Yellow purple leaves

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by plumber666, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. plumber666

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    As we all know, pruning off fan leaves is dumb. They are the engines for photosynthesis. But what about big yellow purple tipped leaves that look like they're dying. They're shading a lot of good green leaves. Should they go?
  2. the86thcreator

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    If they're completely yellowed there's no point in keeping them. They're not really providing that much energy anymore and they're more susceptible to disease. Pluck em' if they're soon to fall off.
  3. Slothrop

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    I usually go by the rule that if the leaf plucks right away from it's base with just the lightest tug, then it's okay to let it go. If you have to pull so hard that the branch pulls along, then leave it be.
  4. headshake

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    that's a good rule to follow. also, a plant will shed the leaf(leaves) when it is ready. the plant is more than likely moving the mobile elements before dropping the leaf.


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