yellowing of leaves mid flowering

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by kevin562, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. kevin562

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    Hi, that's my second grow and I have some yellow leaves all around my plant and I wonder why. I've read that it's normal in the end of flowering but not in the end of 4th week ? I posted some pics to let you see how it goes.. My first grow was better than this one.

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  2. kevin562

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    Wow 440 views and no one help me :( lol
  3. beentheredonethat

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    I will help, I hope lol.

    your girls look fine, the yellowing is from the decrease of nitrogen, plants in flower require less nitrogen in their diet
  4. kevin562

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    Ok thank you for your time. I just have to continue using my bloom nutes and have no worries I guess lol
  5. polishpollack

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    It's dying naturally. Give nothing but water until you decide to harvest it.
  6. kevin562

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    Give water until I harvest even if I'm at beginning of 6th week on an 8 weeks strain ? Or I could give her bloom nutes 1 week and the 2 remaining weeks with water ? Thanks for your reply.
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    When a plant yellows from the bottom up, 99% of the time it's an N deficiency. It's actually very common. Even though you're in flowering the plant still needs/uses nitrogen. What's happening is the plant is cannibalizing it's self. It's feeding off it's stored up nutrients.
    Myself, if I had a plant in flowering showing N deficiency and I was using chem fertilizers, I'd give her a 1/2 strength dose of Veg nutes. Be careful though - if your veg fert is real high in N, use something lower. It's a fine line though. Usually with mj less is better, but too little and the plant continues to starve. Too much burns and slows growth to almost a dead stop.
  8. kevin562

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    Ok I though it was a N deficiency too so I gave her a little boost of nitrogen about 3 days ago but I don't know if it will be alright or if I should stop nutes completely or continue with bloom (also have a little N in). Thanks
  9. Gnatty

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    I've found that in the mj community there's 2 schools of belief when it comes to fertilizing during flowering:
    Those that feed their plants right up utill the end.
    And those that starve their plants the last couple weeks.

    Myself, I used to feed right up until maybe 3 or 4 days before harvest, then I stopped watering/fertilizing altogether.
    Both indoors and outdoors I'm Organic now, so I pretty much only have to give them water during the whole life cycle.
    Personally I don't understand why some people insist that starving their plants before harvest is a good thing. The last couple weeks are when the buds swell up and harden. Even Sativas firm up a bit the last couple weeks. IDK, to me, starving them in their final weeks of life just seems counter productive.
  10. kevin562

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    Yes you are right... people don't have the same way to see things in the mj world. In my first grow I gave them nutes all way to the end and that was really nice for me. But now I'm really confused because of people saying to flush the plant and giving just water... I guess I will try the "in between", I will stop nutes when I'm about 3-4 days before harvest and give just water. Thanks!
  11. Gnatty

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    There you go! Trying different things is the best way to find out what will work the best for you! :thumbsup:
  12. the eye

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    They are yellow and pretty much won't turn back. Not catastrophe, but in the next run feed them whatever you are feeding the in transition and carry it through three weeks past transitions. The first three weeks of bloom is when they are doing a jump. They grow about 10-15% and need the vegetative formula that you were giving them. In the third week taper off to pure blooming food and they will stay green and healthy.

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