yeild with a 400 watt hps?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by dopet4h2c0, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. dopet4h2c0

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    i was wondering some of the yeilds you guys have pulled with a 400watt hps and what is average,low and high end thanks
  2. WashougalWonder

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    You could get anything from 0.5 to pounds depending on all the variables
  3. Joel

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    Hey dope. I just did a 400w MH/HPS grow with my Hashberry. My over all yield was just shy of 6 1/2 oz's with 5 plants. That's not neccesarily alot but you factor in how many watts/plant and what you're feeding them and any bloom enhancers as well, my grow was very low key and low maintinence. Mandala is good for someone who doesnt have alot of time, they draw most of the nutrients they need through the soil, but bloom enhancers work much better.
  4. drgreenleaves

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    guess to about a quarter gram to three quarter gram per watt of light. the variables of course are growing style and plant strain.
  5. dopet4h2c0

    dopet4h2c0 Registered+

    kool thanks alot for the info i think if i got 5 or 6 ozs i would be very happy thanks again everyone
  6. krisk1227

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    10 autoflowers 11 ounces, depends on strain and such. 600 watts 14 auto flowers almost a pound, With the right autoflower. lots wont produce this much.
  7. RoundEye

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    In my flower room I have three, 400watt hps lamps. If I am flowering with 3 plants per light I'll get 2.5ounces per plant, dry. When I cut back to only having 2 plants per light, I get a bit over 3 ounces per plant dry. I usually veg for 5 weeks and flower for 6.
    It's actually better to have fewer plants and get the small increase in per plant weight than to try and cram 3 under each lamp.
  8. dopet4h2c0

    dopet4h2c0 Registered+

    thats kool i was thinkin maby goin 4 plants in 5 gallon pots think that would do ok? and in a 5 gallon pot i hope ill be able to pull at lest 1 oz per plant if i get everything right like fertz,ph,ventalltion,heat control....iv been reading like a mad man here you guys are have good info so ill just keep readed and learning before i do anything thanks for all the posts everyone
  9. RoundEye

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    You will get a lot more than 1oz per plant in that setup, even a poorly producing plant will give you more than an oz.
    3 plants under the light, make sure you top them and lollipop them. You'll easily get 2oz per plant. Veg for 4-5 weeks and flower for 5-6 weeks.
  10. dopet4h2c0

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    kool but flower for 5-6 weeks? the plant i had in mind needs 8-9weeks to flower i never heard of a plant only needing 5-6 weeks witch one is that and is it any good?
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  11. RoundEye

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    I've never flowered more than 6 weeks. I don't go with what claims are for how long something should flower. I just watch the plant and use all the normal tell-tale signs that they are reaching their end.
  12. dopet4h2c0

    dopet4h2c0 Registered+

    oh ok kool thanks for the info you got any pics or your grow? with the 400s
  13. irydyum

    irydyum Registered+

    I'm not going to argue your method, but I will argue that you are telling someone else not to flower for more than 6 weeks. If you have never flowered past 6 weeks yourself, you don't know what you are missing. I would also advise that you not suggest it to someone who is just starting. You may not care about the quality of your meds, but some out here depend on quality for ease of life. Do you have any evidence that your buds are better at 6 weeks than 8 or 9?

    Stick with your original plan of 8 weeks plus (indoor generally takes a week or so longer than breeders claim). Don't cut yourself short on time, or you will lose flavor,smell, yield, and THC most importantly. Invest in a magnifier so you can look at trichromes and determine ripeness for yourself. Plenty of "when to harvest" info on the site.

    I run 2 400s right now, but I have been using them for the past 3 years. Feel free to check out the log in my signature or any of my others if you want to see a grow from start to finish using 400s. I have also been using BioBizz for the last couple years, and love it:thumbsup:

    Regardless of the number of root systems, ( I have grown 5 up to 15 under a single 400) every grow in a 4'x4' tent with a 400hps has given me between 6 and 8 ounces. Hope this helps some, and best of luck on your grow.
  14. RoundEye

    RoundEye Registered+

    Here's a smattering of pix

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  15. RoundEye

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    Was merely giving my method, not instructions. I've always sort of figured that every post in the forum has an unspoken disclaimer of "strain dependent". My grows work just fine at 6 weeks flower.
  16. irydyum

    irydyum Registered+

    My bad, those read a whole lot like instructions to me. Have you ever let anything go longer than 6 weeks? What strain are you growing that finishes in 42 days? What do you use for indicators that it's finished? I have had a few samples in my day of 45 day weed, and while a few have had good flavor, none had the level of potency that an 8 or 9 week plant had.
  17. dopet4h2c0

    dopet4h2c0 Registered+

    thank you all for the posts you guys have been very helpful and like i said in my other posts i will keep reading and learning here untill i am ready to give it a run oh and do you think 5 gallon pots are good or should i go smaller? i see alot of people saying 3 gallon pots is all you need but then others say bigger roots mean bigger buds so whats your thoughts? thanks again everyone
  18. demoreal

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    thats not a good idea. you are missing out.
    i have strains that take 11 weeks.
    I use 30x scope and harvest when trichomes are cloudy turning amber. sometimes only cloudy.
    personally I have never flowered under 6 weeks.
    what strains do you grow that takes less than 6 weeks?

    and i grow with a 400 watt in a 2x2 tent. 100 watts per square foot. i love light. yield really depends on the strain I grow. Flowering time depends on the strain I grow.
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  19. Shovelhandle

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  20. drgreenleaves

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    6 week flower

    i would love to get my hands on a strain that finishes completely in 6 weeks. do you know of any? the fastest i've dealt with is what i'm running now, grandaddy purps. it is an 8 weeker. reading certvantes book, marijuana horticulture, in the chapter case study where they give you a garden calender, it calls for 6 weeks of flowering and i was totally thrown by it. i would love some enlightenment.

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