. followed instructions to the tee.. Last time I smoked was 2 weeks ago.. EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!! I did not get the job, of course.. The headshop worker said 'dont worry, you'll be fine' liar.. he has to sell the stuff. I have another opportunity and interview next week. Going to exercise, pound water and eat LIGHT for the next week. I might see if i can sub. mark my words.. XXtra Clean DOES NOT WORK!!!

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