Yellow tiny spots all over the leaves

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by GreatWhiteHuntr, Sep 20, 2009.

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    The leaves of my plant are getting very tiny yellow spots pretty much covering the leaves the rest of the plant appears to be healthy. I am trying to promote heavy BLOOMS of course. :thumbsup: I will weigh any and all suggestions.....Please advise From Oregon with Luv :hippy:

    E- Indoor
    E-specific medium Not sure what this means....
    CSL-Soil type/brand Black Gold .13-.5-.10
    HCL-Hydro/aero/soilless system type
    SCL-Miracle Grow during vegatative stage and Tiger Bloom during Flowering
    SCLR-Soil or slab runoff pH
    E-Water source Well
    E-Source water pH 7.4
    HRT-Source water EC (if hydro)
    E-2 months vegatative and 2 weeks in Flowering stage
    E-Tiger Bloom
    E-4 Tbs per gallon of water
    E-1000W High Pressure Sodium
    E-Air temperature (both day and night if you are running a dark period) day 70-80 night 60 to 65
    HD-Reservoir temperature
    E-Air % Relative humidity Humidity 60 to 70%
    E-Lighting schedule 10 on 14 off
    E-Type of ventilation your room has 8 inch exhaust fan and an oscillating fan
    TR-Did you pre-soak your media in pH corrected solution? No

    I hope I have done this correctly enough for you all to Help me. For now I have backed off on the water some and stopped the use of Nutrients....Please advise...By the way love this Forum:Rasta:

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  2. Storm Crow

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    So they look like someone has been spray painting...

    Cream colored paint near your plants and some the "drift" hit them? Look at the underside of your leaves. I am willing to bet that you will find some very tiny bugs there- spider mites! Hold a leaf up to a light to see them. Sorry to give you bad news! :( Best of luck fighting them!

    Granny :hippy:
  3. GreatWhiteHuntr

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    Reply to tiny yellow spots

    I looked and haven't seen any mites but I will inspect thoroughly Thanks so much Granny for the reply
  4. GreatWhiteHuntr

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    Spider mite destruction

    Now what Granny you were right...Unfortunately I introduced some new clones to my operation with spider mite infection. real nice of them to tell me . I called them yesterday too find that they have been fight the infection and didn't even call me...AHG!!!!! How can I cleanse my two rooms and also save my plants one is 3 weeks into bloom and the rest are in vegatative state. Someone told me yesterday to put my plants outside. i believe that the one in bloom is early enough that I shouldn't have to worry about bud rot yet from moisture. What do you think? Thanks for any advice.;)
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    hang up a Hot Shot No-Pest Strip in the same room as the plants ... spider mites die ... simple, find them at most stores :thumbsup:
  6. GreatWhiteHuntr

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    Reply to reaper

    many thanks reaper...picked them up today....:hippy:

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