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    Hello to everyone and thanks to all in advance, this is my first post/first grow...i've been reading these boards for about 4 weeks now and found plenty of useful information, but my problem began yesterday or atleast i noticed it yesterday and i haven't been able to find the same problems on here or anywhere for that matter so here goes...

    i was wondering about the 2 leaves on the very bottom of the plant that are yellow, is this a problem? (you know the 2 leaves that first grow when she protrudes from the soil) the rest of the leaves are green and seem to be in good health although the veins are a deep red color going almost half the way up the leaf

    the plant is 10 days old from the time the germinated seed was placed in soil

    Using 2 26w=100w(6500k) cfl on a y-adapter..hanging about 3 inches above the plant and it gets a 24/0 schedule

    The plant is in a 8'' pot sitting in a box about 4feet high and 2ft depth/width lined in that reflective camping emergency blanket(resembles foil)

    my water has a 6.5 ph going in ...havent dumped a ton of water in the pot to measure run off just incase over watering is my issue. I was watering 2 to 3 times a day(half a cup), i thought it was a bit much but the soil was getting dry and kind of hard every few hours, my last watering was last night but i've misted/sprayed the top of the soil twice today

    Using 80% MG Organic Potting soil with 20% perlite mix

    the seedling started in a 16oz dixie cup with the MG/Perlite mixture and just one 26w/6500k cfl then i transfered her to the 8'' pot about 4days ago when i noticed her roots poking out of the drainage holes on the bottom of the dixie cup.

    i keep the temp around 78 but yesterday someone had bumped the therm' up to about 83 so i dropped it back down yesterday afternoon.

    i have the MG Organic bone meal 6-9-0 shuld i need to use a little incase this is a defficiancy problem...all help appreciated

    p.s. using the MG organic potting soil because i couldn't find the other mixtures you guys talk about at any of the stores in my area

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    pretty blurry pics ... the yellowing is likely caused by overwatering ... I say this for two reasons: 1. people tend to overwater young plants and, 2. the green in the majority of the leaves, suggests it's not a nutrient issue ... the seedlings carry all the nutrients they require, in those first two, rounded, leaves (cotyldons) ... those cotyldons will nourish the younguns for 2 weeks, (that's why you shouldn't add anything, for the first 2 weeks) ... oh, and the Miracle Grow organic soil is OK, but remember, it already has fertilizers mixed into it ... no feeding until you go into flowering ... good luck, happy gardening :smokin:
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    thank you

    thanks for the responce, the cotyldons leaves are very very not adding fert until that point i will use the Miracle Grow Bone-meal 6-9-0 but will only 1/4 of the suggested dose then half then full (gradually). What should my watering amount/schedule be in general for this plant, will the green color return to the cotyldons leaves if i dont water until tomorrow or even the day after, until then i will still mist the top of the soil to keep moist...sounds good??
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    Ahaa! now that i know the names of my leaves that were yellowing(cotyledons) i have found a few posts about them, im guessing it is normal and they will die off because there job is almost done, and i will not add any ferts until flowering, still wondering watering amount/frequency thinking 3 times a week half to 3/4 cup and misting top of soil inbetween time then when shes a little older maybe 4weeks old i'll go to a full cup each watering, i know that no 2 plants are alike but im just looking for a general rule of thumb thanks
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    It isn't overwatering. The nitrogen is getting pulled out of the cotyledons. I don't think the bone meal is a good idea, even for flowering because this doesn't look like an outdoor grow. You could use bone meal with success in outdoor soil because that dirt has bacterial in it already. If you want to use a powder fert, get one that is more complete and has plenty of bacteria and fungi in it. About watering, just water when the soil looks and feels dry. If you can stick your finger in the soil and still feel quite a bit of moisture, you don't need to water.
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    rule of thumb

    ok thanks, i'll do a little reading for better ferts to use during flowering on an indoor grow, im scared to look at her let alone sticking my finger in her but i'll put that method to use to unsure proper water frequency
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    Don't be scared, it's just a plant. Should grow like any other. Just needs a few things, that's all. Foxfarm makes good powder ferts and others I've mentioned in these forums.

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