Yellowing leaves - 2 week old plant

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by ValiumForMe, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. ValiumForMe

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    It was in a small like 2 pint planter. Organic soil. It had one 60 watt 1,200 lumen blue spectrum blulb on it. After about a week out of the soil I put three bulbs. One 60 watt 1,200 lumen blue spectrum, one 150 2,000 lumen watt blue spectrum, and one 150 what 2,000 lumen yellowish (soft white) bulb. The bulbs were about 6" from the plant and I had a small fan blowing on it. I added no nutes at first.

    Since then I was informed that the soil seemed compacted, so I mixed 30% perlite with the same organic soil and put into a one gallon planter. I originally had all three bulbs still on it at the same distance, moved it to a 18/6 timer. I added 1/4 the amounts of nutes specified to a gallon of distilled water and would spray about three solid squirts around the roots of the seedling every other night before the night cycle. I just noticed the yellowing yesterday.

    Today I switched it to just the 150 watt 2,000 lumen blue spectrum in a 10" reflective dome placted about 2" from the plant so it's right on top of it. Same 18/6 schedule, I figured this was actually getting more light and more heat to it. They are all CFL lights so heat isn't really too much of an issue.

    What's the deal with the yellowing, help me please.

    You can see the little trichromes (is that what they are) if you zoom all the way in. Pic 4 is the orignal setup in the small planter, it's in the large planter in all the others.

    Pics are super high res.

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  2. The Grim Reefer

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    That plant looks wayy to young to be giving it nutrients.

    The first two embryotic leaves you'll see (the round ones, the very first ones that brought the plant from dirt to light) are called cotyledons, aka; seed leaves.

    These little guys give your plant enough nutrients up until AT LEAST 2 weeks above soil. (this is why a seedling will grow without light if left in the dark for a few days) Also keep in mind the seed provides quite a few nutrients for the early stages in life.

    What were the N-P-K ratio of the nutes you used? How much EXACTLY is 1/4 to a gallon? (1/4 tsp? 1/2 tsp?) ect.

    And you're right, CFLs that close aren't a heat issue so you can mark that off of your checklist.

    Btw, I'm jealous of your camera. :D
  3. cnd411

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    I agree with The Grim Reefer that your plant is still too young for nutes. But no big deal ... just give it just water for a week or so then start with mild strength solution... you should be O.K :)
  4. karmaxul

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    I would get it out of that pot. the dense soil is having trouble drying and you are using painted clay with no air holes. the roots are starving for oxygen making your ph low if you are useing nutes. If you are not using nutes then the yellow is the same thing as you would turn purple if you held your breath to long. get peat moss and transplant get rid of as much as that dirt as you safetly can. put some air holes down the sides with a pen in the mean time and stop watering
  5. ValiumForMe

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    Then I'll stop giving it nutes. The directions said 7 drops per quart I put 4 in a gallon of Voss spring water, then filled a spray bottle with that. I'll go back to straight spring water. How often and how much should I water> I have been doing like three or four squirts (I have it set as a stream) from the spray bottle right around the bottom of the plant. I believe it was 10-5-10.

    And CFL's are cheap. Do you think I'm better with one bright one right on top instead of 3 bright ones 6+ inches away?

    And the camera is a D70 with either my Nikon 50mm f/1.4 lense shot in macro mode or my Nikon 24-120mm f/3.5-5.6 AFS VR lens.

    I like cameras :)
  6. ValiumForMe

    ValiumForMe Registered+

    It's no longer in that pot. It's in a one gallon plastic pot with like ten air holes in the bottom. The soil is an organic mixture with about 30% perlite mixed in and thouroughly broken up and mixed by hand, it's very loose at this point. If I blew at the pot hard enough soil would lift up and take off.

    It can't be an over watering issue as if anything I under water it. It gets maybe two tablespoons of water applied directly around the bottom of the stem a night right before bedtime (dark cycle).
  7. ValiumForMe

    ValiumForMe Registered+

    Just added a decent amount of Fiji bottled water. It contains mad trace nutrients/minerals, and has a ph of 7.5. My friend said it looks like a nitrogen difficiency?
  8. ValiumForMe

    ValiumForMe Registered+

    The yellowing seems to be getting worse. Please help. I'm feeding it nothing but fiji bottled water at this point. It also seems to be growing REALLY slowly. I'm only using a 150 watt CFL in a reflective dome that is literally two inches from it. I can't really afford anything that expensive at the moment. Can you recommend a better light I could purchase at home depot or lowes. This light seems to be really BLUE should I get one that is more yellow?

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  9. karmaxul

    karmaxul Banned

    Is it drying out inbetween watering
  10. ValiumForMe

    ValiumForMe Registered+

    Yeah I mean the top of the soil is dry between waterings. I water probably once a day, but it isn't much, only half of a small bottle of fiji or so which is about the size of a bottle of deer park water. Why, does it look like an underwatering issue? I think I might not water it enough.
  11. ValiumForMe

    ValiumForMe Registered+

    my buddy said to add some bone meal?
  12. ValiumForMe

    ValiumForMe Registered+

    Help? Nitrogen difficiency?

    Bueller, Bueller, Bueller, Bueller, Bueller, Bueller, Bueller.
  13. ValiumForMe

    ValiumForMe Registered+

    Well, I just gave it a little nitrogen boost. Some 100% organic dried blood 12-0-0, about a half teaspoon sprinkled around the stem and then squirted a squirt of water on it to soak it down.

    Cross your fingers, my hand is broken so I can't cross mine.
  14. karmaxul

    karmaxul Banned

    If the bottom of the soil does not dry inbetween watering the roots get starved of oxygen and the ph gets thrown off causing yellowing of leaves. When feeding nutes it should be at a constant through out the soil for the best results
  15. ValiumForMe

    ValiumForMe Registered+

    There are no PMs on this board?

    I'll post a picture of the complete setup when I get home. It's basically a 3 gallon (I think) pot with like five drainage holes in the bottom, and room that water can drain from the bottom and it won't be "sitting in it" so to speak.

    The plant was watered thoroughly yesterday. I'm assuming it will be another day or two before the soil is dry enough to need watering again. When it gets watere again, should the dried blood be applied to the entire top area of the soil? How much, it's says like 1 pound per 1,000 square feet, how does one calculate that.

    Should say a tablespoon be spread out evenly amongst the top of the soil then it be watered regularly? Should the blood meal be mixed in with the water first and let to sit for awhile then watered?

    I'm sorry, I'm reading everything I can, searching all the forums I can and still have so many unanswered questions.
  16. ValiumForMe

    ValiumForMe Registered+

    Now there is a spec of brown in the middle of the yellowist leave.

  17. karmaxul

    karmaxul Banned

    Post pics is you can
  18. ValiumForMe

    ValiumForMe Registered+

    Will do when I get home.

    I also noticed that the bathroom it is in stinks a bit now. That's probably the dried blood I'm assuming as it didn't stink yesterday?
  19. ValiumForMe

    ValiumForMe Registered+

    The last one is high res so 56k is gonna love it. The droopiness seems to have just started.

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  20. ValiumForMe

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    Just wanted to show my ePenis by showing off my money camera.

    P.S. It's about 70 degrees, you can almost read it on the thermometer.

    Nikon D70
    50mm f/1.4 lens
    Exposure: 1/500
    Aperature: F/5.6

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