Yellowing fan leaves during flowering. common? do i cut?

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    28 days 12/12 plenty of bud development, recently within the last week or so some of my fan leaves have turned yellow. is this normal? would i be better off cutting the real yellow leaves off and leaving the other semi yellow on? what do i do?? i have been reading alot and i have heard a Mag would do the trick, also i have seen that N will do the trick. but i could never find out if they were describing yellowing during flowering or vegative phase. if it is normal for yellowinging and dieing of some fan leaves during flowering maybe 10-15% of the leaves are turning yellow. one other thing this has mainly acurred from the middle of the plant up and down from the larger leaves first ect... but all leaves produced with the flower are very healthy and saturated in resin. my strain is cinderella 99. (soil) 4 fotter 20 fat tops 3.5 months old 400mh veg ,400hps flower. 1 topping and pruning right before flowering cycle.
    swolen pores
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    It might not be a prob

    i've had this kind of problem many times before. it seems to be a normal process, when a leave no longer become efficient at producing energy, the plant drops. I have read other documents though that say it is a trace element deficiency, especially if it is isolated to a specific area, like the middle of the plant only.
    I have that info on the type of deficiency it may be but i will have to look for it, so let me know if you would despiratly need this info.
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    this has happened to my babies but not till later in flowering, i did nothing and their still doing good, i would only get really worried if ur buds started to go dodgy or if it was happening during veg cycle. it shud be fine.dont overfert either and stop ferting about 2 weeks before harvesting and give a good flush.

    happy growing
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  5. king cola

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    thats very very nice.well done.
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  6. Buka Boy

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    i think slow down on fert and flush one good time .
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    It is a natural process of the plant because it concentrates all its energy to produce de buds, so it eliminates the lower, midle and upper leaves (the upper leaves are less yellow becase the plant still needs leaves to do photocenteis). Its not anything about the ferts (nitrous too low etc etc).

    This is a pic of my plant and as you can see its quite yellow (after i took the shot i harvested it). and YES INDEED THEY ARE SMALL coz i grow only for myslef and smoke like 1 time per month so i don't really need too much to keep me going

    see ya peace

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  8. bonbon

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    what it should look like,if you do it right

    a well fed plant at 6 weeks....bonbon

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    I have heard that the leaves turn yellow when the buds are ready to be cut? i might be wrong but hey its what i heard:)
  10. Weed4Life

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    I just had to pull my 2 plants because they were males. They looked so good and then today I noticed the pollen sacks. it sucked. was wondering if any of you guys have any female seeds you can spare. I will pay for the shipping or whatever. I really want sum females and not bullsh*t males. Any help would be cool.! My email is : RM4GOD2018@YAHOO.COM if you can spare a few seeds.
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    The leaves turning yellow does not mean the buds are ripe. You have to check the status of the trichomes for that, or look at the hairs as they go from pure white to brown or orange. When production of fresh white hairs at the top of the bud slows, and the hairs are turning brown much faster than they are being replaced, you are getting close to harvest.

    Don't give a flowering plant N just because the leaves are yellowing! You don't want it resuming vegetative growth.

    The yellowing is natural, but sorry cannabecea that looks like you have a light problem and the yellowing is from not enough light getting to the plant. The leaves should not be that yellow in that early a stage of bud development.
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    Yellowing of a few lower leaves is normal just let me fall off. Any more than a few lowers and you may have a porb.
  13. Garden Knowm

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    yes,,,, correct..
    Swolen,, it is normal for a plants levaes to yellow during flowering... but not the way yours are yellowing.. if the plant is healthy and getting proper nutrients with proper PH.. then the leaves will yellow from the bottom of the plant to the top,,,

    your plant is nutrient starved.. it is HUNGRY.. it may be to late to fix it and you will just have to take a GOOD yet smaller yield than what was POSSIBLE/potential...

    the leaves of a flowering plant that turn yellow can be pulled off with a simple and gentle tug.. if they do not come off easily, let them stay.....

    I suspect the plants did not recive adequate NITROGEN during the vegging stage.. Your plants look healthy.. YET HUNGRY...

    and NOW you KNOWM
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    hey all my leafs are goin yellow and burnt around the buds ive only got 8 days left wot should i doo any advice peace out
  15. Rusty Trichome

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    For starters, try posting in your own thread. This one is three years old.

    Include the completed troubleshooting form and pictures if possible, if interested in valid responses.
  16. jsb1904

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    Normal...Just let nature take its course.

    Day 34 Flowering....18 days Harvest.

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    More pics.... Blue Hog.....Hybrid Blueberry Sativa / Hogsbreath Indica

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    If you harvested right after you did probably about a month early look at the pistils????
  19. MRDiff

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    Ya know, this thread is six years old. Its evident he harvested too early, but it doesnt do anybody any good at this point. Ha. Plus, you could have posted those pics in your own thread in the Grow Log section.
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  20. GTMan2010

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    how are the plants?

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