Yellow dying leaves

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by bigmikke, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. bigmikke

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    By the time I harvest all the leaves are dried up dead . They grow great in veggie but start turning yellow within 3 weeks of flowering then all die except the buds and its not as strong as a result. help
  2. WashougalWonder

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    I see it is your first post. Hi. We have a troubleshooting form, I have a link in my sig to the soil version. If you could fill that out, if you need the hydro, it is on the home thread page. If you have pictures, great. Probably something simple, yellowing is normal to some extent, but lockout can really yellow a plant fast.
  3. Stellybutton

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    My Sour deisel does that. Less filling and tastes great.
  4. Dutch Pimp

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    my plants do that, too!...I like it, like that...:thumbsup:.. all buds, no bush....:stoned:

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  5. bigmikke

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    thanks yes old guy here been growing along time but cant fig this out .Ill fill out the form thanks alot
  6. stickydankAZ

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    Thats natural for tham to do

    The plant is like woman before birth they use up all of the resources given to it's use.
    I have a question for you... how is the bud and its lil fan leaves are they all yellow like you large fans ????
  7. jwrap68

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    I Have that problem too

    i have 2 plants but im concerned about my first plant (just started growin) it has yellow spots which i snipped off to stop the spread and I feel like it might be growin too slowly after 13 days I got pics

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