Yellowing fan leaves during flowering. common? do i cut?

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by SWOLENPORES, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. Meganlikesweeds

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    Hi, so I'm growing as well my leaves are turning yellow and Brown then falling off. Is that normal? Also its my first time so I don't have a clue when to harvest.
    Do I harvest by the way they smell, like when it smells really harsh, or after that when the odour is not so prevalent? My buds are still small and look like they're still growing. Idk
  2. Ciaranjfarrelly

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    I look at the tricomes id get a jewlers loop to check and see when you want to harvest judging on the stage of tricomes and what type of high you want :) jewlers loop wont cost ya that much
  3. NEPH1L1M

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    do nothing but flush if you are 8 days out there is nothing you can do
  4. emilya

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    or you can wait 14 years to respond to a post... im sure the advice is still good. :)
  5. NEPH1L1M

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    good advice has no time limit
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